Where can I selling my clash of clans village

Hello. I have a 179 level TH12 acoount and I want to selling this for 90 dollars . Where can I sell Quickest? Please help me. How do you think the price I gave you

procedural generation: How does Minecraft know where the village buildings are if the village has not yet been generated?

Yes, it generates more fragments than you think. This is what I call "area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest" in my voxel code. There are two types of areas of interest:

  1. Logical (which is what we are discussing here)
  2. Render (which is normally smaller in radius than the logical area)

Remember that the only way your renderer can access part of the entire image, deterministically, is to generate the tree structure of the entire village, topographically, from its root (the center of the village). This is because even if your rendering display area only nominally overlaps with the village boundaries, the full build has yet to take place.

Remember that each fragment is affected by some combination of:

  • The Chunk coordinates in the world
  • Your neighbors terrain and design
  • The process mentioned in that video, which is generating a maximum n-deep tree of buildings and streets, which MUST be completed in its entirety to be faithful to the same shape you will see when walking towards the center of that town. At each step in that generation, a hash of the combined current state of the village may be taken, which pseudo-randomly determines the next step, note what it says at 3:08 in that video.

… So really, from a determinism point of view, there are no shortcuts here.

This is undoubtedly computationally costly, especially as if you were just on the edge of the horizon near the outermost limits of a village, the game should still spawn the entire village, even if it represents very little or none of it.

GM Techniques: How can I leave indications that a seemingly harmless gnome village is secretly evil?

In my experience, if you are too subtle with clues about this kind of thing, your players may miss them completely. They probably have another goal in mind and are only paying attention to their narration of what they assume is a quick replenishment opportunity. This is especially true if you play this story in several sessions or in breaks for food and other activities; It is likely that players forget about the small details that their characters recently noticed in the game.

Instead, when I execute situations like this, I like to insinuate extremely aggressive to my players that something It's happening, but it retains information about its characters. So, for example, when he describes the town for the first time, he really tells his narration of how peaceful everything seems. You might even consider saying something like "everything seems perfect … too perfect?" To really drive the point home. Your players are probably experts in genres and like to discover things, so they will be engaged and paying close attention to future details. But his characters still don't know anything and have no reason to actively investigate or avoid the village. Repeat this basic technique while describing interactions with villagers, exploring particular spaces, etc. He may begin to allow the characters to make comprehension checks, but not give them more than a "strange feeling" unless they roll very high.

Once your players are involved in the mystery, there are now two possible winnings. The first occurs when the characters realize and realize what the players have known all along, that something is not quite right. This can be surprisingly satisfying for both a player and a GM: it's like watching a character in a horror movie slowly realize the situation they are in. Second, once the characters are actively investigating, they still have to discover the true details of the situation, which will also be a satisfactory surprise for the players.

As a DM, I often use variations in this technique when players and characters need to solve some mystery, and I find that it is generally much more effective and fun than trying to make things really difficult for players to solve. In the campaign I am currently running, one of my players is playing a particularly stupid and unattended PC. I often let her discover crucial information related to the plot, which generally does not convey adequately to the rest of the party. This provides many fun role-playing opportunities for everyone, while giving clues to players about certain details that their characters still cannot fully understand.

As a player, I was once in a situation very similar to the one you are presenting, where the DM accidentally revealed part of the surprise. We were investigating a mysterious city that we thought was related in some way to other magical events, so our characters already expected something strange. Near the beginning of the investigation, the DM showed us something on his laptop and we all immediately noticed that all his other tabs were statistics blocks for Yuan-Ti. We all laughed a lot, but the accidental revelation made the rest of the investigation more fun; Since none of our characters could possibly have known about the Yuan-Ti, we made them pursue very wrong hypotheses while inadvertently stumbling increasingly in danger. And when the revelation finally came into play, there were still many other elements that surprised the players.

Of course, this technique will depend on a degree of acceptance of its players. If you have problems with aggressive metagames, it probably won't work. But if they are more interested in telling stories in collaboration than in "winning," I have discovered that it works very well.

Holland Village Residences mixed development launch

Holland Village Residences It is an exciting new mixed development located in the heart of the lifestyle of the famous Holland Village of Singapore. Holland Village Residences is from the renowned developer Far Far Organization, Sino Group and Sekisui House.

One Holland Village Residences, as it is called, is a unique concept with 3 different thematic zones within the residential blocks; Sereen, Leven and Quincy. A total of 296 residential units in mainly 2 tower blocks. Residents enjoy comfort right at the entrance door, with apartments, offices, shops and community spaces within their development.

Holland Village Residences prices are attractive with prices of 1 room from $ 1.35 million, prices of 2 rooms from $ 2.05 million, 3 rooms from $ 2.67 million and more. Prices are approximately in the range of $ 2.8k.

The location of Holland Village Residences Showflat is close to its development, in the famous outdoor parking lot of Holland Village. His address is at 9A Holland Drive.

Get in touch with Singapore's new 2020 release at 61003447 or send us a note below at https://www.condolaunchsg.com/properties/on…age-residences/ for this exciting Holland Village condo.

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Van Holland Freehold in Holland Village

Van holland It is an absolute property development located in the famous Holland Village. Van Holland Condo is from Koh Brothers, which was the old Toho mansion.

Van Holland, with its excellent Freehold status in a prestigious location, is ready to take center stage. People who love exclusive life along with their connectivity to a lifestyle will love this development.

Van Holland prices have not yet been published, but I would expect to see very interesting and attractive prices. Some analysts say it could be as low as $ 3,000 psf for this development.

The Van Holland Showflat location is off-site, just 5 minutes by car, on Commonwealth Avenue. Those who take public transportation can get off at Commonwealth MRT.

Contact the new Singapore 2020 release at 61003447 or send us a note below at https://www.condolaunchsg.com/properties/van-holland/ for Van Holland of Koh Brothers.

[APP][FREE] Plum Village: Zen Meditation

The Plum Village app can help us cultivate mindfulness, compassion and joy through guided meditations, deep relaxation, practicing poems, mindfulness bells and many other practices.

Mindfulness is the energy of being alert and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be aware is to be really alive, present and in harmony with those around you and with what you are doing. We harmonize our body and our mind while washing the dishes, driving the car or taking our morning shower.

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One Holland Village Residences Showflat 61008160

One Holland Village Residences is an impressive future residential project combined with commercial in one of the oldest properties in Singapore. It will be the most requested project consecutively thanks to its strategic location, proximity to the city but with a price of less a fraction of the housing of the city area.

The location of One Holland Village Residences is known for its hipster cafeteria and its wide variety of restaurants, as well as for its nightlife to relax. Life bands and karaokes are found along the active street on Holland Road and form another aspect of the lively nightlife of the towns. This mega development was brought by the Far Eastern organization and it is said that it is sent to several architects to present vibrant plans to combine this new condominium launch along with an exuberant landscape added with a pedestrian link approach and the underground train station , to give a new look to the enclosure of the town of Holland.

The price and floor plans of One Holland Village Residences are expected by the end of the year. For more information, visit: https://www.condosglaunch.com/properties/on…age-residences/

What would be the good initial meetings in a village to start a campaign? [on hold]

The following things are in the town area,
A forest, many farms, a tavern, in the forest is an ancient battlefield.

The PCs are green (lvl1, Novice, …). Players like dark fantasy.

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