usa – Why does the online I94 form require VWP applicants to buy ESTA?

I am an EU citizen and I live in Canada. I will make a road trip to the United States next week. According to the CBP website, I do not need to renew my ESTA to do so.

Hoping to speed up the paperwork at the border a bit, I tried to complete and pay the I94 form in advance. However, the new online form does not let me do it, because I no longer have a valid ESTA.

Since ESTA is a capture of transparent money instead of a security measure (from the $ 14 fee, $ 10 will finance tourism ads and $ 4 will finance CBP), it seems that CBP is actively trying to deceive visitors to pay for something they don't pay & # 39; & # 39 ;. I don't need, am I missing something?

United States: Does the 90-day VWP rule expire if you travel from the US? UU. to Canada?

There is an important distinction between leaving the US. UU. Temporarily and leave permanently, which is as much as anything dictated by you when you return to your place of residence.

If you are in the US UU. Under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and leave the US UU. For a few weeks to visit Canada (or Mexico) with the intention of returning to the USA. UU., It is considered that he temporarily left the USA. UU. that period and, therefore, its 90 days are carried out, even if it is outside the country. On the days of the I-94W forms (the green form you used to fill out when you arrived in the U.S.), you would actually keep your I-94W in your passport even when you left the U.S. UU.

If you leave the US UU. To return to his place of residence, he leaves permanently. In this case, his VWP period would end when he left the country, and historically it was when he would have delivered his I-94W.

Since you have a work visa to be in Canada, during the period of that visa, Canada would be your place of residence. That means that every time you leave the US In the US, your visit will be considered completed when you have returned to your place of residence and, therefore, remain permanently in the USA. UU., Which means that when you re-enter the US. UU., The VWP watch will be reset

At the end of the day, the condition of Canada / Mexico is intended to prevent people making visas from traveling from the USA. UU. To Canada / Mexico, thus obtaining another 90 days in your VWP. If it is clear that this is not what you are doing, then you will not have problems.

Do not forget to enter the USA. UU. Under the VWP you must first obtain an ESTA.

(Note: the usual provisions apply. IANAL, but I have entered the U.S. about 40 times with both VWP and Visas, so I know the processes quite well! If you want a definitive answer, contact USCIS or talk to a qualified immigrant lawyer)

is – Visit of VWP to USA – visiting Girlfriend

I just want some clarification about the travel plan that I have in a few weeks. I have been in a one year relationship with a girl from Chicago, USA. UU We met in London last year and have made several short trips between London and the United States. Each trip has been for a matter of weeks and I have not stayed in the United States for more than 10 days. I have visited 4 times in the last year.

I leave London in early June to visit America during the summer, spend time with my girlfriend and do some trips with her all over the country. I leave my work in a few weeks and I use summer as a time to think about my next career change and work in the direction of my work. My lease in the United Kingdom ends at the end of September (proof of connection with the United Kingdom) and I have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the trip. I also have a flight booked for the end of August (84 day trip)

Although I will use APC at the Chicago airport, do you think I will have a problem if a CBP decides to ask something? From experience, the questioning of using APC seems to be very light.

Any thought would be very appreciated.

backpacker in ESTA VWP for 75 days a problem in crossing the border?

I want to go to the USA UU For 2.5 months and I am a little afraid because I will have difficulties to enter because it is for a long time. I'm going to the backpack and I'll stay with my friends. I also have two flights inland, I will spend two weeks in 4 different cities and then I want to go on a trip, maybe rent a car. I'm a student but I do not have a job because of that. Has anyone traveled there for so long and experienced some problem? I am a woman, white and from Germany. I also do not know how much money I'll have to try. any experience would be appreciated

visas: double citizen of the VWP countries and possible re-entry to the United States in the other

I know, but out of curiosity, someone can leave the US UU With the passport that you entered with your visa exemption (before 90 days), immediately reapply for your other country passport (eligible) and re-enter with a new 90 days?

Or will everything be linked electronically and will they call you to the border?

Thank you!

