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UK visitor visa refund if the visa already issued

In the beginning of 2020, I applied for and was granted a UK visitor visa for 6 months. Its starting date was April 1st and it will expire in September. Theoretically, I will be able to enter as I am a resident of the EU (not a citizen), but it is unlikely I will travel this summer.

Do you know if it is possible to cancel visa due to COVID-19 and get a refund (at least partial) for the fees I paid?

Thank you!

covid 19 – Is it necessary to complete IMM 5257B (Annex 1) for the application for extension of visitor status in Canada?

When applying for an extension of visitor status within Canada, the IRCC online application indicates Annex 1 – Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made outside of Canada (IMM 5257) (emphasis mine) in the list of optional documents. It would seem based on the title that is for the visa application made outside of Canada; Although the form itself does not say anything about it.

The instruction indicated for this form (in the document checklist) also says

You must provide a statement from Schedule 1. A statement from Schedule 1 is a form with questions about your personal history. You will be asked to list information such as affiliations with organizations and any military or government services.

The form contains questions about military service, association with troublesome political organizations, etc.

It's a simple form, so it's not too much to fill out anyway, but I'm wondering if this is necessary to get an extension. (Or when is it necessary to complete this form? Is it only when you have declarable information?)

Due to the Covid-19 situation, would it be prudent / accepted to apply for a standard visitor visa to travel to the UK in late July?

My parents are traveling to visit me in the UK and they already have plane tickets for the end of July. The airline does not cancel or say much about flights in July. They are giving refunds or changing dates to travel only until June. So I guess we could go ahead and apply for your tourist visas. However, I wonder if the government is granting visas for people visiting the UK at this time or in the following months. I went to the government. UK website and I couldn't find a clear answer. We are afraid of losing money from visa applications and travel insurance, etc. in case your visas are denied. Has anyone come across any relevant information on this: visas and travel in July? Thank you!

covid19 US Visitor Visa Extension USA for May

Has anyone received any response from the USCIS regarding the visa extension due to covid19? Also, did anyone pay for biometrics? There is no point in paying for biometrics when offices are closed.

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Threat modeling for visitor access control

I'm trying to understand threat modeling, but it seems too stretchy from restrictive requirements to general requirements.

Now I am trying to understand it with some realistic examples. The first example that comes to mind is physical access control of an office premises where visitors have pre-approved restrictive access and employees have unrestricted access. Every legitimate employee and visitor receives an ID card to prevent this. Any official laptop must not leave the office without permission. Every laptop has an rfid tag to avoid this.

Can anyone help me understand the threat model in this example? Or can someone point me to where a similar analysis has been done?

Why can't I see the visitor post in the sidebar?

I don't see the Visitor Posts section in the sidebar of my company's FB page.

How can I make that show?

United Kingdom: 10 years of settlement visa in the United Kingdom with Visitor Visa

I arrived in the UK in May 2010 on a visitor visa (expires 10/10/2010), stayed for three months and returned to my country and applied for Level 4 and came to the UK in September 2010.
Since then I have stayed in the UK. Will I be eligible to apply for a 10-year residence visa in May 2020 or do I have to wait until September 2020?

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