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Member Watch – Watch a member and get alert notification on his post new thread or reply.


  • Watch a Member get alert notifications of his activity like post a new thread or reply.
  • Watched Member will also get a notification as alert user X watching him.
  • In User preference, there are options to select to…

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lighting – How do I create a more natural look for watch photography using a Light Box?

You’ve done a great job for being ‘fairly new’. I agree with Steven in the things he said, so experiment with those.

Edit: Your focus, depth-of-field choice, composition and exposure are spot-on.

Here’s what I can see that really stops the shot from being where you want it:

  • There’s a green cast. This is probably from the type of lights that come with the kits. If your camera has the ability to white-balance, use a white card and color balance before shooting instead of relying on auto-balance. This also causes your blacks to shift, which adds to the next point.
  • The contrast is too thin for a product close-up.
  • There is lint/dirt/fibers/spots in the background. Although they are individually very small, the brain picks up all these things and it feels ‘like something’s off’.

Also be aware that the blue in the example shots provides natural contrast to the brushed silver watch, which is helping that photo ‘pop’.

Here’s your shot after some correction in photoshop:

enter image description here

What was done here was color-balance correction, black-level correction, some ‘de-hazing’, and a slight increase to the highlights. All these adjustments were fairly minimal, except the black-bump, which was a good bit.

The background was cleaned up with a spot-healing brush. Because you mentioned that you wanted to preserve some imperfections, I only healed/cleaned up the background and left the watch untouched.

As far as the reflections in the watch face, its tough. Use a polarizing filter to cut the surface reflections down. You will want to play around with it a little if you want to preserve some of the light reflections on the face. Also, try moving the lights at different angles to each other, and if possible, different power levels.

photoshop – Creating a more natural look for watch photography using a Light Box!

A light box/tent provides extremely flat lighting; that’s the opposite of what you want for showing scratches/textures. I don’t know of anyone who does high level product photography that uses one…

But to start, use just one light off to the side at more of an angle to show the textures (up to 90*). And place it right against the fabric in order to make it smaller/harder. That’s about the best you will do with the tent setup for showing texture… then combine it with these setups/results (i.e. add other lights).

For highly reflective subjects I find it is easier to think of creating the environment the object will reflect rather than lighting per se. I.e. if you want an area lighter, place something lighter colored there (lighting); and if you want it darker, place something darker there (negative lighting).

As far as the frontal image and lens reflection… you did well creating the white mask. The next thing to do is the make the reflection much smaller by using a longer lens from much farther away. Then the reflection may be small enough to easily edit out, or you may have to intentionally place the reflection slightly off to opposite sides in two image to combine in post.

legal – Is this illegal to watch pornographic videos through the internet in UAE?

As stated in the other answer, it is indeed illegal. I would then address the second question, “to watch porn videos it will be cause your arrest in UAE ?” There is difference as enforcement of certain illegal activities in UAE doesn’t seem to happen. For example sex outside marriage is illegal in UAE, but lots of visitors practice it without consequences. A quick google search didn’t find any single case of someone actually being arrested for watching porn in UAE, so the enforcement seem to be equally weak.

Practically, watching them in privacy, such as your hotel room, despite being illegal, should be safe. Unless your room is wired for video recording, it would be a challenge to prove that (a) you (b) watched porn. And there is no obvious incentive to do so.

However watching them in a public place, or using your employer’s Internet access for this (if you work in UAE) can indeed lead to arrest.

Youtube: Clone/Copy/Move “Watch later” to a new Playlist

I want to clone/copy/move all videos from the “Watch later” playlist to a new one.

Previously the method was to go to this address clicking the 3-dot-menu and selecting “Add all to”.
Currently that URL is redirected to and the 3-dot-menu there does not contain “Add all to” anymore. Other playlists have this option in the menu, but not “Watch later”.
My searches come up with even older/simpler methods, but none are current. Seems that this worked until 1/1/21 and even I used it in the past. But now (28/3/21) it seems to be gone.

What is the current method? Thanks!

Driving and Cell Phone Usage Restrictions Around the World – Watch Out For Your Auto

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Halfway implies that however it isn’t unlawful to utilize cell phones while driving, a few conditions apply; Greece Phone Number List for example in the event of a mishap. Greece Phone Number List In nations, states/territories where the utilization of mobile phones while driving is unlawful, getting found utilizing one can bring about higher yearly protection rates. Greece Phone Number List The rationale is the accompanying – on the off chance that you are discovered utilizing a wireless and get a ticket, you are currently seen as a higher danger driver since an extensive level of vehicle accidents can be ascribed to mobile Greece Phone Number List use while driving. Greece Phone Number List Insurance agencies would now be able to raise your rates if Federal/State/Provincial/Municipal enactments permit it, and think of it as a factor.
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Any recommendation for a recently running anthology TV series worth a watch?

Any recommendation for a recently running anthology TV series worth a watch?
That has not been canceled.

Kubuntu 20.04 LTS watch movies directly from samba network

I want to watch movies from my local FTP or SMB. When I double click I need to wait when kioexec copy file to local cache. Is it possible to watch movies without wasting time for copying?

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