OpenStack VPS for WHMCS 1.9.0 with volume backups is here! The |

one] OpenStack VPS for WHMCS 1.9.0

Does the increasing complexity of your VPS provisioning business start to cause you a headache? Simplify your work with a tool perfectly adapted to this role: our OpenStack VPS for WHMCS!

On 1.9.0 update, The module received a lot of powerful new tools:

  • brand new backup functionality allowing you to create and restore copies of your volumes when necessary
  • the newly minted support for variables used in custom scripts executing that will allow you to adjust them to individual clients
  • Increased server provisioning functionality established by complete module integration with WHMCS V7.8.3

Are you curious to know what additional benefits will be derived from this new update?

The official change register of the module is open for research!

2] Get ready for the best and complete WHMCS V7.8.3 support list!

We are almost there! Keep an eagle eye on the list of our WHMCS modules that are 100% compatible with WHMCS V7.8.3 – will be in full set at any time now. These are the products that recently entered this complete integration:

Trace the complete registration in our forums and rest assured that you have not missed anything!

3] Lately we have launched two completely new products dedicated to WHMCS – feel free to give them a more detailed study:

Look for these completely new tools with a one week free trial and drive success directly to the door of your business.

Read how to order now, step by step!

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Especially for you, we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, we will create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch.

audio: I want to use ffmpeg-normalize to normalize the volume of 100 mp4 video files

I want to use ffmpeg-normalize to normalize the volume of 100 mp4 video files. Is there any way for the program to run them all to determine an appropriate level, or should I give it a file as input? Can you convert an entire folder without listing 100 file names? I tried using ffmpeg-normalize * .mp4 (while the command line was in the videos directory), but I got the error "the file * .mp4 does not exist"
I am using ffmpeg on a Windows system, but I will play the files through a KODI player on an nVidia Shield.
I just want to be able to play the videos without having large volume swings.

calculation – Volume of the potato chip package by mathematical method

I have a package of sealed empty chips with form filling made of flexible packaging.
The package has 2 horizontal seals and 1 vertical seal, just like any Lays chip pack

I have calculated its volume (in ml) by injecting water and then sealing it with an adhesive tape.

However, I have also used a formula to calculate the volume of the bag, which was provided in a research paper (Source: METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE SIZE OF THE BAG AND THE CONFIGURATIONS OF THE BOX PACKAGE: US PATENTS)

Indicate how to calculate the volume of this empty chip packet by any mathematical method, or perhaps geometric modeling or otherwise

Thank you

waiting for your quick response (my email

In Linux, can a file system be filled even if the volume is not full?

In Linux, can a file system be filled even if the volume is not full? How do we differentiate the file system and volume in terms of storage space?

Macos: How much space do I need to make a Catalina boot volume on my Mac Mojave?

I am thinking of installing Catalina in a Volume to test and I wondered how much space this new operating system will occupy on my Mac.

I am planning to use APFS Volume so that both my main Macintosh HD and user data remain intact and only install Catalina to search now, so suppose I don't need to worry about two copies of my user data or applications, just the bare OS for install and try to boot to look around without running the migration wizard.

What space should I consider to install a clean installation of MacOS Catalina without user data or applications?

Increase the volume of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix without raising the speakers

Since I have memory on any machine I have used, the volume for streaming services from movies like Amazon Prime, Netflix and others is always absurdly low. I can maximize the volume of my Windows system, but the only way to get a nice volume from a transmission is to physically raise the volume knob of my speaker. This creates a serious imbalance between the transmission and the system volume, which makes my system virtually unusable for anything else that can reproduce sound, since it is disproportionately high compared to the transmission volume. Interestingly, general video sites such as YouTube play natively at a volume that matches the volume of my system.

Can anything be done to increase the volume of streaming services beyond 100% without touching the volume of my Windows system? And, to obtain additional credit, why do streaming services make an effort to limit audio streaming while doing everything possible to ensure that video streaming suffers the least possible loss of quality? Are they cutting corners because they know the user can simply turn on their speakers or is there another reason for this?

How can I find the keyword search volume?

How can I find the keyword search volume? Is there a free tool to verify the keyword search volume?

Snapchat application development cost

How to enable volume encryption during virt-install

I would like to use the libvirt volume encryption mechanism. However, I could not find information on how to use this function when running virt-install.

How do I pass the related options?

How to turn down the volume of facetime and watch videos on Macbook?

I have a question about Mac.
When I connect with other people on facetime and turn off the volume of facetime.
Then I play the video also the volume off.
I want the facetime volume turned off and the video volume turned on.
Do you have any idea to separate them from the volume control?

Disable volume screenshot and power button

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