Is it necessary to obtain a letter of reference from where I work to re-enter Japan while I am on a work visa?

Is it necessary to obtain a letter of reference from where I work to re-enter Japan while I am on a work visa? Because I go to my country of origin.

Germany: enter the EU Schengen area with a type D visa

Yes, transit purposes you can

  • for a week's holiday in Spain before probably no be considered transit

but changing a plane in Spain to Germany would not be a problem with a Visa D.

Border Code Article 6

  • Entry conditions for third-country nationals.
    1. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 1:
      a] third-country nationals who do not meet all the conditions set out in paragraph 1 but who have a residence permit or a long-term visa will be authorized to enter the territory of other Member States for transit purposes so that they can reach the territory of the Member State that issued the residence permit or long-term visa, unless their names appear on the national alert list of the Member State whose external borders they wish to cross and the alert is accompanied by instructions to refuse entry or transit;

transit – Beijing 144-hour Visa – Turkish stamp and bullet train to Hong Kong

In a few days I should fly to Bejjing and then I would like the 8-hour train from Bejjing to Hong Kong using 144 TWOV.

The problem is that I have read many articles / discussions online about people who are denied having Turkish stamps in their passport.

The second problem is that I would like to take the high-speed bullet train from Bejjing West to Hong Kong, but I also read that this train does not qualify and only qualifies the slow 24-hour train.

The third problem that does not help these two previous ones is the final destination of Hong Kong, since the growing anti-Chinese protests in Hong Kong.

Should I get rid of the plane ticket and go ahead or take a risk and leave?

Thank you

UK spouse visa: should I disclose speeding fines and small fines issued in Russia?

When I applied for a spouse visa in 2016, the questioning was a bit different: it said clearly criminal offense. I replied that I had no penalties and obtained the visa.
Now the wording is: Have you ever had any of the following situations, in the United Kingdom or in another country? A warning, warning, warning or other penalties.

Because he no longer mentions "criminal," I'm not sure if I need to reveal my sanctions.

Please advise me!

Some background information:

I have been driving in Russia for 10 years and got multiple fines for speeding (which I paid and never kept a copy). I also believe that I have been issued fines for crossing the street in the wrong place as a pedestrian, for having the license plate of the dirty car, etc.

I don't think any of that is considered a criminal offense in Russia, since just driving while intoxicated, speeding (up to 60 km / h), etc., causes the police to revoke your driver's license for a period of weather. Everything else is fine, we don't have a point based system here.

  • All fines for speeding were issued in the name of my grandmother, since the car is registered in it
  • Some of the small tickets (mentioned above) were issued in my name

Can I enter Norway with an Iceland visa when I was not on my itinerary?

I received a visa from Iceland, but as of now I have the feeling of arriving in Norway, although I did not include it in my itinerary as a second country to visit. Can this cause me problems at the borders of Norway since it is not on my itinerary?

Will this UK visa application be denied?

I've been looking for visas and I've seen so much information about denials that scared me a little. My boyfriend is Egyptian and is currently studying in Oman, where his mother and father also live (not nationals either, related to work).

We hope you can come to visit me in January as I visited in March, but I am very worried that your visa will be denied. He has no job, his living expenses are paid by his father, as is the trip to the United Kingdom. I am concerned that all this information is an alert signal for the officers (who is from Egypt, does not have a job, does not reside in their country of origin, is visiting their girlfriend).

The ties I can think of are school and that your family lives there, but would that be enough? And how would we put this in the application?

I also have some other questions:

  1. Should we receive a letter or some kind of documentation from your university?
    It makes no sense, like declaring your registration, maybe you are taking the time
    off (may be taking the first week of free term)?

  2. We are still deciding whether to stay in a hotel or at my father's house. Would any of them have any impact on the application? I'm not sure that if he stayed at my father's house he was suspicious for some reason, would it be safer to leave the hotel?

  3. What do they look for when they declare how much to live per day, what do they see as a realistic estimate?
  4. How many months of bank statements should we provide?
  5. What should be indicated in the sponsor's letter? How much funds are provided? What will be the accommodation? travel dates? Does it have to be handwritten or just hand signed?
  6. we should specifically say what we will do (cinema, ice skating,
    etc) or just say day trips and visit tourist sites?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if someone knows of any affordable advice or legal advice (just someone who reviews the application for any mistakes), it would be very useful.

Can I leave the UK for a few days without my wife (she has an eea family visa)

My wife and I are currently in the United Kingdom. I am an EU citizen and she is not an EU national with a EEA family visa. Can I leave without her for a few days, leaving her alone in the UK? My job will require that.

The effect of visa refusals on the UK spouse visa application

Do previous refusals of the United Kingdom Visitor Visa and United States Visa affect the UK spouse visa application in the future if all the spouse visa requirements have been provided?

I have a 10 year visa for the United Kingdom in my previous passport. Can I travel with the 2 passports or do I need to be transferred to my new passport? Egyptian passport

I have a 10 year visa for the United Kingdom in my previous passport. Can I travel with the 2 passports or do I need to be transferred to my new passport? Egyptian passport

Do I need a transit visa to pick up and recheck my luggage at Istanbul Ataturk airport?

No, you will not need special documentation or to collect your bags. From

International transfer passengers with an international connecting flight A passenger boarding pass is issued (if not issued in the country of origin) at the transit counter of the corresponding handling company on the arrivals floor. The passenger does not go through passport control. Instead, he / she proceeds directly through the transit area to the International Departures area. The luggage will be automatically transferred to the connecting flight.

That said, my passport was examined quite a bit during the entire transfer process, and there was all kinds of alignment, but everything was relatively fast and I didn't even have the boarding pass, so I had to queue at a desk transfer to get it. The challenge was to find the right transfer desk, but it worked out in the end.