Visas: Do I need a certificate of no objection from my current employer to visit Berlin for a 3-day stay for an interview?

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Can Indian citizens obtain visitor visas upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

I am an Indian citizen and my family has US visas. UU. In your passports. Can we get visitor visas upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

visas: will it become a problem to stay in the UK once married?

Simply put, I have had difficulties on the border of the United Kingdom in the past. They pulled away when they suspected he was coming to work. After about a year, I decided to visit Ireland and they let me pass with a visitor's visa (US passport). A few months later, I returned to Ireland with the purpose of going to the United Kingdom. Ireland did not like this and rejected me. So I have an entry refusal in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Again, about a year passed and this time I went through Heathrow without problems, again with my passport as a visitor. I was in the United Kingdom for a few months and I returned home since then, but at that time I was there, I met someone and asked me to marry him.

I don't want there to be any problem to be with him with my immigration history. Will I be able to live in the UK when we get married or will our only option be that he comes to live with me in the United States?

visas – US and Canadian border immigration on the Amtrak train

Upon arriving at the train station and registering your passport and documents will be verified. Your documents will also be verified when you arrive in Vancouver.

The Amtrak website provides some guidance for this:

The form of identification that you carry on your trip must be the same identification you selected and provided details on when you made your reservation.

You must carry the valid original identification document. Copies, expired or invalid documents will not be accepted. Each passenger must have their own identification.

It is recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

Amtrak waterfalls from Seattle to Vancouver: how is the border crossing north? Summarize this very well:

As a reference, this train performs customs clearance from Canada upon arrival at the Central Pacific Station in Vancouver, not at the border.

There will be a check at the station in Vancouver and another customs check when the train arrives in the United States.

It is also recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

visas: Can I re-enter Thailand the day my permit expires and get a new one?

I am from Italy and as such I have a 30-day exemption visa to enter Thailand. This will be valid until February 21. Tomorrow, February 16, I will leave Thailand for Malaysia, but I plan to return to Thailand exactly at the 21-stop stop until February 28.
Will I receive a new 30-day exemption permit, even if I am still within the limit of my prior permission?

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visas – Have I been "forced to leave the United Kingdom"?

There is a question about the visa application for the United Kingdom that asks if I have been "forced to leave the United Kingdom" and I am not sure if I have been or not.

So the story is,

I have a passport from Hong Kong that grants me without a visa to the United Kingdom for 6 months.

I first arrived in the UK as a visitor on October 31, 2019 with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is a citizen of the United Kingdom. The office only asked me some general questions and gave me a stamp (see photo 1) that said "Leave to enter for six months" of immigration from Heathrow Airport. He didn't ask if I have a ticket back to HK.

After a couple of months, I left the United Kingdom to Amsterdam with my boyfriend for a short vacation on December 27, 2019 and re-entered the United Kingdom on December 29, 2019 at Belfast airport.

This time, the immigration officer was making me have a hard time after knowing I didn't have a plane ticket back to HK (besides, I think it's because my boyfriend's attitude wasn't so kind to him). He took my passport and stopped me and walked away (I guess he went to the office). When he returned, he interviewed my boyfriend, not me. After the interview, he told my boyfriend that there are two options: (1) send me back to Amsterdam immediately (2) I can enter but I have to leave the UK before January 31, 2020.

Ofc chose option 2 and obtained a seal similar to that of Heathrow that said "Let in for / until January 31, 2020" (see image 2)

Other than that, he didn't give me any documents or anything.

Does that mean they forced me to leave the UK?

Photo 1
Photo 2

visas – Are there entry requirements for airports of call between the US? UU. and Southeast Asia?

US citizens traveling from the US UU. To Ho Chi Minh City through Taipei, returning from Bangkok to the USA. UU. Through Frankfurt It will not leave the airport in Taipei or Frankfurt.

What documents are required to pass through these airports?

(The documentation is understood for the countries of destination, just asking about the countries of the airport of call).

Standard visitor visas: if you need to add more information but can't, can you write it here?

Should I clarify this in the information section?

1- I worked for 3 years in Nigeria before reopening my own company in my country, where I am general manager. During my stay I had the residence card and the residence receiver that is in my passport.

I have a tourist visa from an Asian country pending in my passport, but I have not been due to work disability lately.
but I want to invent the argument that the person who was supposed to visit dies during an assault on the plane.

schengen visas – Can I submit a job offer letter as proof of employment?

I am planning to apply for the Schengen visa for Italy from the United Kingdom. I have quit my current job. I will change jobs and receive a job offer letter. So, should the following documents be sufficient as proof of employment?
1. 3 month salary receipt from previous work
2. Job offer letter for a new job.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!