How do i parse HTML+CSS from web page in c#

Currently i am working on a web parser. Ideally i would like to parse all content from web page(including images,js-scripts etc). I`m using this little snippet of code to get html-markup of a web page

HttpWebRequest myRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("");
myRequest.Method = "GET";
WebResponse myResponse = myRequest.GetResponse();
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(myResponse.GetResponseStream(), System.Text.Encoding.UTF8);
string result = sr.ReadToEnd();

But it does not return css,moreover if i save it to some local file on my pc(yep,russian search engine,no copyrighterino, just first thing that came to my mind as i tested it) it just does not work properly(but works just fine with stack overflow html code snippet thingy(dont know whats its proper name))

the problem

I do not understand what`s causing this problem, so i have been wondering is there any c# library that can help me with this task.

Which browser does support Unity Web Player games the most?

I have got no idea which browser should I use, formerly it was chrome that supported unity web player the most but now it let me down. Many browser support such things no more, I’d be thankful for some recommendation.

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user centered design – What would be a good scenario for a meeting with a potential client regarding a new web app?

I have an upcoming meeting with a potential client and about a web app for their business. Actually, we already agreed that I will make it for them. Now we will meet again to understand everything from their point of view, what features they need, in other words, understand their as a main daily user needs. This system will be used only by them in their company. This is just the beginning of this process. I really want to get this project right from the UX side (and of course later also the development part) and my question is:

What would be the best process to get all the necessary details from this meeting, so after it, I will know what they need and what to draw?

web part – Tree View Webpart for document librarybSharePoint Online

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exploit – Exploiting File Upload Vulnerability Similar to DVWA in Real Web App

I successfully tried the File Upload Vulnerability (Low Security)in DVWA and successfully gain access to the Metasploitable machine. During File Upload there is an message generated if the file upload is successful or otherwise as seen in the image here:

enter image description here

But in real applications, such message is not seen. How can we know the link to the uploaded file so as to visit it and trigger the exploit?

enter image description here

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amazon web services – AWS EC2 access attempts on blocked ports

I have recently installed OSSEC on a RHEL 8 server being hosted on AWS EC2. Since then I have been receiving brute force attempts and other attempts on ports that are not open in my security group.

How are users able to get to my server at all when these ports are not open in the security group for the EC2 instance, and how do I stop them from reaching the server at all?

Example report:

OSSEC HIDS Notification. 2020 Oct 18 20:45:33

Received From: shared->/var/log/secure Rule: 5712 fired (level 10) ->
“SSHD brute force trying to get access to the system.” Src IP: Portion of the log(s):

Oct 18 20:45:32 shared sshd(3097608): Disconnected from invalid user
pi port 49568 (preauth) Oct 18 20:45:32 shared
sshd(3097608): Invalid user pi from port 49568 Oct 18
20:45:12 shared sshd(3097603): Disconnected from invalid user admin port 58720 (preauth) Oct 18 20:45:12 shared sshd(3097603): Invalid user admin from port 58720 Oct
18 20:44:51 shared sshd(3097591): Disconnected from invalid user admin port 39802 (preauth) Oct 18 20:44:50 shared sshd(3097591): Invalid user admin from port 39802 Oct
18 20:44:30 shared sshd(3097582): Disconnected from invalid user admin port 49134 (preauth) Oct 18 20:44:30 shared sshd(3097582): Invalid user admin from port 49134


object oriented – When dealing with session level data in a web app, is it better to maintain a static store of that data, or pass it around as needed?

I have a web app that is capable of connecting to multiple databases that are identical in structure but contain different data; each of our clients who uses the app gets their own copy of the database to avoid commingling of different clients’ data. We determine which database to connect to by looking up the client’s ID in a master database.

That sounds like a pretty solid design – however I have a question about what we should do with the connection strings once we retrieve them. Right now most of the data access functions look something like this:

Public Function GetUsersByRole(ByVal roleID As Integer, ByVal connectionString As String) As SqlDataReader
    ' connect to database using connection string passed in
    ' execute query
    ' return results
End Function

And we call it like so:

Dim connstr = Session("DotNetConnectionString") ' this session variable is populated from the master database when you log in
Dim drAdmins As SqlDataReader = DBFunctions.GetUsersByRole(1, connstr)

However I think it would be cleaner to instead have a central location to retrieve the connection string, so we don’t have to keep retrieving it over and over again and passing it in every time we want to do a query:

Public Shared ReadOnly Property ConnectionString As String
        Return Session("DotNetConnectionString")
    End Get
End Property

Public Function GetUsersByRole(ByVal roleID As Integer) As SqlDataReader
    ' connect to database using connection string from shared property defined above
    ' execute query
    ' return results
End Function

Then all you have to do to call it is:

Dim drAdmins As SqlDataReader = DBFunctions.GetUsersByRole(1)

So much easier!

Does my approach make sense or should I leave things as is? (In general, I’m not changing the existing data access methods; I’m mostly just doing it this way when I create new ones. There are too many data access functions for changing them all to be worthwhile!) I can see one potential disadvantage: it’s now impossible to query any client database other than the current client’s database. But really, why would you want to?! That sounds like a really bad idea, or a huge mistake waiting to happen! 馃槈

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