How do I connect my `bcoin` wallet to` bitcoind`?

To run two complete nodes on the same machine, they must be linked to different ports. Fortunately, bitcoind and bcoin run regtest on different ports already by default (18444 Y 48444 respectively). Just keep in mind that this would not be the case for testnet or main network.

Throw bitcoind

$ bitcoind -daemon -regtest

Launch bcoin in SPV mode

$ bcoin --spv --daemon --network=regtest

Connect bcoin to bitcoind:

$ bcoin-cli --network=regtest rpc addnode add

Get a bcoin wallet address:

$ bwallet-cli --network=regtest account get default
  "receiveAddress": "n4C5ikvkn5HUNjqAPrPB1udnZPjm9p6xGY",

Generate a block with bitcoind, sending coinbase subsidy to the wallet address:

$ bitcoin-cli -regtest generatetoaddress 1 n4C5ikvkn5HUNjqAPrPB1udnZPjm9p6xGY

Check the balance of the bcoin wallet:

$ bwallet-cli --network=regtest balance
  "account": -1,
  "tx": 1,
  "coin": 1,
  "unconfirmed": 5000000000,
  "confirmed": 5000000000

Optimized cryptocurrency wallet using a language like python

Create your own crypto asset portfolio and explain your reasons.
Cousin. Measure the correlation of the assets in your portfolio and examine their liquidity.

Backup – Access Bitcoin Wallet with private key

You just need to find some software that can import your private key.

These days, the standard for backing wallets is defined by BIP32 / 39/44/49/84, and comes in the form of a 12 or 24 word mnemonic initial phrase. This seed phrase is used to derive all pairs of keys and addresses in the wallet, so you only need to store it securely to retrieve your wallet later.

Therefore, most wallets accept a seed phrase, and the introduction of unformatted private keys has become less common (although it is definitely still possible). You only need some software that can accept a private key.

Note that, in some cases, you may need to create a new wallet, and so Import the private key: There may not be an option to create a new wallet by importing only the private key.

bitcoind – open source server for bitcoin wallet

For my simple bitcoin wallet, I use the API.

There is a problem due to the limitation of the number of API requests, so I need to make my "api", which would be used in my wallet, but I have no idea what structure it has, what information is stored in the database of data and how it is structured. Most likely, the blockchain is scanned there and a database is created for each wallet address, for a quick call, and a list of hashes for each wallet may be indicated, which is subsequently searched in the chain of blocks to build a transaction history. Therefore, I am looking for an open source project that I can install on my server and use for my project.

Priority in python, but other languages ​​are also possible.

wallet – I am running a single V9 antminer in my & # 39; pool & # 39; from local bitcoind will they pay me?

Your chances of any Come back at all with a group that is simply essentially non-existent.

Pool mining works because pools can accumulate a large amount of hashpower from thousands of users. The group's probability of finding a block is quite high, which allows them to use the block reward to pay proportional amounts to all their users.

As JBackzuk's comment says, solo mining is essentially probabilistically impossible. Or you find the whole block or nothing, there are no partial actions.

wallet recovery: the btc exchange CEX.10 cannot send my Bitcoins

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have 12 words phrase you need to find wallet

If you don't care about your privacy, you can always find the associated extended public key (xpub *) and enter it in a blockchain browser site like

This is how a Bitcoin account (M / 44 & # 39; / 0 & # 39; / 0 & # 39; /), the extended public key for a given set of 12 seed words can be calculated on a reliable offline computer that could be operating in a Faraday cage:

% echo "radar blur cabbage chef fix engine embark joy scheme fiction master release" | bx mnemonic-to-seed | bx hd-new | bx hd-private -d -i 44 | bx hd-private -d -i 0 | bx hd-public -d -i 0

The Ledger and Trezor devices can be consulted to access your xpub key.

Otherwise, just apply the KISS principle and use your wallet application that will naturally provide you with an account balance.

customer – find the owner of the bitcoin wallet

I received a blackmail threat that a hacker would publish all account access information for my accounts (bank and email information) online and on all social networking sites if he didn't pay $ 5,000 in bitcoins to his Bitcoin wallet address. I have the wallet address. Is there any way to find the owner's name and other information? This is your bitcoin wallet: 3Dz1wsAHF9etmyWRomKtyUxUGEmyBAqAQ4

wallet – Insert * .dat file in a new client

I'm running out of ideas and hope to get help.
My computer crashed but I have the wallet.dat file on a USB stick. I have downloaded and synchronized v0.18.1 on a new computer, but I don't see any way to add the .dat file using the GUI. Do I have to use the command line prompts? If so, the proper procedure would be very useful.
I saw a similar situation in this forum, but the advice they gave me was on my head.
Thanks to anyone who can help.

Bitcoin Cash testnet wallet

Please notify the wallet that supports Testnet Bitcoin Cash.
I used, but they only support

Thanks for the answers in advance!