big sur – How to view my custom VPN service listed in a terminal in order to export it?

When I execute this command to list my network services:

networksetup -listallnetworkservices

I only get Wifi, why my VPN configuration is not listed here (it’s in the Network Preferences list) ? And how can I get it listed in the terminal ?

My goal is to export it via a terminal, edit the configuration manually ion a text editor and re-import it.

networking – Logging the traffic of VPN users

I created a vpn service using openvpn. I need to log user traffic for legal obligations.
I tried using tcpdump for this job.

tcpdump -i tun0 -w /opt/kibrit_data/log/trace-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S-%s -W 3 -G 300 -q -tttt 

the code above helps me listen and record packages. But when 5 people are connected, it produces more than 300mb of data within 5 minutes. How can I keep track of who visited which url on which date instead of keeping all packages? I am open to another tool recommendation.

Can my ISP see which VPN protocol I am using?

Yes, probably. Most VPN protocols are not designed to hide the fact that they’re VPN protocols, nor what kind of protocol they are. See for instance this paper which details fingerprinting OpenVPN.

If you run all your traffic through a VPN, the fact that you’re using a VPN is quite easily visible – as all traffic will be destined for a single destination – which is quite unlike normal usage patterns.

If you’re interested in hiding the fact that you’re using a VPN, and what VPN, you should probably look into what’s used in totalitarian states, such as China, which routinely blocks all attempts at VPNs out of China. Tor is one such system.

dns – Android ignores DHCP “Search domain” unless it’s on a VPN

So I have a single subnet, flat LAN, multiple wired access points all in bridge mode.

I have ISC-DHCP server and Bind9 DNS server configured for dynamic DNS hosts etc. The DNS provides a local zone of my public domain, * but is not externally marked as a server for that domain. Thus internal *.lan. hosts are on the LAN server and * hosts are on the external public DNS at 123reg.

I also have an OpenVPN port open on the public IP. Externally leads to my current IP.

It all works, I can be on the VPN on 4G or public wifi … or be on my local wifi and access all my LAN hosts either way. I can actually be on both my local Wifi and VPN at the same time.

The android issue is that while on the VPN going to say:


Will resolve correctly to and the site will open.

If however I disconnect from VPN and just connect to my bare Wifi, my phone will still access somehost, but it will not resolve it without specifying the FQDN. It’s like it will accept the search-domain from the VPN DHCP pool, but it will not accept it from the ISC-DHCP server locally.

Is this something to do with Android forcing DNS to avoid adblocks? Only when on VPN they can’t get away with doing that as it’s insecure and corporate types would object loudly.

I should note that all normal LAN clients, like Windows10, Linux etc, all honor the search domain in DHCP. Just not the android in LAN mode.

Phone is MotoG5 Plus, android: 8.1.0

openvpn – Can a hacker get through a VPN by way a IPhone ? Are there programs that can simply shut down a hacker that is known?

openvpn – Can a hacker get through a VPN by way a IPhone ? Are there programs that can simply shut down a hacker that is known? – Information Security Stack Exchange

postgresql – connect to remote PostgresDB through VPN

I am not very advanced DB Admin/User, know only basics. Though as developer I need to have a direct access to a production-deployed database by using my VPN configuration so that I wouldn’t need to disconnect from VPN on local machine. First of all this is not secure, secondly, the database setup is very simple, no sharding or any complex backuping etc. There is neither any complex authentication for the connection, just password-protected. The only problem I have is to have connection to the AWS-deployed db via DBeaver (or any other GUI-client). I am not aware of details like socks / http(s) etc. I know that is possible, but I do not know where to dig. Can please help me navigate the basics what I have to consider and how to accomplish the goal of connecting to the remote db without disconnecting from VPN ?

P.S. I searched the site for other similar questions, but they’re mostly unrelated or overcomplicated (no need for JVM or another client or another DB etc.) but can’t figure out the simple steps for myself.

vpn – Where is the NordVPN configuration stored on Big Sur?

vpn – Where is the NordVPN configuration stored on Big Sur? – Ask Different

Traffic not passing through the site-to-site VPN Sonicwall (VM on azure) to Soniwall on prem

i have created a VPN site to site with a Sonicwall NSv on azure and a TZ400 on-premise. The VPN is ON but the traffic between the two sites does not go thru. I am able to ping the X0 (LAN interface) on NSv from the site but not the other VMs sitting behind the Sonicwall. I have created the routing table on vnet on azure to route all the traffic to the X0 LAN interface of the Sonicwall (it works). the other site-to-site VPNs that I have between the physical firewalls on the other sites work perfectly fine. but not with the NSv model on azure.
Sonicwall support was useless.
I’m missing something?
Any help will be appreciated
screenshot attached

tor – Using nmap with torsocks on VPN

Hope you are well. I am trying to use nmap with torsocks but i am getting below errors.

When i used: sudo torsocks nmap -sS -e tun0

Starting Nmap 7.91 ( ) at 2021-04-09 11:43 +03

I ccouldn’t figure out what source address to use for device tun0, does it even exist?

I couldn’t figure out what is the source address.

Any help would be appreciated..


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