What has happened to the latest version of Vice C64 emulator?

i just installed Vice C64 emulator, put the roms in the correct folders, and ran it. it runs at 5fps now on my pc, while it used to be full speed (well above 30fps) on the previous version of Xubuntu (18.04, i now have 20.04lts). i tried changing options in settings, but to my avail nothing can speed emulation up. i changed opengl to cairo and back, nothing. it stays at 5 fps. so i decided to remove Vice, and try the flathub package. i removed vice, and installed the flatpak version from the flathpak website. same result. can anyone please tell me what i have to do to speed vice emulation up, it used to be +30fps, instead of 4/5 fps now.

adb – Android Version differs from expected API level

I have found a pretty old device Huawei Ascend Y210. This mobile officially has Android 2.3.3 (API level 10). I found an online custom lollipop ROM for the specific mobile. The device has CWM as custom recovery. The zip file (the rom file) was installed successfully. The environment feels like android Lollipop should look like. Going to the mobile’s settings > About phone > Android version, the version is 5.0.1 as expected. Using the command adb shell getprop ro.build.version.release the result is 5.0.1 indeed. However, I tried running adb shell getprop ro.build.version.sdk the result is 10 which is the API level of the stock android of the phone (Android 2.3.3). Apps made from API level 23 will fail to install as the API level is getting recognized as 10. Changing the apps’ Minimum API level to 10 using APK Editor Studio, allows the app to get install but it crashes once I try to open it.

Is that a bug? I mean can I somewhere change the API level of the device? Or is the ROM a scam and the android is never really getting updated to 5.0.1 and the ROM just changes the graphic interface? How is it even possible to trick the adb that the android version is 5.0.1 but keep the API level to 10?

P.S.: If someone has any ROM for Huawei Ascend Y210 with android 5.0.1 or higher handy, I would appreciate a download link.

Thanks in advance!

How to get the deployed version number via PHP?

I need to use the updated deployed version of static files in my module.

Magento 2 static files deployed version

How could I get it?

flow – Capture Version of Document set automatically when an item is changed

Does anyone know if thereĀ“s any way I can set up a flow in power automate to capture a version of a document set when an item is changed? (e.g Major Version published)I know there are not out of the box features do deal with docsets in power automate (at least for know), but perhaps with the action “send http request to sharpoint” there’s a way I can do it. If anyone knows a way to do this (even without power automate) I would be extremly glad.


How does google doc implement version control

How does google doc save user edit actions and use them to restore to a certain version?

Do they only save action logs? Or use snapshot & action logs together?

Workflow condition Major and Minor version document

How to condition in Workflow version of a document into Major or Minor?

Where to download a CLEAN version of Win10 Media Creation Tool 1909?

Can anyone tell me where I can download a clean version of Windows 10 Media Creation Tool 1909?
The version that I currently downloaded is shown to include a PUA upon scanning the file via MetaDefender.
I am seeing “BrowserModifier/Toolbar!khSzOxHe / W32.Toolbar.CrossRider.AE.czia.mg” show up as a threat after being scanned.


multi processor – Is there a version of enblend supporting more than one CPU core / thread?

The task manager ksysguard tells me that only one core is being occupied fully with enblend. Sometimes enblend hops between cores, but it is apparently not developed to distribute its work among more than one core (and I’ve got 8 cores resp. 16 threads):

enter image description here

So: Is there a multi-CPU version (or patch) of enblend? My current version is 4.2 (on an OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 system). Thank you.

How do we know when an android version is going phase out and not maintain anymore in the near future?

From the security bulletin I can know that which version of Android is not being supported by Android anymore.

For example I can tell that Android version 7.1.1 and 7.2.1 are not being supported around 4th Nov 2019, by referring to the 4th Nov 2019 bulletin.

enter image description here


1) Are there any ways to get the precise dates when Android 7.1.1 or 7.2.1 are deprecated?

2) Or are there any official announcement to get the date for Android 8.0 or 8.1 being deprecated beforehand? So we can plan accordingly to stop supporting that version for security reasons.

3) In wikipedia, old versions means it’s unmaintained. But how to get this information from the official docs?
enter image description here

redhat – How can i install an old samba version on Oracle Linux 7.5

Apologies if this is a lame question but i don’t have much experience with subject..

I know that there are a bunch of posts regarding this but i wasn’t able to find a proper solution…

I running Oracle Cloud 7.5 (Red Hat 7.5) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with samba 4.9 and i need to install Samba 3.6.23, when i use yum --showduplicates list samba i can only see 4.x…

How can i install this specif version of samba?
Can i download the rpm from somewhere and install it manually? (found one for Cent Os 6 but i don’t know if it’s ‘compatible’ with Oracle linux)