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Hi, I wanted to set up a movie site that includes BD25, BD50, BD100, BD5, BD9. Some people are looking for quality content. They want to download and watch a movie 90 GB size. This is a choice, finding these content, private sites require membership. But publicly this will be true.

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Welcome to:

Thanks to everyone on the wj for sharing webmaster tips and tricks.

This online-learning sub community offers Free Courses, Deals and Coupons, to support access to online education for the one-third of people around the world who are currently under lockdown to prevent spreading the new coronavirus and save their money.

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hello, im using ffmpeg for my video coding
im using this code for burning subtitle and adding watermark but i want to ask you that
are you have some kind of suggesting for my code
code is
ffmpeg -i input.mkv -i 1920x1080watermark.png -filter_complex overlay=main_w-overlay_w-5:5,’Fontsize=18′ -c:v libx264 -preset fast -movflags +faststart -crf 23 output.mp4
and which font size are u using for subtitles?


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Sale your files, digital content for Bitcoins


Introducing a new platform for selling your files for bitcoins.

Minimum commission, fast payment, after the download is completed, double encryption occurs and your files can only be received by the buyer via the download link, 24/7 technical support

You already know such services, and our service is devoid of all flaws.

How it works for the seller:

1.You upload any file and any type or text

2.Write your bitcoin address to which the buyer will send the payment

3.Write the number of sales of your file, you can specify from 1 to infinity, if sales are over, the file is automatically deleted.

4.Click download and share

5.A link will appear to buy the file, you can share the link with the buyer, place it on your website, blog, facebook and so on. After buyer’s payment, your money will be sent to your address.

How it works for the buyer:

1.Buyer clicks on the sale link

2.Enters his email and clicks the Submit button

3.QR code and an address for payment will appear, to this address he must send the amount that will also be indicated near the address for payment, the buyer can pay in parts, but the link to download the file will be with him as soon as the entire amount is sent to the address.

4.after full payment and 1 confirmation, a link to download the file will be sent to buyer email, buyer can leave feedback

Any questions you may have can write to or

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Hello dear webmasters.
I am an official customer support representative from the TortugaCloud affiliate program.

Today I will tell you about our great affiliate program.

1. Webmasters are provided with 10 TB of free file storage
2. Files are stored for 120 days. Maximum upload file size – 50 GB
3. Download available via API and web download
4. All files are encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm
5. Your password is an encryption key that denies us access to your files
6. Set prices and passwords for your files. * You yourself distribute passwords to your files
7. API for programmers

These are just a few of the main benefits of TortugaCloud cloud hosting.

Now more about deductions:

1. We pay for sales and rebills of premium access. Starting deductions 65%. The whole world
2. Referral deductions 5%
3. We pay 80% for fixed price files
4. Payments to the system: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, MIR, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Discover, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether
5. All payments are automatic daily, and the minimum amount is $ 10 USD

Ask your questions here, we will be happy to answer.

Our contacts
Telegram: @TortugaAdmin

Good luck and good day to everyone!


Why does Google webmaster display a AMP error?

Why does Google webmaster display a AMP error? Although loading properly!

Error Image:

enter image description here

For example First error Display properly with AMP?!
enter image description here

Access log IP’s belong to Microsoft Corporation, but not verified Bingbot as per Bing Webmaster tools?

When I checking the search engine bots access logs on my VPS, I can see that there are several bing bot logs, but when I use the Verify Bingbot tool (on Bing Webmaster Tools), it shows these IP’s does NOT belong to Bingbot. Then I use whos search and it shows these IPs belong to Microsoft Corporation.

What could be the reason? Is it a fake bot? If so, why it adds “bingbot/2.0” phrase to access log and these IP’s own Microsoft Corporation?

These are the few controversial IPs.

Access log. – – (25/Oct/2020:02:34:48 +0530) “GET /2019/08/install-sony-update.html/amp HTTP/1.1” 301 5
“-” “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0;

enter image description here

Why isn’t Google Webmaster Tools reporting this backlink?

Here is Google’s help document about the links to your site report in Google Webmaster Tools. It states:

Not all links to your site may be listed. This is normal.

This tool is not meant to be a full report of all the links to your site that Google can find. Rather Google intends it to be a representative sample of the links to your site so that you can see how many other sites are linking to you.

Many webmasters would like to have a more complete list. I’ve especially seen Webmasters complain when they are trying to disavow bad links to their site and cannot get a complete list of the bad URLs using this tool.

Just because a specific URL is not showing up, it shouldn’t be considered a bad sign. Google knows about many more links than it reports. The reported links don’t appear to be more or less likely to be counted as good references to your site by the Google ranking algorithms compared to links that don’t appear.

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I wrote a post the other day, but since it was renewed on a large scale, I would like to receive a review again.
This is an anime streaming site.

Videos may not play when using adblock.
In addition, the comment system is currently under development. That’s why disqus is used.

What is the use of Google Webmaster?

Hello friends,

What is the use of Google Webmaster?


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