United States – Renewing foreign passport, can I enter the US? UU. with visa and passport canceled?

We are citizens of New Zealand, we live in Mexico and travel to the United States regularly. We have SENTRI and B1 / B2 visitor visas for the USA. UU.

Some of our passports expire at the end of this year, and the New Zealand Passport Office has reported that when we submit a renewal application, it will effectively cancel our existing passports from that moment.

With a current Visa and SENTRI, could we enter the United States (in a land entry port) with the passport canceled while we wait for the new ones to arrive? Our postal address is in the USA. UU., Which complicates things a bit when it comes to receiving passports.

I know the USA UU. They allow Mexican citizens with expired passports to enter with a valid visa, but I'm not sure if this extends to citizens of other countries. I contacted CBP directly, but I hope someone here has some experience or knowledge about this to give an answer.

Visiting the United Kingdom and Ireland with a single visa

I have to travel to Dublin, Ireland and London, United Kingdom on short trips of 2 days. Since both require a visa to enter my country, I started the Irish visa process and paid the fees. I later realized that they have something called a Common Travel Area where you can travel to both of you with only one visa from one. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/british-irish-visa-scheme/british-irish-visa-scheme#visiting-the-uk-and-ireland

Now I am confused about what to do. If I end up requesting both visas, one after another, the response time means that it will take me about 6 weeks to obtain both visas. The Irish visa issue in the aforementioned policy covers four short-term visas, but does not cover the one I requested, which is Short Stay-Other. My option seems to be to apply for the United Kingdom visa and then use it to travel to Ireland and simply forget about the loss of fees for the Irish visa. This makes sense?

Also, if I don't understand the CTA policy correctly, clarify that too. Thank you.

United Kingdom Tourist Visa – Marriage Certificate

I am from India and I plan to travel to the UK to go sightseeing with my wife. I read somewhere that laminated documents cause problems. Our marriage certificate is laminated. Will you be fine with VFS during the scan? In addition, the marriage certificate is in local language and English. Which means I don't need to provide any translation document, right?

air travel: when can you re-enter the US? UU. with a B1B2 visa?

There is nothing inherently suspicious in that pattern. Visits have been short and not particularly frequent. In total, he spent approximately 20 days in the United States throughout the year; You are not near the point where it might appear that you are making a visa or taking other steps to try to play with the system.

On the contrary, because it has a history of visits to the USA. UU. For less than a week at a time, an immigration officer is more likely to believe in his statement of intention to visit for 5 to 7 days. Enjoy the birthday celebration.

UK visa application from another EU country

I have a study visa in Slovenia and I want to apply for a visiting visa in the United Kingdom, but I want to apply for it from the Netherlands (I want to visit my friend there and wait there). it's possible?

Indian citizens – Can I get a visa upon arrival in Dubai?

I am an Indian citizen I have a B1 / B2 visa for the USA. UU. (I got it last year) but I haven't traveled to the US yet. UU. Can I use that visa to obtain a visa upon arrival in Dubai? Has anyone done something like this before? Or is it a good idea to get a visa beforehand? Has anyone been denied a visa in such a case? I already booked an Emirates flight from India.

Visa for a doctor – Exchange of travel packages

This is my situation when I was 7 years old. My family and I entered the US illegally. UU. I stayed there until I turned 29 working in a fake social and without paying taxes, the opportunity arose to study in a foreign pharmacy school that is now accredited by CA in Poland. Once I graduated, my family friend said she can sponsor me to work in her pharmacy. What are my chances of being able to return to the United States with an H-1B visa? I worry that living there illegally in the past may affect my chances. Someone also said that those in Mexico get a 10-year ban.

short-term work visa study situation in the United Kingdom

I want to apply for a short-term study visa UK. They ask me about my work situation, I am currently working in a company but

France airport transit visa for Indian passport holders

I will travel from India to Cuba with a connecting flight at the CDG airport from Paris to Cuba. The scale is 7 hours. Do I need a transit visa for the stopover at the Paris airport?

Visa to Mexico for Belarusian citizen with permanent residence in the United Kingdom

Permanent residents of the United Kingdom do not require a visa to visit Mexico for stays of up to 180 days. You must be able to present a document proving your permanent residence to the airline at the time of check-in and also at the Mexican immigration checkpoint (for example, a BRP).

Relevant parts of the Mexican immigration website:

The foreigner who presents any of the following documents will not require a Mexican visa:

a) Document proving permanent residence in Canada, the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, any of the countries that make up the Schengen Area, as well as in the member countries of the Pacific Alliance ( Chile, Colombia and Peru).

You also need an FMM (tourist card), but your airline will provide it for you to complete. If you cross overland, you should make sure you get one of these before passing the immigration checkpoint.