Features of the Armory wallet and its telephone number for technical support

Armory is not a wallet, it is a wallet management application for Bitcoins. It is an open source wallet application based on Python. The arsenal was built on January 3, 2012. It is available for several operating systems such as Mac OSX and Linux. There is a new feature in Armory that is an encrypted wallet. Protects portfolios offline for 100% security of online hackers. Help in secure printing for all types of backup. If you are using an armory wallet, you have the option to resolve your problem in Telephone number of the Armory + 1-888-712-3146. This is a free number for customers of the Armory portfolio.

wallet – How to obtain the public key derived from xpub?

Here I would like to generate the other address using xpub.

Is there a library (python) that can help derive the new address from an extended key?


gen_new_pub (xpub, new_path) to get the public key derived.

Of course, the library assumes that it could support

gen_new_prv (xprv, new_path) to generate the corresponding private key according to xprv and the path.

wallet – address in listaddressgroupings and getnewaddress

I do not understand the differences between listddressgroupings Y get new address

For example, I have a local blockchain (regtest) with 0 Block.
I believe 101 block (generate 101)
I can see with listddressgroupings this exit


What address is
If you dump the private key dumpprivkey mvAH7VsxifvQdEZ46Rdt2oN3nB5BzaPqS8

I have this result MVA_PRIVATEKEY

ok, if I look for this private key in dumpwallet test.txt That key associated with this address.

MVA_PRIVATEKEY 2019-01-19T10: 26: 19Z change = 1 # addr = 2NAoHv7kDBhHND7YHcQKuDS8wCbEz87xLrv hdkeypath = m / 0 & # 39; / 0 & # 39; / 0 & # 39; / 0 & # 39;

Because it is not mvAH7VsxifvQdEZ46Rdt2oN3nB5BzaPqS8 ?

Now I want to create a new address getnewaddress =>

Why does this address begin with 2 and not with m or n? Your pk is different from mvAH7VsxifvQdEZ46Rdt2oN3nB5BzaPqS8

If I create another block 101, I have a new address in listddressgroupings

Every time I create a new block, I have a new address in listddressgroupings

wallet – Electrum 3.3.2 the transaction was rejected due to the dust error of the rules of the network … It tested different nodes, it does not work

I'm getting an error of electrum 3.3.2 with something to do with dust.

the transaction was rejected by the dust network error rules

I'm using the cli to send a transaction and I'm only using 1 entry and 1 exit only. And the rate is established automatically. Yesterday was working well. I read that it is something to do with the node. But what's wrong with that? I tried many other public nodes and said the same error. What's going on? An attack?

What solutions are there for something like this? My application depends on having electrum working at all times.

result = server.runcmdline (configoptions)
File "/xxxx/Desktop/Electrum-3.3.2/packages/jsonrpclib/jsonrpc.py", line 650, on call
return self.send (self.name, args)

File "/xxxx/Desktop/Electrum-3.3.2/packages/jsonrpclib/jsonrpc.py", line 532, on request
checkforerrors (answer)

File "/xxx/Desktop/Electrum-3.3.2/packages/jsonrpclib/jsonrpc.py", line 1220, in checkforerrors
raise ProtocolError ((code, message))

jsonrpclib.jsonrpc.ProtocolError: (-32603, & # 39; Server Error: File "/home/xxx/Electrum-3.3.2/packages/aiorpcx/session.py", line 501, in sendrequest | aiorpcx.jsonrpc. RPCError: (1,  & # 39; the transaction was rejected by the rules of the network. \ n \ ndust (code 64) \ n01000000 ...... 70800  & # 39;)  n & # 39;)

How do I back up my wallet with bitcoin-cli on RPC?

hendry @ knuckles ~ $ bitcoin-cli backupwallet /home/hendry/backup.dat
Error code: -1
Error message:
boost :: filesystem :: status: Permission denied: "/home/hendry/backup.dat"

Reddit could not help me https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinBeginners/comments/aftb91/am_i_running_bitcoin_core/

This is not a problem of permission.

hendry @ knuckles ~ $ touch backup.dat
hendry @ knuckles ~ $ ls backup.dat
hendry @ knuckles ~ $ rm backup.dat

I suspect that the bitcoind -server that runs in isolation, since "nobody" is trying to access my home directory, which is a bit worrisome. My user's .bitcoin directory looks good:

hendry @ knuckles ~ $ find .bitcoin /
.bitcoin /
.bitcoin / mempool.dat
.bitcoin / wallets
.bitcoin / wallets / wallet.dat
.bitcoin / portfolios / db.log
.bitcoin / wallets / .walletlock
.bitcoin / .lock
.bitcoin / chainstate
.bitcoin / chainstate / 000003.log
.bitcoin / chainstate / CURRENT
.bitcoin / chainstate / MANIFEST-000002
.bitcoin / chainstate / LOCK
.bitcoin / fee_estimates.dat
.bitcoin / banlist.dat
.bitcoin / blocks
.bitcoin / blocks / index
.bitcoin / blocks / index / 000003.log
.bitcoin / blocks / index / CURRENT
.bitcoin / blocks / index / 000004.log
.bitcoin / blocks / index / MANIFEST-000002
.bitcoin / blocks / index / LOCK
.bitcoin / blocks / index / 000005.ldb
.bitcoin / blocks / rev00000.dat
.bitcoin / blocks / blk00000.dat
.bitcoin / peers.dat
.bitcoin / bitcoin.conf
.bitcoin / debug.log

Giving someone of confidence half of my wallet ($ 5) (Bitcoin-QT)

I started installing bitcoin nodes, created by the same people as the bitcoin kernel. I realized that I do not have enough space on my computer. I also forgot my password phrase. If someone trusted here has already installed Bitcoin Knots or Bitcoin-Qt, I will give them half of my wallet to recover my bitcoin (approximately 0.0032).

Can I create bitcoin wallet core wallet services?

Is it possible to create wallet url services for bitcoin core wallet?

I can not get btc in my co-pay wallet

I send 2.48 btc to this aggregate in the Copay portfolio.

But now, I can see in Copay.

Copay say: network error.

Please help!!

security – How could a light wallet determine the validity of the 0-conf transaction?

The zero confirmation transactions can be easily spent twice with another signed transaction that spends the same UTXO, but with an arbitrarily higher rate, thus achieving a higher probability of being extracted first, making the original transaction invalid.

A merchant still needs a complete node to accept new transactions in the memory group, since it needs to validate each new transaction it sees.

A light wallet does not have the same security as a complete node, because it is based on the verification of the accumulated POW and not on the actual validity of the transaction. The assumption is that the chain with the most accumulated POW must be valid.

Sent BTC to Jaxx Wallet never received

A friend suggested that I use Jaxx Wallet, so I downloaded the software and sent my BTC using its Coinbase QR code. Looking back, I should have left it where it was!

Never arrived. I also sent LTC using the same QR code method. That has arrived and it's in my Jaxx wallet now.

I see my transaction completed and verified in the blockchain. How do I locate where it is?

How can I trace that this transaction was actually sent (and maybe received) by Jaxx even though it does not show up in my wallet?