Development process: How to build a software for a Video Wall?

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How can the ball be moved like billiards after wall collision?

I tried ball.velocity = Vector3.forward * speed and also * = – 1 when the collision occurred (It only works directly, but I want the movement of the ball to be similar in the photo.) How can I do it? !

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Do you support or oppose the wall?

I support the laws, not the wall

Requires legal residence to attend school.
Require legal residence to request social assistance.
Threatening business owners with fines if they hire illegal aliens

If we apply those laws, the illegals would not see any reason to come here because those are the things they come for … School, welfare and work.


A supporter of Trump told me that we need the wall since the illegals are making tunnels under the "fence" that is currently being built. Is it wrong that I'm speechless?

The drug runners dug these tunnels, the illegals followed later, the media took a video of the illegals that approached the series of holes that drug runners dug and did not notify anyone what was happening. It confirms that drugs flow across the border, confirms that slats are needed instead of just one wall, confirms that technology is needed to warn agents that something is happening, and confirms that more agents are needed to have the Numbers To handle this type of situations and volumes.


Ocasio-Cortez obtained a position in the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives. Will it help to bring sanity to Wall Street?

That will take time.

Which is something our constitutional republic is running out of.

"It is not an elected body, it is not involved in public disclosures and it even has an almost secret budget in billions of dollars, this governmental organization has more power than the President of the United States or Congress," it has the power to suspend laws, moving entire populations, arresting and arresting citizens without a court order and retaining them without trial, can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems and may suspend the Constitution. "

The director of FEMA is a presidential candidate.

"FEMA – The Secret Government" – http: // …


dnd 5e – Does the Wind Wall spell affect you and the projectiles of your allies?

As you have noticed, the wind wall The spell creates a wall of wind that blows upwards and says:

Small or smaller flying creatures or Objects can not pass through the wall. Loose, lightweight materials inserted into the wall fly upwards. Arrows, bolts and other ordinary projectiles thrown at targets behind the wall deviate upwards and fail automatically. (The boulders thrown by giants or siege engines, and similar projectiles, are not affected).

This is true for creatures and objects that meet this description, regardless of whether they are associated with the launcher, its allies or its enemies.

All physically launched weapons or ammunition / projectiles for remote weapons are likely to be considered "Small or smaller. […] objects, "which can not pass through the wall. (Distant spells, on the other hand, are not" ordinary projectiles, "nor are they objects, so they could probably pass through the wall).

Spells do what they say they do; if there is no exception or specification of to which creatures or objects the effects of the spell are applied, it applies to all creatures or objects according to the description.

Trump's main speech on the closure of the government.

President Donald Trump will be at the front and center of the court tonight when he delivered comments from the Oval Office on

The hope of convincing the public legislators and skeptics of the United States that there is a crisis on the southern border. latest cutting-edge news

Their goal: to secure billions of dollars in funds to build their promised "big and beautiful" wall amid a partial closure of the government that has no end in sight.
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How much more is needed for Trump to be charged? All Russian things, now the wall with the American workers are not paid, they throw it away.

TEST. And someone posted this link this morning that shows that Mueller could have it!

It's like Al Capone. Everyone knew he was crooked, but obvious evidence of evasion of income tax was needed to bring him down. I think that after that they began to prove their real crimes. And that, I believe, is what Trump's fate will also be.

https: // -…


[ Politics ] Open question: Do Americans want Trump to build the wall?

[ Politics ] Open question: Do Americans want Trump to build the wall? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are Democrats against building a border wall?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are Democrats against building a border wall? .