file sharing – How can I upload videos from my computer to my Ipad, so that they are accessible from various apps?

I have edited a video on my computer and I want to upload it to my Ipad. The problem is that the video does not end up on my photos/videos library, hence I cannot reuse it in an ipad application or upload it e.g. on youtube. I can transfer it through the file sharing option of iTunes to iMovie and other apps, but it is still useless as the filesharing enabled apps are limited. Is there any “native” way to upload a video and access it from any iPad application?

PS: My desktop is windows, but I wonder how this can be done through itunes.

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wi fi – DLNA server app for streaming videos locally

I have jellybean device with broken Display, I decided put a sim in it and turn it into internet hotspot , later i inserted a SD card and installed an app called wifi file transfer pro, to use my phone as Local storage Device.This software also has folder view feature and web interface is really good.

The problem with wifi file transfer pro is that you cannot stream video through web browser or vlc, we have to download the complete video to watch it,i even tried turning off ssl encryption, but it didn’t help.

To stream video i installed an app called dlna server, although video streaming worked flawlessly, the problem with this app was that , when we define root directory it lists all files in all folders in a single list, so bascically not user friendly web interface.

So im looking for an apps whose web interface supports folder viewing and at the same can support streaming video

PS. prior to this i have tried

  1. Bubble uPNp- problem- it streams directly to device like smart tv which are connect to same wifi. this is not usefull, i need to stream in other mobile devices
  2. Pixel media-even this doesnt provide a link that i can open in a browser
  3. my dlna server-same as above
  4. Servers ultimate pro-same as above, it doesnt give an ip address to which i can connect on other devices.
  5. Server cast -same as above
  6. Plex- jelly bean not supported
  7. Ftp file server- very laggy and slow transfer speed.
  8. WiFi File server Pro, it requires me to connect to a hotspot, but my phone it self is supposed to be a hotspot

PPS,why all of these on android Phone, because it consumes 0.5 -1 watt but functions as reliable Router , wireless file storage device and lots of usefull apps are there on android platform.

  1. it should support jellybean sd
  2. it should give out an ip address to which i can connect to with web browser in my iPad or windows
  3. The web interface should be user friendly unlike dlna server
  4. It should support video streaming like dlna server


  1. Servers ultimate pro -when I opens VLC on my other device and headed to connection section, it automatically showed the server which i had created.but the problem , im not able to stream Videos,when i click on the video it keeps loading.

  2. Servers ultimate pro- as a workaround i created Native DLNA server, the streaming is lag works on both windows and iOS VLC app

  3. It turns out the Servers ultimate pro app shows ip address only when my broken screen device is connected to a wifi.

  4. i think i found a solution , the native dlna is working flawlessly,both on windows and iPad VLC, but ,i cant play it in Cnx player etc. specific client software with supports DLNA like VLC is a necessity for this method to work. so i feel web interface is a hard requirement

Is it ok to provide external links (not embed) to YouTube videos behind a paywall?

I am setting up a website for families to discover the world, one country of the week at a time, through print materials that I create and through other content we find online that is kid/family safe.

Families would subscribe to the program receiving a weekly delivery of original print content I’ve created and access to an online community forum where they can discuss that weeks country and share additional links to resources their kids enjoyed.

I understand that I am not allowed to embed YouTube links behind a paywall, but is it ok for me to send my users to external links on YouTube? (i.e. “We really liked this video (link to video) where Sam and Dave explored the ruins of fill-in-the-blank.”)

I believe this is ok, but just want to be sure before launching the site later this month.

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How to disable the suggested videos displayed over the ongoing video that come in YouTube near the end of the ongoing video?

I find it annoying since these suggested videos just pop up and cover the screen of the current video that I am watching.

unity – 3D visual effects on videos

I’m trying to get some hands-on experience with 3D visual effects on videos. Similar to those AR apps, I want to add a 3D model with effects, say a dragon, to a video. Something like this famous demo:

What’s the best way to do it? Do we have some free or open source tools or SDK to do it for videos?

Whats the deal with foreign websites mirroring Youtube Videos *AND* comments 1:1?


i dont speak the language there, but it is quite obvious the site, or a user on it, is copying Youtube videos, and somehow even the comments are present in the comment section? It doesnt seem to be some kind of embedded Youtube site – i cant think of how they copy all the comments with names and avatars.

The reason i am asking this is because they copied a video where i was commenting YEARS ago, and back then i used another nickname. I am trying to void this nickname from the internet, and these obscure sites are the only ones still popping up.

I am trying to contact the sites (i have my doubts about their GDPR compliance), but i want to know what their background is in general. Only reason i can think of is some kind of mirror for countries where Youtube is blocked? But it sounds like a lot of work to embed every single Youtube video with comments.

Sync Photos and Videos with Google Backup and Sync tool for Windows

I am using the Backup and Sync app from
to backup my Photos and Videos to Google Photos, it works but the problem is I am uploading 1TB of photos and videos and the application stopped synching.

It says storage is full at 41 GB over 15 GB usage when I check my Google Drive. I wonder why is this the case when Google Photos mentions from their website “Unlimited Free Storage”

My Google Drive, by the way, is empty, as I am just using my Google account for Google Photos. I even tried to install the same tool on a different computer to be able to sync the files that supposedly there consuming Google Drive space, and nothing was sync as expected, meaning my Google Drive is really empty.

How can I sync my Photos and Videos to Google Photos in this kind of situation?