wallet recovery – In what year did bitcoins come out?

The Bitcoin network was launched in early 2009.

To recover your coins, you must find the portfolio file that contains your private keys. You will have to remember how you stored your Bitcoin, did you have a wallet executed on a personal computer? etc. Remembering the answer to that question is probably your only hope of recovering your Bitcoin.

Without any additional information, I do not think there is any way that someone here can help you beyond that.

wallet – Could Neutrino technically as a side effect, incentivize the centralization of the bitcoin network?

TWO questions about Neutrino ::

one) Could Neutrino technically, as a secondary effect, encourage the centralization of the bitcoin network? Or another formulation: … hinders a greater degree of decentralization?

Why I am asking: This article by Dorier pointed out these thoughts to me. https://medium.com/@nicolasdorier/neutrino-is-dangerous-for-my-self-sovereignty-18fac5bcdc25

It basically says that neutrino users are not yet COMPLETE. Therefore, it does not make sense to change from SPVs or webwallets to moneys enabled for neutrinos …

Could the members with technical expertise here make an explanation, why does Dorier come up with this thesis, what technical arguments are he talking about in favor? Or do you think it is a baseless thesis?

2) Basically it says, why do we need neutrinos, it is essentially the same as SPV … Why are there technical advantages with Neutrino, what are their SPV differentiators?

Thank you

Recover Bitcoin Wallet information

I sent some bitcoins (worth around 1000 usd) to one of my wallets and I can not remember which wallet it was. Now I'm checking my wallet and I see that the balance is still there. Can someone tell me how I see the wallet information using the wallet address (3CGphwQHf5QvK6dMrLcLQvQNCuBsc85T5k) or the name of the wallet (1fac700f695d9d63). Anyone who has helped me access my wallet will be rewarded!

Bitcoin Core – Retrieve wallet after formatting SSD

I'm not exactly sure what I should do and I do not want to accidentally overwrite my disk. I may have already done it.

After searching my web history, I found the BTC address where my BTC is located but obviously I can not access my wallet. Before formatting my hard disks, I used the easus disk cloning and cloned it into 2, maybe 3 separate disks. But it does not seem to work correctly. I scanned those discs and found what I think is the file that contains my wallet, but every time I copy / paste my wallet.dat file, Bitcoin Core does not load and I'm not even sure it's the correct file. I have a lot of money in that wallet and I really need to get it back.

IOS wallet with Bech32 and Xpub keys.

Is there a bitcoin HD wallet for iOS with support for Bech32 and access to its extended public and private keys?

Remove XRP from the paper wallet and receive BTC

How can I remove XRP from a paper wallet, send those XRPs to an XRP address and receive BTC (Bitcoin) at a BTC address? (Changelly and Shapeshift allow one to exchange one cryptocurrency for another).

Bitcoin Core: I need help to recover the wallet when I had to format SSD

I'm not exactly sure what to do and I do not want to accidentally overwrite my disk … It's possible that I already did.

After searching my web history, I found the BTC address where my BTC is located, but obviously I can not access my wallet … before formatting my hard drives I used the easus disk clone and cloned it in 2 maybe 3 hard drives separated … but it does not seem to work properly … I scanned those drives and found what I think is the file that contains my wallet but every time I copy / paste my wallet.dat file BTC CORE does not load and neither I'm not even sure if that's the right file … I have a lot of money in that wallet and I really need to get it back. I will be more than happy to pay someone if you can help me in the process. Thank you and God bless you

hd wallet – Export Xpubkey from Bitcoin Core

He does not have one.

Bitcoin Core uses hardened derivations, so there is no way to calculate the addresses you will use externally.

Support for that will probably be added in future versions, but it is probably not the default (there are security risks when using non-reinforced derivations).

Address – Question about non-deterministic wallet

I was reading https://github.com/bitcoinbook/bitcoinbook/blob/develop/ch05.asciidoc#user-stories and I came across this statement.

In the first bitcoin wallet (now called Bitcoin Core), the wallets were
collections of private keys generated at random. For example, him
The original Bitcoin Core client generates 100 random private keys when
First started and generates more keys as needed, using each key only
. Such portfolios are being replaced by deterministic portfolios.
because they are complicated to administer, back up and import. the
The disadvantage of random keys is that if you generate many of them,
must keep copies of all of them, which means that the wallet must be
Backup frequently. Each key must be backed up, or the funds that
The controls are irrevocably lost if the wallet becomes inaccessible. Is
It conflicts directly with the principle of avoiding the reuse of addresses.
using each bitcoin address for a single transaction. Address reuse
reduces privacy by associating multiple transactions and addresses

In the first part, it says that several keys are generated and used only once. But in the second part, he says that the reuse of the address is a problem.

But if each key is used only once, how are they reused?

wallet recovery – Is there any way to recover a bitcoin private key using some parts of the key?

It depends on how much information is missing.

A Wallet Import Format key is encoded in base58. Therefore, each character in the key can be one of the 58 characters.

You mention in the comments that 21 characters are missing. Assuming you know exactly what 21 characters are missing (that is, you know that the first 21 are missing), you have 21 ^ 58, or 4.88336 ... × 10 ^ 76 Possibilities This is outside the range of brute force.

Also, if you do not know what 21 characters are missing, you have many, many more possibilities, since you not only need to go through the 58 possibilities for each of them, but you can also try all the possible locations within the key.

Unless you can find more information, the key can not be recovered.