Linux: Incorrect disk space on the LUKS LVM volume

I have a new hard drive connected to my machine (CentOS 7.6), 1TB in size.

  • used to fdisk To create a new primary partition there in size of 500 GB, type "8e" (Linux LVM).

  • Then I marked it as a physical volume LVM: pvcreate / dev /

  • After that I created a group of volumes and added the partition: vgcreate vg1 / dev /

  • In addition to that, I created a logical volume that used all the space available in the volume group: lvcreate -n lv1 -l 100% FREE vg1

  • Then I converted this logical volume to the LUKS format: cryptsetup luksFormat / dev / vg1 / lv1

  • Finally on top of that I added an ext4 file system: mkfs.ext4 / dev / vg1 / lv1

It worked quite well and, using the password phrase set in LUKS format and with some / etc / fstab Y / etc / crypttab Magic, I could mount it permanently in / mnt / my_new_data.

Everything is fine, except an interesting problem. The command df -hT It shows me something like this:

Type of file system Size used Leveraging% mounted on
// ..................
// ..................
/ dev / mapper / vg1-lv1 ext4 493G 73M 467G 1% / mnt / my_new_data

How is it saying 493 GB instead of 500 GB? Also (the most important): why are there only 467 GB available? I have not added any files in that directory yet. Since when is 467GB + 73MB = 493GB?

Keep that in mind:

  • pvs Reports 500GB as size for physical volume.
  • vgs reports 500 GB as size for the volume group
  • lvs reports 500GB as szie for the logical volume
  • lsblk reports 500GB as size for that partition

Each tool says that my disk should have a size of 500 GB. Except apparently I only have 467GB available.

What am I missing?

Could the LUKS encryption have something to do with that?

Unit 16.04: How to control the volume of Chrome?

I'm in ubuntu 16.04 unity, every time I see YouTube in Chrome and I want to increase or decrease the volume, I have to go to PulseAudio and change it from there.

The volume control has no control over the chromium. It works but the chrome is independent.

Which NON-KYC P2P exchange has the highest purchase / sale volume?

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Change the size of the Windows volume indicator


As you can see, the volume indicator occupies a large part of the screen and interferes with many websites. Is there a way to change it or hide the largest portion?

Independent volume for Bluetooth headphones

I have the Backbeat Fit 2100 headphones from Plantronics. They were working well with my Moto X4 (Android 9, update of May 2019) until this afternoon, when the volume controls stopped working.

Before: the volume of the headphones and the volume of the telephone system were independent. The phone dictated the maximum volume that the headphones could reach. If I set the volume of the headphones to the maximum, I will get a message of "Maximum Volume" played through the headphones, but not if I set the volume of the phone to the maximum.

After: the volume of the headphones and the volume of the telephone system are linked. The volume controls on the headphones do not work at all. If I set the phone's volume to the maximum, the message "Maximum volume" appears through the headphones.

I changed the developer option to disable the "Absolute" volume, but this had no effect. What might have happened?

differential: how does the integral constraint for a PDE on a volume equal to zero guarantee the uniqueness?

I am studying the optimization of the partial differential equation, and this is the problem of the elliptical model:

(one) $ – nabla space cdot (e ^ u nabla y_i) = q_i space space space x en Omega $

(two) $ nabla and_i space cdot space n = 0 $

(3) $ int_ Omega y_i space d Omega = 0 space space space i = 1, …, n_s $

Where $ Omega subset mathbb {R} ^ 3 $. My biggest problem is equation 3, which is said to insure the singularity. I know that $ n $ is the normal vector in the limit $ partial Omega $ but I can only guess $ n_s $ It's the number of normal vectors, but I'm not totally sure. I know that this means that the integral is above all the volume, but it's also equal to zero, so that does not make every y a point? Also, how does the $ i $ subindex factor in this?

windows volume licenses


Could you recommend the best provider for the Windows 2012 and 2016 server licenses?

I want to resell them together with vps servers.

Re … | Read the rest of

multivariate calculation – rectangle R =[0,1]X[0,3]. Provide two examples of functions so that the integral of f over R produces volume and the integral of g over R has no volume.

Consider the rectangle R =[0,1]X[0,3]. Provide two examples of functions f (x, y) and g (x, y) so that the integral of f over R produces volume and the integral of g over R does not yield volume.

I really can not wrap my head around this. Explain the solution if you wish.

iPhone: How can I change the volume level of dictation sound in iOS?

In iOS 12, the system emits a sound when it starts and stops dictating. This sound is very loud and I can not find a way to change the volume. "Problem 1", here also describes the problem.

In previous versions of iOS, this was adjustable with the volume level of the system. Now it is not. Is this an error, a characteristic, or is there a way to change this?

Ringtone: How difficult can it be for Google to separate the volume of notifications and ringtones on Android One?

I am tired of the ultra high notification tones and the use of non-optimized third-party software to control something as basic as the volume of notifications.

I think Google has been blessed with the most advanced technical people in the world, so programming a volume control mechanism can be a problem.

Or are they deliberately trying to thwart Android users?