Engineering bypasses for the lateral earth pressure coefficient in a retaining wall

my textbook on soil engineering informs that the coefficient of lateral pressure of the earth is determined by: (1-sin (x)) / (1 + sin (x)), however, it also indicates that by simple trigonometry this it can also be written as tan ^ 2 (pi / 4- (x) / 2). How do you get from the first to match the second using trigonometry?

dnd 5e – Does the spell of the Wall of Fire damage the creatures on both sides of the wall?

The Firewall spell has the following text:

One side of the wall, selected by you when you cast this spell, deals
5d8 of fire damage to each creature that finishes its turn to 10 feet
That side or inside the wall.

Does the 10-foot damage zone extend in both directions from that side of the wall?

For example, suppose I put a fire wall that extends from west to east. If I select the north side of the wall as the one doing the damage, does that mean that I can also take damage if I stop to the south of the wall?

After all, if I'm 9 feet south of the wall, I'm still standing 10 feet from the north side of the wall …

Wall paintings and decorations – Everything else

Finally we are renovating our room and I do not know what paint is better to choose for the walls. The problem is not with the colors, I'm worried about finding really safe paintings for our room.

What did you use and can you recommend me? And also what kind of decorations can we use? Thanks in advance.

Trump has been building this wall for three years, where is it?

Maybe people have realized that building walls is an unnecessary waste of money.

Maybe people want to discover why so many South Americans want to flee from their countries to the United States, in doing so, maybe they can help solve corruption and stop the problem and, therefore, bring the South Americas together in a struggle against powerful drug lords and others. violent thugs

Trump is similar to the one who once built the Berlin Wall.


Publications on the Facebook wall: exchange of web applications

When I look for a person (I'm not a friend) I used to see what he posted on the wall of other friends (friends of hers), and that changed during these days. And the people you posted did not change their privacy about the messages. I can still find posts by writing the post in the search bar, but I can not see when I look for that person. Does anyone know why?

[ Politics ] Open question: 3 out of 4 illegal immigrants are here with expired tourist visas and arrived through airports. How high is the wall to stop them?

[ Politics ] Open question: 3 out of 4 illegal immigrants are here with expired tourist visas and arrived through airports. How high is the wall to stop them? .

Starbucks could be about to surprise Wall Street – Debates and help

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<p>For years, Starbucks shares have reflected the company's phenomenal success. However, recently the coffee giant has been attacked by McDonalds and other fast food giants, as well as by independent coffee shops. This has been reflected in the value of its share price.
<p>After reaching a maximum price of $ 64.87 in June, Starbucks shares have fallen 1.41% overall this year. However, Starbucks has expanded into new territories and has made its customers more comfortable with the use of innovation. This has led some analysts to predict that the coffee giant will surprise Wall Street when it posts its fourth quarter earnings on November 2.
<p>More details: Starbucks could be about to surprise Wall Street
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Why do the concards want to take their medical attention and use that money to build a racist wall?

That is Trump's priority. The Wall is his signature problem, and it is important for the Conservatives, and he and the Republicans want to destroy the health reform of President Obama's signature problem
how it related to the numerous problems within the complex Law of Affordable Assistance.

After all Trump asks:

"Who knew that health was so complicated?"

I and anyone who has read or been a part of the drafting of the Affordable Care Act and the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulation it generated.


Build Wall Ltd –

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Sharpness: How to capture sharp images of various objects on a wall?

You will get the best results using a lens designed specifically to obtain images of two-dimensional flat objects that are parallel to the image plane of the camera. Such lenses are highly corrected for field curvature To give them a good "flat" performance. Most good macro lenses (single focal length) have a pretty good flat field performance.

Many other lenses are less corrected for field curvature because correction of the field curvature also affects other properties of the lens in a way that could be undesirable for other types of photography. For example, to make the focus areas pleasant when using very wide aperture settings, many "portrait lenses", such as the Canon EF 85mm f / 1.2L, leave the curvature of the field almost uncorrected. Even though the 85 / 1.2 cost around $ 1,900, the EF 100mm f / 2.8 USM macro with a more modest price (with a price of around $ 600) would be better for photographing flat objects.

I think that the depth of field does not play here since all the objects are at the same distance.

That is a bit of a false assumption. Since the focus field is never perfectly flat (even in theory with a perfectly fabricated lens), stopping to increase the depth of field will result in a better sharpness in the middle of the frame and the edges / corners of the frame with most of the lenses.