Adjustment of status for a child of a US citizen admitted to VWP

I am a naturalized American citizen. I have a baby born out of wedlock in the Dominican Republic before they naturalized me. My son has a German passport and entered the United States with me in a VWP / ESTA a month ago. I want to apply with forms I-130 and I-485, but now I am afraid that I may be deported. I have enough proof that he is my son. What are the chances of a baby being deported?

American Airlines delays responsibility for staying longer in a VWP day

Will American Airlines take the responsibility to stay one day in VWP due to a delay in a connecting flight?

Visa waiver program for us: cancel the return flight from VWP after entering EE. UU

I will travel to the USA UU Under the Visa Waiver Program. Therefore, I will leave the United States within 90 days, but for a number of reasons that are not relevant to this question, I still do not know exactly when I will leave. Since one needs a flight from the USA UU To be admitted under the VWP, I will have to reserve one anyway.

I thought about booking an Economy Flex flight (Fare Rules) with Norwegian and canceling it as soon as it has been admitted.

Is there a problem with this plan? Will Norwegian refund the full price or are there any fees or taxes that will be deducted or not refundable? Will I be able to travel within the United States by plane?

visas: how would the customs procedure differ for a British tourist not suitable for VWP entering the US? UU by land from Canada or by air from the United Kingdom?

I am a British citizen by birth and I have just discovered that my great-grandmother is very sick in the hospital. She is a US citizen by birth and has lived there for most of her life. I also have some extended family in the United States. My mother and my grandmother travel to the United States from the UK in ESTA within the next week to visit my great grandmother.

I also want to see her, but I have some relatively recent criminal convictions (about 2 or 3 years ago). Previously I had never had a criminal record at all, and I am in my 30s. Without going into great detail and at the risk of sounding like I was making excuses for the things I did wrong, all of these convictions (approximately 8) were accumulated within a period of 2 months due to my personal circumstances at that time. Offenses include common assault and some cases of driving under the influence of drugs.

I have long complied with all the requirements of my parole order and believe that the sentences are now classified as "spent". in the United Kingdom; However, I understand that this has no incidence in the United States.

I am a trained professional, I have my own home and I have been in a full time job for 1 year in a high level position. My behavior now looks nothing like what it was at the time of those crimes (despite the inferences I can draw from the background of this question!)

After reading some pages on the ESTA website, the CBP website and some .gov links, recommend not attempting to travel on an ESTA according to the Visa Waiver Program if you were ever arrested, warned or condemned; and instead apply for a visa.

My question is: if I enter the US UU By car from Canada, would this alleviate some of the usual background checks, etc.? They would give me an I-94W form. I read some threads here and heard some rumors from people who claim that the Customs procedure is much more relaxed when entering the United States by road; even in terms of saying that a quick passport check was all you were asked to enter. Is some of this true? If so, to what extent?

In what other ways would land entry differ from air entry?

What border crossings (if any) could be stricter than others with their controls?

Are there sections of the US border? UU And Canada that can cross freely on foot? That is to say. without a customs office, not separated by a fence or wall, etc. For example, areas with mountainous terrain or difficult to cross? I know I'm really stretching it here …

Any response or advice in the comments would be greatly appreciated. No matter how pessimistic your comment or response! Anything is really appreciated, because at this moment I have no idea of ​​the subject and I do not know to whom else I would ask given the deadline. To be frank, if a particular "solution" means that I run the risk of not being allowed to return to the US. UU But I get the entry for 4 days (or even 1), then that's fine too. Even if that means I have to take a route or follow an itinerary that would add a week to the trip.

As it stands, I think I would have to go to the United States Consulate in London to try to get an expedited visa to fly by air; but this could be rejected and I assume that later it would appear in the system when my passport is verified if I subsequently tried to enter by road.

I do not want to do things the wrong way (I have learned from my experiences a few years ago) but I will do anything if it means that I can see my great grandmother, for example. maybe there is some option to enter in order to travel only in the United States; In order to reduce the travel time of a particular route through Canada by car?

I'm trying to get to the Midwest of the United States.

Thank you very much for any help or advice you can give me, I really appreciate it!