Dual SIM configuration, vibration and notification

I have a Huawei P20 Pro. This could be a whim with your software, but I thought you should ask anyway.

Let's say you have two phones with two numbers. One is your private phone and the other is your work phone. During the day, you can put your private phone in silence and your work phone with the sound activated. When you go home for the day, you can put your work phone in silence and turn on the sound of your private phone.

If you put both SIM cards in the P20 Pro, you can not choose to have a SIM with sound and another in silence. You can choose to have one SIM vibrate and another not. This only works with the sound activated. If you put the phone on vibration, it will vibrate for both SIM cards. If you set it to silent, it will be muted for both SIM cards.

I also have the problem that I can configure the notification sounds in "None", but it seems I can not turn off the vibration of notifications. I want notifications for all applications in the notification bar, but I do not want sound or vibration, regardless of the configuration of the calls. So to summarize, this is what I expected to be possible. Is there an application for this?

  • Individually control sound, silent mode and vibration on / off for both SIM cards
  • Turn off sound and vibration for all notifications of applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, SMS messages, etc., regardless of silent mode, vibration mode or sound volume, etc.

Is one or both of these possible, with or without an application? I can root the phone if I can keep the original firmware, it is safe and it can be restarted.

Silence all the notification sound, except the Call Message and WhatsApp to be in Vibration Mode

I have a new Galaxy S10. I would like to keep the phone in silent mode, but I want the phone to vibrate if there is any call, SMS or WhatsApp notification.

How to do this? I do not want to root the phone from now on.

blur: in an image with camera vibration and a point light source, can the shape of the point light source be used to virtually reduce the vibration in a practical way?

Yes, this is precisely what Photoshop CC Smoothie reduction Adobe makes filter publicly demonstrated its prototype feature in Adobe Max 2011. The crowd was amazed by the demonstration. Although it was demonstrated in 2011, Piccure introduced the feature before Adobe in 2013, as a complement to Photoshop.

See also: the Adobe help page for the Shake Reduction filter.

One of the best techniques for doing this falls under the general term of adaptive deconvolution. An example of an algorithm is described in the following document (free access under the CC attribution license), with images of interesting results:

  • Hsin-Che Tsai and Jiunn-Lin Wu, "An improved adaptive deconvolution algorithm for the unmasking of a single image", Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2014, article number 658915, 11 pages, 2014. https://doi.org/10.1155/2014/658915.

The tool that SmartDeblur uses. blind deconvolution, which is a less sophisticated technique to try to identify the blur function and eliminate the blur. It works well enough for some simple cases, but tends to have very visible and undesirable artifacts, such as the "halo" sound.

kotlin – How to make a vibration effect on the camera in LibGDX?

My approach to this problem is to create a daughter class of a Spell camera () and add some functionality to your to update() method.

import com.badlogic.gdx.Gdx
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.OrthographicCamera
import java.util.Random

ShakyCamera class: OrthographicCamera () {

Private samples of lateinit var: FloatArray

private var timer = 0f
duration private var = 0f

amplitude of private var = 0
frequency of private var = 0
private var isFading = true

male private shake = false

private fun ClosedRange.random () = Random (). nextInt ((endInclusive + 1) - start) + start

funny shake (time: Float = 1f, amp: Int = 10, freq: Int = 35, fade: Boolean = true) {
shake = true
timer = 0f
duration = time
amplitude = amp
frequency = frequency
isFading = fade
samples = FloatArray (frequency)
for (i in 0 to the frequency) {
// samples[i] = Random (). NextFloat () * 2f - 1f
samples[i] = (-1..1) .random (). ToFloat () // only 3 variants (-1, 0, 1) and the same visible effect as the previous function, lol

cancel funny update () {
yes (shake) {
if (timer> duration) shake = false
val dt = Gdx.graphics.deltaTime
timer + = dt
yes (duration> 0) {
duration - = dt
val shakeTime = timer * frequency
val first = shakeTime.toInt ()
second val = (first + 1)% frequency
third third = (first + 2)% frequency
val deltaT = shakeTime - shakeTime.toInt ()
val deltaX = samples[first] * samples deltaT +[second] * (1f - deltaT)
val deltaY = samples[second] * samples deltaT +[third] * (1f - deltaT)

position.x + = deltaX * amplitude * if (isFading) Math.min (duration, 1f) else 1f
position.y + = deltaY * amplitude * if (isFading) Math.min (duration, 1f) else 1f
super.update ()

Create an object in your main class (add it to the stage if you need it):

                private val camera = ShakyCamera ()
Private stage val = Stage (FillViewport (1280, 720, camera), batch)

Then, call fake shake when you need it (that is, when you click on a key):

controller = object: InputAdapter () {
annular fun keyDown (keycode: Int): Boolean {
when (key code) {
Input keys.S -> camera.shake ()
return true

video – How to dampen the vibration of the tripod on an inflatable surface?

This question already has an answer here:

I was recording the performance of my daughter's band, with the tripod placed on the wooden bleachers, Sony a7iii with lens 24-240, OIS on. The movement warning of the camera was active most of the time, and one could see the movement of the camera in the recording. One possible cause was that other parents settled on the benches: the wooden planks of the lyes transferred their movements from a dozen feet away.

Hence the question: how do I avoid that? Are tripods available with vibration damping? Or maybe one can place something on the floor under the tripod? I have doubts about placing a soft mat under the tripod because, although that can dampen the vibration of the floor, it can also destabilize the tripod.

video – How to dampen the vibration of the tripod?

I was recording the performance of my daughter's band, with the tripod placed on the wooden bleachers, Sony a7iii with lens 24-240, OIS on. The movement warning of the camera was active most of the time, and one could see the movement of the camera in the recording.

Hence the question: how do I avoid that? Are tripods available with vibration damping?

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