How to get Vimeo followers

How we can get followers on Vimeo easily. I am sending direct messages to people on Vimeo since the last 6 days, but I am not getting good results.

seo – How to create video sitemap for my website when video is hosted on vimeo and embedded using?

I'd like to know what to do when creating a video sitemap when the embedded player is from Vimeo.

I am very new to the world of SEO and I am learning by doing and reading the official documentation.

For example, the video page on my website is

This has 1 video on one page. If you look at the source of the page, the relevant part is as follows.

Now, I read the documentation on the Google Video sitemap at and the relevant tag you see is

However, I don't know how to use this tag, would the following work when creating the index?

I'm not sure if this is correct since the description of it says

A URL pointing to a player for a specific video. Usually, this is the information in the src element of an  tag. Must not be the same as the  URL. For YouTube video, this value is used rather than video:content_loc. This is the equivalent of VideoObject.embedUrl in structured data.
Must not be the same as the  URL.

Any help is really appreciated!

media: Vimeo embed code ignored

Feeling frustrated.
I run multiple websites and recently had a need to embed videos (mainly Vimeo but not exclusively) on one of them. I have another site where I have successfully embedded the code using the process of: & # 39; set plain text, paste embedded code, select full HTML & # 39; – bingo everything is fine.
When I try the exact same process in the second site, the system simply places paragraph markers around the code, as it would if it didn't paste in plain text first. I have searched the two sites and cannot see where the settings for the editor differ (CKEditor version 7.x-1.19 in both cases), but I cannot see anything. Previous posts about this suggest looking in / admin / settings / filters / list that doesn't exist in my Drupal 7 installation. I know I could start installing modules to try to fix this, but I can't see why it works on a site and not in other. I'm using different templates on the two sites, but why should that make a difference (and switching back to Bartik on the problematic site doesn't make any difference anyway). Any hints like where I look at the list of allowed HTML tags in D7?

Google Chrome: how to block the loading / playback of any type of online video (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.) in all browsers

I am currently trying to beat my addiction to spending countless hours online watching YouTube videos etc. The problem I'm currently facing is that I need YouTube for my daily work (reading and responding to comments, searching for channels, etc.), but also distracted by all the videos on the sites. Is there a way to disable any kind of video upload for all browsers?

Is there something similar to editing the host file in Windows?

The perfect solution would be something that does not involve extensions from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., as they are extremely easy to remove (Yes, I am quite addicted to these sites …)

How to embed Vimeo video in Drupal 7 block body?

Inserting a youtube video is very easy like: [youtube:23km5H4K9Eo5] inside the block body with full html. Is it the same format with vimeo? [vimeo:GD34fsAf53], because that does not load me. Sorry if there are not many details, it seems simple enough, but I have not worked much with D7.

How to download a complete website, including their respective Vimeo videos

I want to download a website, I have heard that it is possible to do it using wget, but the site has some Vimeo videos integrated.
Is there a tool available that allows you to download a website that includes your respective Vimeo videos?

I was able to download Vimeo videos one by one, but I would like to use some tool to do it automatically.

I will download and upload videos and images for $ 5

I will download and upload videos and images

Hi, I'm Farida Shabbir. Downloading and uploading is my daily routine job. I have a very fast internet connection. I will download and upload videos from youtube, facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion Instagram. Here are some services I can do.

  • All videos, images, audios, etc. You want to download and upload where you want.
  • Download the Facebook video and upload it to the social networks you want, and vice versa.
  • Securely upload your files to your accounts and send logout evidence.
  • Anything related to loading and unloading.

Supported websites:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • More on request.


  1. All files will be as they are and equal for upload
  2. The copyright or any violation committed will be your responsibility
  3. I can charge for a small fee if research is needed.


Links – Vimeo video play button color function

In the page editor I pasted a link from Vimeo:

Which generates the following:

What I would like to do is add an argument like & color = f1d925

That would look like this:

I can copy and paste the iframe code, but the user only wants to be able to copy and paste the url.

I found a code that would allow me to pass the parameter through a shortcode, but the user still has problems with this method.

I'm thinking there is something I could add to functions.php That would take care of all these links at once or maybe some jQuery.

Does anyone know how WP calls this functionality or knows about a function or something that could help?

Thank you,

Vimeo tags searchable from the site

When I host my video on Vimeo, there is a way to make Vimeo tags searchable from the site. I don't really have a version of the site to look for me. I just try to get ahead of a possible problem.

Can I download all my Vimeo videos (I have uploaded around 700) at once?

Is there any way to mass download all my uploaded Vimeo videos?