How to verify the results enriched in the webmaster tool?

Rich results in the Google webmaster tool?

How to solve the "Text too small to read" error of the webmaster?

What is the meaning of Text too small to read in the mobile usability section of the Google search console?

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seo – Hreflang strategy – Webmaster stack exchange

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I have a very complex question and I would like to get help from advanced webmasters and SEO specialists 🙂

I have a website in English & # 39; & # 39; and in Chinese & # 39;'

I just launched the option at the bottom of the page to change the regions of my pages to automatically propose solutions in the region I operate.

So, for example, my website is predetermined in English and if I select at the bottom of my page a region like Italy, my website will still be in English but my default region will be Italy (i.e. fly from Italy to England or If I click on another page, paint will automatically be sent from Italy to …).

Now I also have the option to change my language at the bottom of my website to four different languages ​​(es / de / fr / jp). So now I have the possibility of having my pages in French for an Italian region.

My question is how do I approach my hreflang label strategy because for now I have many combinations between the Chinese and English versions + all the regions that I select and I can't imagine having more combinations if I had more languages ​​with the new regions … #help

My code for now is (see photo)

Hi! I am a webmaster

Hi . I will be happy to connect here with other websites that have several sites to share the experience. I'm a newbie here, so I'll be happy to chat with you.

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geolocation: how to get data from cities instead of countries in Google webmaster tools Search queries

You cannot currently filter Google webmaster data by city or state.

If you have Google Analytics set up, you can get similar information. Go Acquisition> Overview Then click on the traffic source you want to investigate.

Once the page is loaded, you can add a secondary dimension by clicking on the drop-down menu just above the table. In the search box, type & # 39; City & # 39; and click on the option shown.

The resulting table will show you all the cities from which you received visits. | – Webmaster Forum

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redirects – Google Indexing – Webmaster Stack Exchange

We are facing a very peculiar question. An answer as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

We are an Indian company and we have an online store. We sell in India and abroad.

The products are sold at different prices in India and abroad, and there are two site versions for Indian prices and international prices such as and respectively.

The URLs of both versions are sent to Google and IP-based redirection is applied through PHP code to all URLs of both types as follows:

  • If a URL opens in India and then redirects to

  • If a URL is opened in a country outside India, it is redirected to

We now know that if URL A redirects to URL B, Google indexes URL B.

Given the previous rule, we understand that:

when is tracked by Google say in the US UU., Will redirect you to and this will be indexed instead of

When is tracked by Google in India, will redirect it to and this will be indexed instead of

So the question is:

Will the above scenario eventually lead Google to index both and


Google won't index any of the URLs?

Are Google Webmaster Tools useless?

I have encountered several problems with GWT in recent years and the answer to my question is always "There is a report error" or "GWT data is incorrect". What is the point of using such a tool if it is so unreliable?

I think the reliability here has to do with how quickly you expect results and the size of your site. Google robots treat (I guess here) billions of pages per day. If you have a large site and just sent a site map to GSC (new name for GWT) for indexing and expect decent results within an hour, then you may not get what you want.

For example, I encountered a problem where indexed pages dropped 90%, CTR dropped 30%, impressions dropped 80%, and keyword clicks dropped from approximately 300 to 3.

Me too, but I don't believe up to that point. It is very possible that your content is a duplicate of other content or that Google has added a new algorithm and that your website has been hit by it. You may want to visit the GSC search analysis section to see what people want and then talk about those keywords more frequently on your site to increase CTR.

After several people reviewed it, they told me that it was not a problem and that it was just a report error and that the GWT data is often inaccurate anyway.

Go to GSC, then select your domain, then select the settings icon, then "site settings". Select Limit Google’s maximum tracking frequency and move the slider all the way to the right to get the chance to get better data sooner.

It will tell you how many seconds you will wait a minimum between the two page request on your site. If you move the slider all the way to the left, you can see the maximum wait time in seconds. Take this value and multiply it by the large total number of pages that allow you to access Google on your site to index / track, etc.

Let's say you moved the slider so the value is:

 2.033 requests per second
 0.492 seconds between requests

And suppose your website has 1,000 pages in total. Then take 1000 and multiply by 0.492, and you will get 492 seconds, which is the time that Google can wait to index everything. Wait this minimum amount of time before claiming that the GSC data is incorrect. I would even add an additional day just in case.

I also note that analytical search data is only available until the last three days as the end date.

Shouldn't Google provide webmasters with accurate data about the performance of their website?

You may want to access information about the speed of the Google page where you measure the performance of your page immediately. A better tool that I recommend is at