How to solve manual actions in Google Webmaster?

How to solve manual actions in Google Webmaster?

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SEO: In Bing Webmaster Tools, how can I move an http site to https without losing the webmaster data?

They ask me to move the site to https instead of http in Bing Webmaster Tools. The site has been https for a long time, with 301 redirects already in place. In Google, we have both URLs, in the Bing Webmaster tools, it shows the http version. I read about the "Move Tool", and I'm not sure if it will work for this purpose. Bing Support has not responded after almost a week. I have read articles that say I have to delete the site and add it again, but won't that cause me to lose the data that Bing Webmaster Tools has on the site? What other adverse effects could it have? This is worth it?

Complex WordPress Tables – Webmaster Stack Exchange

I am looking to create a table within WordPress using this as the basis of the table

The idea of ​​this table would be to fix the team column and then be able to scroll, so you can see the statistics by team. In addition, it would be ideal for the columns to have the ability to be classified and selected so that you can find which team has the best statistics depending on the variable.

Now to what I have tried so far. The main complement that I have used in the rest of the website is TablePress, since it is simple and allows me to import HTML tables. However, I discovered that it does not allow the classification of columns with colspan, since this does not work with data table queries. This could be resolved as it could re-label the columns. In addition, there is a fixed column extension that allows me to achieve the ability to view statistics by team, but this does not work when I am on the mobile, since the team column is extended too much and the column headings cannot keep up .

I was wondering if it's worth changing the design of the table to something else. If so, is any suggestion helpful?

Or is there an add-on I can use that achieves all this for me?

Average of 4000 daily visitors based on the webmaster tool Google


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Add adult website to Google Webmaster tools! Good or bad ?

Hi, I have a question, I want to add my website to webmaster tools and the Google search console, is it good or bad for an adult website?
Thank you

Google Analytics data change – Webmaster stack exchange

Last week I took sessions and user data from google analytics. This week I look at the same month (January 2019) and the figures are different.

Can anyone explain to me why they are both changing?

I have verified that it is 100% of GA sessions and that is why I am confused, it changes

search engine indexing: Google’s webmaster tool doesn't get more than 8 keywords, 2 months have passed since the last keyword appeared

The Google webmaster tool is not getting more than 8 keywords, it has been more than two months since the last keyword was generated, I want to know the reason, I have installed the Google webmaster tool on another niche website and for which the Google master tool got 47 keywords in search queries within two or three weeks. Can someone tell me what the possible reason might be? I just checked the difference between both sites and the website that is not getting keywords in the Google webmaster tool, there I installed a really simple add-on (SSL) to secure my website, it is a free complement to secure the website , now I deactivated it, could it be the reason?

Redirect errors generated from the Google webmaster console

My site has 2 redirect errors. These errors appeared in recent months. There have been no ERRORS on the site for the past 10 years. Indicate how I can eliminate these errors. The site

The following errors:

(1) Image…etc. Redirect Error

(2) Image
Real code (I tried to add the screenshot. Did I receive an error message?

Complete redirection error of webmaster console account

Redirect Error
Image Buffalo% 20Immigration% 2C% 20Visa% 20law% 2C% 20Attorney% 20in% 20New% 20York% 2C% 20U.SA% 2C% 20Lawyer% 2C% 20Family% 20Visa% 2C% 20Fiancee% 2C% 20Visa% 20Law% 20for% 20border% 20% .10%. % 7Cutmcmd% 3D (none) & _ utmht = 1571009347048 & _u = IQBCAEAB ~ & jid = 2134876339 & gjid = 1129389342 & cid = 1322411620.1571009347 & tid = UA-33066024-1 & _gid = 1023496629.1571009

Gab A Ton vs. Webmaster Hut

Who is willing to fight Gab A Ton?

Page not found – Webmaster stack exchange

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