How to increase YouTube views

Therefore, you want more people to visit your blog or website. Well, to do this, you must know how to increase visits to YouTube. But how is this achieved? Well, it's simple; You should start writing excellent and relevant content that gets a lot of traffic, and in addition to that it also makes people like your videos.

Now, some people think that increasing YouTube views means placing your video on YouTube in the top ten. Yes, it is true that if you have a great video with a lot of traffic and you get a lot of likes, you will appear on the YouTube homepage. You can increase your views by buying YouTube Views, and you can also go to the search engine and type & # 39; YouTube Videos & # 39; and see what comes out. You may be surprised to see that many other people have also uploaded their videos to YouTube. Your video may appear on the first page of YouTube, something you will surely appreciate. After all, it's your video, and all you want is for people to see it and like it.

Another thing you should do is make sure you have the best possible video quality. Many people will watch the video and not bother to watch it. However, if you are uploading an excellent video, then you will see your video. You can also use flash to add flash videos to your video to give it a professional look. Finally, you can always create your own YouTube channel and upload it to the YouTube site to allow people to come to you if they like your videos.


trezor: the address bech32 is not shown on the wallet only for watch (using HWI descriptors)

First of all, thanks for all the amazing tools. Especially Andrew Chow and Sjoors Provoost, for my use case.
Now I am a little confused. A transaction that I sent from a mobile wallet to a watch-only wallet in the kernel is not displayed.
I'm in bitcoin core 0.19.01 on Raspbian, I run v1.0.3 and use a Trezor One.

The steps I followed:
1. In the Bitcoin Core graphical user interface, create an unencrypted wallet without private keys (that is, just view)
2. Unlock Trezor using Pin Challenge at
3. export trezor public keys using HWI

./ --fingerprint xxxxxx getdescriptors --account 0

returns the expected .json with 1 pkh, 1 sh (wpkh), 1 wpkh each to receive and internal (change?)

  1. create a .json file to analyze as an argument to import multiple in this way
'({"range": (0, 1000), "timestamp": "now", "keypool": true, "watchonly": true, "desc": "sh(wpkh((..../0/*...", "internal": false},   
{"range": (0, 1000), "timestamp": "now", "keypool": true, "watchonly": true, "desc": "sh(wpkh((..../1/*...", "internal": true})'

copying pasting the sh lines (wpkh at the getdescriptors output
5. run importmulti jsonstring_above -> success and success for both xpub´s
6. rescanblockchain -> I found all the addresses previously sent to my trezor, they all start with 3 – all the money is there, the wallet only works

  1. In this wallet, you generated a receiving address with the default bech32 format (starting with BC1)
  2. He scanned the QR code with mycelium (you can send a receipt bech32) and sent the transaction (it was only a small amount to prove)
  3. He entered the next block and confirmed 3-4 times in 10 minutes
  4. went back to the core and ran rescanblockchain block_height_a_few_hours_back
    But there is no new transaction. Core didn't notify me when he hit the mempool or blockchain.
    The shipping address in mycelium is the same as that generated in the core.
  5. I tried to import wpkh xpubs to the wallet using importmulti, also success and success, rescanblockchain, but there are no signs of the transaction yet.

So my question: where is my money? 🙂 Could you help me please?
How can the watch wallet get bech32 addresses simply by knowing the pubkeys? And why don't you see / report the transactions you have created? It is a strange user experience. In addition, the fact that the reception address is not displayed / verified on the trezor makes it a somewhat scary process. This seems to be the place where scammers would attack a rookie like me.

That is not compatible with the receiving addresses of bech32 does not help trust, although that is not directly related to my problem, I think.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks already for the help !!

network – Question: Will an Apple Watch 4 work / pair with an iPhone 6 that has iOS 12.4? but is it NOT an activated phone?

I can't seem to find any reference to this scenario. I have the iPhone deleted, updated and configured with a new Apple ID. But I would rather not activate it since that would require a dedicated plan. I use an Android phone. The iPhone is a device that my wife has abandoned and that I am trying to configure with an Apple watch that, in my opinion, is the best smart watch. I am aware that I will not be able to see, answer or make phone calls, but having the rest would be great. Who knows, I could even convert if things go well. :] I bow to those who have an educated response. Thank you.

Watch Mulan Movie 2020 Full Movie

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object: encoding a test in JAVASCRIPT that returns movies to watch on Netflix

I am trying to learn objects right now. So I have five different variables that are set to zero and will be incremented by 1 each time the questionnaire is clicked.
(I am creating a questionnaire to determine which movie or show you should watch on Neflix).

var answer = {



function selection (choice) {



However, my problem is to return the object with the greatest amount, and once I do, I return the name of a movie according to the returned object. I tried to do two functions …

function set () {

var biggest = 'a'
for(var choice in answer)
    return biggest;


The previous function is much cleaner than the lower one but does not have movie titles.

submitt () function {

for(obj in answer)
        return 'Hobbs and Shaw'
    }else if(a===1 && b===1){
        return 'Jumanji'
    }else if(a===1 && c===1){
        return 'The Invitation'
    }else if(a===1 && d===1){
        return 'Incredibles 2'
    }else if(a===1 && e===1){
        return 'Someone Great'
        return 'The Good Place'
    }else if(b===1 && c===1){
        return 'Black Mirror'
    }else if(b===1 && d===1){
        return 'Liv and Maddie'
    }else if(b===1 && e==1){
        return 'Jane the Virgin'


My question is, how can I define an object in my if statement, because the error I get is "a is not defined". How do I define the objects?

Can I charge someone to watch a video on my website hosted on YouTube?


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How do you watch YouTube at A4 = 432hz without downloading the video?

Like this one:

I tried the VLC player method, but for some reason it didn't work for me.

ios: lap time data loaded from my Apple Watch does not match the lap times listed on my iPhone

I uploaded my Apple Watch health data to track my lap times. But the lap times recorded in the XML file that I loaded are consistently shorter than those that appear on my watch.

For example, this is what I loaded for a spin.

        date: '2020-02-04 18:54:54 -0800'
    duration: '0.5025173644224803'
durationUnit: 'min'
        type: 'HKWorkoutEventTypeLap'

but the actual lap time was more like 40 seconds.

Worse, the error ratio is not constant, so my loaded lap time data does not really correlate with my actual data. This is very strange because the duration, kilocals, etc. For all training they are exactly correct. Can anyone please advise?

How to add any eSIM to Samsung Watch using a QR code?

My operator allows me to add an eSIM to any device using a QR code. This could be, for example, a telephone. This eSIM is not specific to Galaxy Watch. Can I add an (any) eSIM to my Galaxy Watch? If so, how do I do it?

users – Watch The Flash – Season 6 Episode 10: Marathon #Online

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