Are these & # 39; The difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders: Bernie is real and she is another Fake Flake?

Bernie being "real" is no better. The guy is a pink rag that praised Castro, said the bread lines are good and said killing rich people is a noble practice.

He is also the guy who wrote a short novel about how women really like to be raped.

How the hell can anyone vote for him? Ok, he is & # 39; real & # 39; about his ideology, but guess what happened to Dahmer

In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders encouraged Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Now she says she is sexist. Why are you lying like Hillary Clinton?

Chief Warren has a quick and lost relationship with the Truth.

Say what you want about Bernie's political views, (I know I do), but he realizes that he really believes what he is saying, and Chief Warren looks like someone who will say whatever it takes to be elected.

Does Elizabeth Warren have any chance of defeating Donald Trump?

Only if we have more ingenuity than people

With common sense. It is a very close call

If all those who voted for Obama or Hillary

Vote for Warren. We need everyone to vote

To succeed and bring so many non-voters

With them as possible to cover illegal voters

And double voters and deceased voters.

While the Democrats manipulate elections in each criminal

The way they can. We have to maximize our vote

Participation numbers Just to get a victory.

EVERY Republican is registered with the following statement. Will they say the same if President Warren asks England and France for help?

I am sure that if President Warren or Biden or Obama or any other Democrat did EXACTLY what Trump did, they would be citing the same law that the Democrats are now citing against Trump and asking for a political trial.

But that is not the point. The point is that they put loyalty to the man above the respect for the written law that the Congress itself approved and that the previous Presidents have signed. They have forever undermined their own credibility, yes, but it's about ensuring that a man has all the power he wants.

Trump himself expressed it best: he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his followers would still support him. That is not only true for its voters. It is true for members of Congress within their own party. They stopped being legislators and began supporting a possible dictator.

And, by the way, for those of you who suggest that Trump did not violate the law, I refer you to section 30121 (b) of Title 52 of the United States code, which makes it a crime to request assistance from any foreign person in connection with a political campaign

Did Warren now end up admitting that his Medicare plan would cost 2,000,000 people his jobs?

The invention of the car cost hundreds of blacksmiths their jobs. The invention of electric lanterns cost thousands of lanterns their jobs. Online airline booking sites have virtually eliminated travel agencies. Should we reverse all progress to recover those jobs? Those 2 million people have existed outside of the skimmed money insurance companies of our insurance payments. There will still be private insurance for people who want luxury accommodation in hospitals. Also, I thought you conservatives said that the economy is doing very well, there are MANY jobs for everyone!

If it was reduced to the elections of Donald Trump / Elizabeth Warren 2020? Who would receive your support?

Trump I approve of Trump's agenda and priorities.

Warren ,,,,,,, both her "agenda" and her inability to truly represent herself are disturbing. Whether I'm telling the truth … or lying, it's not someone who would like to make decisions that affect my life and my livelihood.


Why don't the Democrats care that Warren deliberately tells lies about his ancestral heritage to advance his career?

She never benefited. His mother told him stories and was proud to think she was a native.
Maybe it wouldn't be a big problem if she told thousands of lies and just got lost.

Trump literally pretended to be fake people to plant positive stories about himself in the press.

Republicans have less than zero high ground, even if it was proven that Warren deliberately lied, which has not been.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Will Warren get the dem nomination and beat Trump?

[Politics] Open question: Will Warren get the dem nomination and defeat Trump? .

Conservatives: what will they do if Sanders or Warren are elected our next president? How are you going to react?

I would expect both to be responsible for the new generation and other factions of Democrats who demand that the Old Guard share part of that fat cake they have been breastfeeding for more than a decade …

Bernie would probably be called for not acting fast enough in his promises of "change" … Warren, the last face of the rich Old Guard, would probably encounter choruses of "won't be fooled again." ..


Is it called "white privilege" when someone like Elizabeth Warren pretends to be a native so she can get benefits only available to minorities?

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