Do I need a transit visa while I'm going from Thailand to India?

What is the process to apply for the visa? How much do I need to pay? My scale is only 2 hours will it be enough to get the transit visa?

Do we need a transit visa for a connecting flight in Sweden?

I am an Indian citizen and I am traveling from London to India through a connecting flight in Stockholm, Sweden. Do I need to have a Swedish transit visa to take my connecting flight?

Schengen Visa – France The US VFS website? UU Does it not allow to reschedule an appointment in another place?

I have booked an appointment for Schengen Visa (France) at the NY VFS office.
I see earlier dates for visa interviews at the Chicago and Boston VFS offices. I want to reschedule my NY visa interview to Chicago VFS that has the dates that are good for me. The VFS website does not allow rescheduling the different VFS location. If there is any way to do it, what is it?

Thank you.

Have I just been considered a tourist and can I leave and return to the UK with that free tourist visa?

I am a young Canadian (20) who visits the UK and I stay with a family free of charge in exchange for taking care of their children for approximately three hours a day. They provide me with pocket money, but not a formal salary, which I will use (along with some savings) to explore the country. I plan to base myself in London, with a decent bit of weekend trips to other countries. I have a flight there reserved for September and a return flight reserved for December. Then I will return in January and leave the UK definitively at the end of February. Do any of you foresee any problem with my agreement? I live in Winnipeg, and the long-term visa requirements must be met in Toronto, so it would not be realistic for me to spend $ 1,000 on a round-trip flight to Toronto simply to have my fingerprints scanned.

Scheduling problems for the Schengen visa in the New York Center (VFS office)

I am planning to travel to France on August 16 for tourism (short stay).
The appointment for the Schengen visa is reserved entirely in the VFS office in New York and the last date I see when the appointment is available is August 8. Considering that there is a weekend between August 8 and 16, I am not sure if I would get my passport back before August 16th. I have not found a single case in which the visa was expedited. Has anyone received a Schengen visa in 3 business days? What should be my resource?

Thank you

payment refund visa uk – Travel Stack Exchange

I made the registration from Brazil.
I did the procedure for the visa but then I had to cancel, I did not go to take my biometric data, I did not receive any mail from the home office. When I cancel, I just received an email that says I must wait until the decision is made. And a month later I still do not receive the refund.

Did someone go through something similar and how did I solve it?

Should I mention my refusal of a Canadian visa (Ban) in my visa application for a study permit in the United Kingdom?

Actually I forbid the country of Canada. According to the email, they said that he had a bad representation in his document. But it is not my fault. My consultant made a mistake and now I am suffering, but nothing was stamped in my passport. Howerver, now I want to apply for a study permit in the United Kingdom. Which is the right way? Can you help me ?

First of all can I apply? Am I eligible to apply

Thank you.enter the description of the image here

Application for a visa for Afghan families with a green card in the United Kingdom

I have completed the visa application to visit the United Kingdom for my car, wife and 3 (6, years, 3 years and 2 years). I also paid the application fee and booked an appointment for Biometric in Spokane USA. What are the next steps and how long will it take to receive the UK Visa in my home?

usa – This visa – can I get 1 if B1 / B2 has not expired?

An ESTA or B1 / B2 visa only grants the right to appear at the border to apply for admission. They do not need to be valid for the duration of the stay, only when entering the US. UU In other countries, visas must be valid for the entire stay, but this is not the case for the B1 / B2 visa and ESTA in the US. UU

The duration of the admitted stay does not depend on the validity of the visa either. The income under the visa waiver program is actually worse here, since this usually means 90 days of stay allowed (exception: United Kingdom citizens), while B1 / B2 grants 180 days. However, the border officer may also choose a shorter duration of admission. Regardless of the length of time allowed, it should be clear to the officer that his daughter is not trying to live in the US. UU Based on your recent travel history.

In any case, there is simply no need to have overlapping ESTAs and B1 / B2 visas because if the B1 / B2 visa is still valid in August, your daughter can use that.

Transit visa for Finland – Travel exchange

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