c # – void Start does not recognize in Visual Studio when creating scripts from Unity

The "empty" start does not turn blue as it should when opening a Unity script. I am new to programming, I have done everything and still nothing.
Can you identify what the problem would be?
The code I show you has not changed at all, it only opened in Visual Studio 2019, which was updated correctly.
Follow the code:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Novoo : MonoBehaviour
    // Start is called before the first frame update

    void Start()


    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()


keyboard – Assign the function key to Debug ("Step Into") in Mac Excel Visual Basic Editor

I tried many things to assign a 1-key shortcut to the "Step-by-step" debugging function in the VBA editor for Mac Excel (Mac VBE). I posted a question about this in Stack Overflow, but my experience is that Macintosh-related questions are often not resolved there, as in this case.

Below are screenshots that show an attempt to reallocate to the F8 key (used in Windows for this). Although it seems to work, pressing the key does nothing when debugging (although the awkward default value shift-cmd-i still works). There are other & # 39; solutions & # 39; For this kind of problem they don't work for me. Namely, use the FN key in combination with F8 or by checking the "Use F1,F2, etc. keys as standard function keys "in the configuration. I've also tried using a utility called FunctionFlip, but like others, it didn't work for me.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

I am not tied to F8, and would be happy to reallocate others like F5, F6 or F7 which are already used inside Mac VBE. I say this because according to a comment from Emilio F8 it's special on Mac But when I tried it with F5, for example, also failed.

I am using a MacBook pro without a touch panel (which I understand replaces the function keys), and I use both the laptop keyboard and the external keyboard (mac) purchased in 2019.

visual studio – Someone explain to me how to do this?

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Visual Studio creates empty folding blocks

From time to time Visual Studio creates an empty folding block in my documents.
I have not found a way to get rid of these blocks, my current solution is to push them to the end of the document.

Is there any way to get rid of such folding blocks?
I would also like to know what is the source of this problem, to see if I can avoid it in the future.

visual studio – LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file & # 39; glfw3.lib & # 39;

I am annoying to use OpenGL. However, every time I use Visual Studio and press the local Windows debugger, the above error appears (LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open the file & # 39; glfw3.lib & # 39;).

My file structure is this

 - Visual Studio 2019
   - Projects
     - OpenGlProject
       - sln and everything else
 - External Libs
   - GLFW
     - include
       - glfw3.h
     - lib-vc2019
       - glfw3.lib
   - GLEW
     - include
       - GL
         - all glew.h files
     - lib
       - Release
         - Win32

I am including the .h files with


Lib files are included with

$(SolutionDir)/../../../ExternalLibs GLFW/lib-vc2019

Linker input files look like this


I thought I was doing everything right, what's the problem? I have searched everywhere and nothing useful has appeared. Thanks for the help in advance, cheers!

Windows 8.1: Error installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

I am trying to follow the installation steps here to install Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

In step 4, I select a local folder, p. C: User Username AppData Roaming Samsung tizen-studio

However, I receive an error:

Baseline SDK Installer is detected on
C:UserUsernameAppDataLocalTempBaseline_Tizen_Studio_windows-64.exe, but it can be an incomplete file.

Do you want to use an existing file anyway?

If I select yes or no, the following error appears:

Failed to install Tizen tools: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.

Any suggestions to solve this?

tinymce: the visual editor continues to eliminate spaces that do not break

I am in a virgin installation of WordPress 5.2.3 with twenty-nine themes using the classic editor. I'm facing the problem, that   the entities added in the text tab are deleted once I edit the text in the visual tab.

During the investigation I found this code:

function allow_nbsp_in_tinymce( $mceInit ) {
    $mceInit('entities') = '160,nbsp,38,amp,60,lt,62,gt';   
    $mceInit('entity_encoding') = 'named';
    return $mceInit;
add_filter( 'tiny_mce_before_init', 'allow_nbsp_in_tinymce' );

src: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/155857.

This allows me to change the text to the visual tab and vice versa without removing the spaces. However, as soon as I change a single character in the visual tab, all spaces that are not broken are removed.

I searched the web, but I couldn't find any clue about this particular problem.

What can I do to preserve spaces that do not break?

C # Loop in Visual Studio

I was wondering if Visual Studio Form in C # has any method similar to Loop as Arduino. If you have please tell me.

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Windows 10: Visual Studio installation progress drops after resuming download

I had searched about this on the web, but I couldn't find any information.

I am trying to download Visual Studio Community 2019 editing through Visual Studio Installer. As I use a limited daily Internet package, I want to pause the download for one day and resume it the next day.

The problem is that, I suppose, I stop the download at 500 MB, when I resume it the next day, the download starts again from 300 MB. In addition, sometimes the download progress is reduced by a few megabytes.
What is the reason for this and how can this problem be overcome?

Please tell me if you can't understand somewhere.