applications – Install Galaxy S5 Weather Widget on S21

I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I loved) with a new Galaxy S21 (standard model from Verizon). The phone is nice and, of course, much faster…but there is one remaining thing from the S5 that I really want to try and bring to my S21. That is the weather widget, which I believe was by AccuWeather (but might have been third-party developed?). This was a really nice 4×2 widget with a nice little background that changed with the weather and also updated to the town/city you’re currently in. If it’s sunny you get a grassy field with blue skies; if it’s raining you get raindrops on a window; if it’s snowy you get a snow-covered house. I loved that.

Current AccuWeather widgets for the S21 update the town/city well enough, but they’re all smaller and not nearly as pretty, without the changing backgrounds. The S5 widget looks like this:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Weather Widget

So, here’s what I would like to accomplish: bringing the S5 weather widget over to my S21. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

(Note: An S21 tag is not yet available and I don’t have enough reputation to add it, so I used S20.)

google search console – SEO for a weather forecast website

If you had a weather in real time website, how would you SEO it?

Generally speaking ‘weather’ websites don’t have a lot of written content such as blog posts, and the ratio words/html is very low.

Originally I made a single page with html/javascript/php, that shows in a cool UI way all the data about weather forcasts for every region and place in Italy. But that seems to be the worst strategy; and that’s because I think Google ‘wants’ a lot of pages instead a really good ones.

So for that reason, later, I made a page for each place in Italy regarding weather forcast.
And that seems to be kinda helping but not in a relevant way…

What would it be your SEO strategy?

Weather web part for SharePoint 2019 on-premises Modern Page

How to add Weather web part for SharePoint 2019 on-premises Modern Page because it is required to be used in Internal SharePoint server 2019 – Modern Site.

notifications – Weather widget on Big Sur

The weather widget on Big Sur is a step down from the previous one, to put it lightly.

Is there any way to add multiple cities to a single widget, or to actually have the widget point to a working web page when clicking on it? On the old system I used to have one widget, and I could switch between the cities, showing both the daily and weekly weather forecast for the selected city. Now, I have to either have four huge widgets which take up way too much place, or use smaller widgets, at the cost of having no forecast. As if it weren’t enough, when clicking on a widget, I am taken to a web page which simply says
Oops! We are having trouble finding your page.

Anyway, my question is – could anyone recommend a working widget substitute for weather, preferably one that shows weekly forecast and allows multiple cities. Is it even possible to install third party widgets?

xubuntu – xfce4 weather plugin compile error

I am working for a non-profit that is provisioning donated machines running xfce4. The weather plugin has been integral (nice feature) for our customers. I am trying to compile from source using build-debs and git according to this link:

XFCE4 Weather Plugin stopped working

I am currently running xubuntu 20.04 in a virtualbox vm trying to compile it to fix our image we will distribute, but I can’t get cut’n paste from guest to host working. I’ll have to ‘wing it’. I get config.status error executing default-l commands:

./config.status: line 2127: po/Makefile: Permission denied and
config.status: executing po/stamp-it commands
./config.status: 2145: po/Makefile: permission denied
compilations stops.

I have looked at the code and is has something to do with changing file permissions to executable for a couple of files referenced as variables. (I have not compiled anything in like ah… forever. So I am behind the curve. I welcome your assistance.


api – Where to publish weather data?

I am currently making my own weather station and want to publish the gathered data to a public weather API.

After searching a few sites I only found but my data will not be able to be requested by others.

Do you have any recommendations?

Adding Weather Sealing to Mirrorless Camera

I am on the hunt, to move from my D850 to a mirrorless system.

The problem is, no system appears to be no system as good as my D850, for my style of Landscape / Cityscape photography.

The Z7 would be great, but the lens support for my Tamron lenses and a lack of affordable direct replacements (15-30 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8) or similar is sort of a deal breaker.

Canon’s dynamic range is sort of concerning, although after using the EOS R briefly (in store) it was a great second choice.

Sony, is currently my top choice, but the problem is weather sealing.

I shoot out on backbacking trips (hence wanting a lighter system). Trips can also include trips abroad can include being out in the snow, the rain forest, the dessert, in a kayak going between islands or on a beach with spray. My Nikon’s have survived all of these things. I need the next system to do the same.

Which brings me to the question:

In Japan I’ve seen a lot of shooters with “Camera armor”. It’s primary purpose is to protect the paint and chrome bits of the camera. But I’m wondering if a thing exists that is more or less a weather sealing silicon sleeve for the camera?

Is it possible to add weather sealing to a camera?

I’d like to exclude anything that:

  1. restricts the system to a single lens (like under water kits).
  2. Adds significant weight or bulk
  3. Is just a fancy bag that would interfere with using the camera (viewfinder, with gloves etc.)

python – Weather station API – Learning Project

My program takes data from a weather station API and creates a dictionary.

Here are a few things I want to know:

  1. Is it normal to create functions just to store variables, lists, dictionaries, tuples?
  2. Is it normal to unpack a function to a tuple? I did it, but it felt overkill. It seemed much more straight forwarded to assign the lists to outside function.
  3. Can any of this be done in a more efficient way?
  4. If I would want this done in OOP with Classes, whats would be the best way?
def parameters():
    #city list to get weather for. expand if required.
    city_list = ('vilnius','kaunas','klaipeda', 'siauliai', 'panevezys', 'alytus')
    #weather parameters to take from JSON. expand if required.
    weather_parameters = ('airTemperature','conditionCode')
    #push a list of defined cities
    return city_list, weather_parameters

#Tuple unpack the parameters
city, parameters = parameters()

def weather_dict():
    #create empty dictionary for weather
    myDict = dict()
    #each city from city() is k1. each weather parameter from parameters() is k2 for each k1 and assigned a value of 0.
    #example - {'vilnius': {'airTemperature': 0, 'conditionCode': 0}
    myDict = {k1: {k2: 0 for k2 in parameters} for k1 in city}
    return myDict

def date_tomorrow():
    import datetime
    #get the date for tomorrow, make it a string and add 06:00:00
    tomorrow = str( + datetime.timedelta(days = 1)) + ' 06:00:00'
    #returns the weather for tomorrow
    return tomorrow

def find_forecast(city):
    import requests
    #call API. Response link is based on city()
    response = requests.get(''+city+'/forecasts/long-term')
    item = response.json()
    #get the length of JSON list
    count_items = len(item('forecastTimestamps')) - 1
    #search each list element for tomorrow's date
    for x in range(0,count_items):
        if item('forecastTimestamps')(x)('forecastTimeUtc') == date_tomorrow():
            #break For loop if list element is matching tomorrow date
    #return matched JSON array as a dict
    return item('forecastTimestamps')(x)

    #!IMPORTANT! function calls each city at a time. 
    #when calling function its required to input city as string, or city() function and specify list item list ().
    #example - find_forecast(city()(0))

def weather():
    #assign variable the empty dictionary from weather_dict() function
    weather = weather_dict()
    #for each city() add values to dictionary and assign one of parameters()
    for x in range (0,len(city)):
        for t in range (0,len(parameters)):
            weather(city(x))(parameters(t)) = find_forecast(city(x))(parameters(t))
    #push dictionary with new values
    return weather


Where Do You Check Weather Before Trips?

Where do you check weather before trips? Can you share some proven sites?

data – Seeking Traffic and weather datasets

I am looking for a dataset of traffic flow and its corresponding weather data, such as rain and temperature, of the same location. I am studying the effect of weather variables on traffic, preferably inside cities not on highways.

P.S. I could find traffic data of some locations without the corresponding weather, and vice versa. What I need is both data of the same location.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.