The repository can not be accessed through the cPanel Git ™ version control module


I can not see any repositories in the cPanel Git ™ version control module, even though the files were successfully extracted from the remote control and are visible in the file system.

I am trying to configure implementations through cPanel using the cPanel Git implementation system (see, for example,

After finding errors when cloning the remote GitHub repository using SSH, I discovered that it is a GitHub problem that your system prefers an HTTPS connection instead of SSH: – denied-publickey I connected in this way, and it worked (for example, I did not get the permission denied error) (see code)

But, apparently because I used HTTPS instead of SSH, I can not use the visual interface in this screenshot: 20Version% 20Control% 202019-06-18% 2010-39-33.png? Dl = 0

So, my question is, how do I get the repository to appear in the interface, so that I can use the visual interface and NOT USE the terminal to manage implementations?

username @ host ~]# ssh-add /home/username/.ssh/

Enter the passphrase for /home/username/.ssh/ [username@host ~]# git clone Cloning in & # 39; forwardjump-genesis-child & # 39; … Username for & # 39; https: // & # 39 ;: username Password for & # 39; https: // & # 39 ;: remote: Listing objects: 762, ready. remote: counting objects: 100% (762/762), done. Remote: Compression of objects: 100% (267/267), done. remote: Total 762 (delta 480), reused 758 (delta 479), reused package 0 Reception objects: 100% (762/762), 771.86 KiB | 8.04 MiB / s, done. Resolution of deltas: 100% (480/480), done. [username@host ~]#

I would like the repository to appear in the cPanel Git ™ version control module as shown in this screenshot:

I changed my version of Unity and Vuforia and I have a compilation error

What should I do to solve the problem?

enter the description of the image here

java – Compiling an old version of Minecraft Server to take care of META-INF

I'm trying to run the oldest server version of Minecraft

If I try to execute it, it says something about the OL & # 39; META-INF folder and it does not run. When I looked at it, I found that I would need to compile it.

I just loaded it in IntelliJ and I can not compile it, there is no code.

The file is

Any help or even redirection to some place that can help is appreciated. I've been trying to find an answer for weeks and I'm running out of time (self-imposed deadline)

samsung galaxy tab 3 – twrp recovery changes the system version

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (sm-t311) that appears as (sm-t311) in the Windows File Explorer. However, at the moment that twrp flash (version 3.0.2-0) shows the sm-t315 version. This is causing a problem, since the ROMs for t311 do not work for t315 and the version that is being changed to t315, only allows me to install ROM for t315, which causes a bootloop. What can be the reason for this version change? How to fix it?

[WTS] TheMothHost – from $ 0.75 per month in the cPanel Shared USA hosting

This is a discussion about TheMothHost – from $ 0.75 per month in the cPanel Shared USA hosting within Webmaster Marketplace forums, part of the business category;

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web development: How to use a git repository to control the version of a complete website, including the databases that are created with phpmyadmin?

In the past I did not use git and I simply created my local web projects on my computer using XAMPP. That's why I was able to create databases through phpmyadmin and simply save my other files from the website in the htdocs folder (F: xampp htdocs). After that I just saw the result in my browser using localhost.

Now I want to control the version of my new web project using git (I have already learned the basics). But there was the problem that I do not know how to control the version of the entire website, including my databases, which are stored in a completely different folder (F: xampp mysql data).

Do I have to control the version of the entire xampp folder? Or is it even possible to control the databases?

Windows Application – IDERA / ER Studio Business Architect 2019 version 18.0 | NulledTeam UnderGround

IDERA / ER Studio Business Architect 2019 version 18.0 | 157.5 mb

IDERA ER / Studio Business Architect is a conceptual modeling tool that allows you to easily model business processes and their use of data. The convenience of a graphical editor and the rich semantics of the BPMN standard allow commercial users of ER / Studio Business Architect to effortlessly model the interactions between processes, people and data.

Add. Information: Modeling of business processes using standard elements such as sequences, tasks, tracks. Support for high level conceptual models using thematic areas, business units, interactions and other elements. Use Reports (CRUD) to model business processes and data objects. Powerful intuitive interface with organizational hierarchies for a convenient organization of information. Modification of commercial artifacts. Use of the BPMN specification. Centralized administration of licenses and deployment of tools using the Embarcadero ToolCloud technology. Benefits at a glance: business process modeling based on BPMN. Conceptual modeling for the design of databases from top to bottom. Convenient description of business requirements. Pragmatic approach to corporate architecture.
-The publication of BA workspaces in Team Server has been redesigned for Enterprise Team Edition.
-Added the ability to override the default self-publishing settings in the repository registry.
ER / Studio Business Architect 18.0 includes a complete redesign of the process to publish workspaces in Team Server. In ER / Studio Enterprise Team Edition, there is now an additional notice that allows you to publish a model that is activated at the time of registration or is retained and not published, if desired. This feature works in conjunction with the new global publishing options in Team Server.


python – regex version of strip () – Ch. 7 Automate boring things

Here is a practice exercise – Regex version of strip() $ – $

Write a function that takes a string and do the same as the
strip() chain method. If you do not pass other arguments than those
string to strip, then the white space characters will be removed from the
beginning and end of the chain. Otherwise, the specified characters.
in the second argument the function will be removed from the

I have written the following code. Is there any better way to write it? Any comment is very appreciated.

import re

def regex_strip (s, chars = None):

if the characters == none:
strip_left = re.compile (r & # 39; ^  s * & # 39;)
strip_right = re.compile (r & # 39;  s * $ & # 39;)

s = re.sub (strip_left, "", s)
s = re.sub (strip_right, "", s)
strip_left = re.compile (r & # 39; ^[' + re.escape(chars) + r']* & # 39;)
strip_right = re.compile (r & # 39;[' + re.escape(chars) + r']$
s = re.sub (strip_left, "", s)
s = re.sub (strip_right, "", s)

Here is an example of output:

s = & # 39; * alphabetatheta * 4453 + - & # 39;
print (regex_strip (s, & # 39 ;. + - * & # 39;))

>>> alphabetatheta * 4453   

macports: a port requests an earlier version of Clang. Will a newer one work?

I'm trying to install neovim.

When I run sudo port install neovim, proceed to install the clang-3.7. But nevertheless, port rdeps neovim it does not show clang-3.7 as a dependency.

So, does this mean that neither neovim nor any of its dependencies require the use of Clang-3.7? If so, then what is causing the installation of clang-3.7?

I have clang-4.0 and clang-5.0 installed. Will these work?

sharepoint enterprise – "Move" special with version history

I am trying to move a SharePoint 2013 library, which is on Server A, to SharePoint 2016, which is on Server B, without losing the history.

Is that possible? If so, how?

The "Move" form only works with libraries on the same server (the same version of SharePoint).

The same with the "Save as template with content".

Thanks in advance.