Wanted: VPS server managed in the United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an update, my current VPS prodiver gives me the following:

1x CPU Xeon Core


20 GB SSDS storage

400 GB bandwidth

I currently pay £ 47.99 per month, VAT included.

The site I am looking to host in a new VPS provider is a blog that has begun to receive a lot of traffic and, although data transfer is still not a big concern, I am not sure that the CPU and RAM are enough to handle concurrent users

I am happy to increase my budget to around £ 55 – £ 60, including VAT, for something higher, ideally with more CPU, RAM and, most importantly, storage.

You may recommend Something that can be useful to me? I've also had problems with the VPS IP blacklist on most email clients (Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo), so a VPS with a clean history or a second dedicated IP for email is an advantage !

He forgot to mention that the current VPS is managed, the identification is also new. It also hosts some of my independent client projects that would need to migrate.



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everyone wanted to know why css does not recognize the id id attribute. since the name d id id is correct in css

function name () {
var screen = document.createElement ("div"). setAttribute ("id", "screen");
document.body.appendChild (screen);
first name ();

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Why does the search "♦" on Google think I wanted to go to https: // xn == h6h

When searching "♦" on Google, this message appears:


Why is this?

List manipulation: if someone wanted to think about the question: mathematical optimization "Ticket"

I solved the riddle of IBM Ponder in September 2019 with my code written with Mathica that I love.
I would like to share this code after the solution that will come so soon, and discuss it.

Meanwhile, if someone wanted to think about the question.

September 2019: challenge

The problem:
The US dollar has five common denominations of bills: 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50.
Each integer value in dollars between 0 and 99 dollars can be paid in one way with a minimum number of bills.
If Alice and Bob have different amounts of money, they can still have the same set of notes.
For example, if Alice has $ 92 and Bob has $ 74 (on a minimum number of bills), both have the same set of bills {1,20,50}.
Suppose Alice and Bob have two different amounts of money evenly distributed in the range (0.99) with a minimum number of bills.
The probability that they are the same set of bills is approximately 3.79798%.

Your task, this month, is to find another set of five bills so that:

1-Each integer value in dollars between 0 and 99 dollars can be paid in one way with a minimum number of bills; Y

2-The previous probability (including a set of bills for two different amounts of money distributed evenly in the range (0.99)) would be exactly 4%.

My code is divided into 3 parts:

1 functions

2 data

3 Optimization. Solutions

I'm 37 years old and I've wasted my life, I've never been social or had fun. I just wanted some advice?

I'm 37 years old and I've wasted my life, I've never been social or had fun. I just wanted some advice?

. (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answers (t) questions (t) Social sciences (t) Psychology

javascript – How to make the prompt ask me what I wanted and verify it

My question is, do you have any idea how I can do that when I write a longline inside the prompt I get an alert saying if the word is palindroma or not


`` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` ``

And that suits the code

Wanted – WHMCS API OVH Module

Wanted – WHMCS API OVH Module | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. * * Wanted – WHMCS API OVH Module

    I have been trying to find a WHMCS module that allows customers to edit the network-based firewall / firewall rules of the OVH game and IP-based rDNS assigned in WHMCS, such as what ExtraVM has (they won't sell it), if anyone knows Where can I get this module or can I recommend a developer, I would appreciate your input.

  2. You can contact Modulesgarden to code these custom features. We have a great experience with them.

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