Tips & Tricks: Which National Parks Are Good To Visit From Las Vegas?

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Host IT Smart – Intel L5420 / 8GB Dedicated server starting at $ 45.99 / mo from Las Vegas, Nevada. – Low box

Host IT Smart has submitted a new offer for its dedicated server packages that is exclusive to Low End Box. Host IT Smart was last introduced in February 2020. In addition to their OpenVZ plans that were released last time, they also offer several different dedicated server packages to choose from. Today we introduce your "Dedicated Server Plan 1" which is priced at $ 45.99 / mo and is based at the FiberHub data center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. USA We like that the dedicated server package includes 33TB of bandwidth.

You can find your ToS / Legal Documents here. They accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking and PayPal as payment methods.

This is what they had to say:

“Host IT Smart was created in April 2012 with the objective of Servir Dominio and web hosting services loaded with technology with the best services and at the best price. We have two data centers, India and the USA. USA We also have an individual website for India and the USA. USA To serve our services. We also created an interface that allows customers to pay for what they choose and can adjust resources based on their needs. We are proud to offer many features along with plans including 24 * 7 technical support and 99.99% uptime guarantee. "

They provide 24 * 7 customer support in a couple of ways, though the response time probably varies:

1. Instant chat service
2. Sending tickets

Here is the offer:

Dedicated server plan – 1

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Other packages are also available, but they exceed the dedicated server price limit ($ 50 / mo), so we don't feature them in Low End Box.

Additional information is available after the break!


FiberHub (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

IPv4 test:

Test file:

Host node specifications (VPS containers):

– Intel Xeon L5630 (2.13 GHz)

– 24 GB of RAM


– 33TB of bandwidth on the 1Gbps port

Let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!

San Francisco: Do ​​SF, LA and Las Vegas have very large bookstores?

There are some, but they are becoming quite rare these days, many have closed since electronic and digital commerce (read: Amazon) have changed people's habits, while others have drastically reduced their size.

The largest library chain in the US UU. It's Barnes & Noble, and you can find their locations using the store search engine on their website. However, stores can vary significantly in size. The other important player used to be Borders, but now they are long dead.

There are also some independent bookstores, but they are few and far between, and they often have more used (second-hand) books than new ones, so it depends a lot on what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that the Los Angeles metropolitan area is very large, so you should probably give a more specific area. A good bookstore in Anaheim is not very useful if you are staying in Santa Monica, for example.

You probably have the best chance of finding interesting bookstores in San Francisco. See the lists here and here for instance.

As for Las Vegas … I think it qualifies for the proverbial desert.

However, if you're looking for specific books (instead of just wanting to search for physical books), I'm afraid your best option is probably Amazon. There is a reason why they killed everyone else …

Las Vegas Business Directory

New and free, do you have or know a business in Las Vegas? add them for free.

numerical integration: how to use Vegas in math to take care of singularity



cc = Vegas(x^2/(x - y) (Cos(x + y + 1) + 5), {x, 0, 5}, {y, 0, 5},AccuracyGoal -> 3, Verbose -> 0, PrecisionGoal -> 3)((1, 1))

During the evaluation of In (233): = Vegas :: badsample: (x ^ 2 (Cos (x + y + 1) +5)) / (x-y) is not a real value function in {2.5,2.5}. During the evaluation of In (233): = Power :: infy: Infinite expression 1/0. found During the evaluation of In (233): = Vegas :: badsample: (x ^ 2 (Cos (x + y + 1) +5)) / (xy) is not a real value function at {1.875.1.875} . During the evaluation of In (233): = Power :: infy: Infinite expression 1/0. found During the evaluation of In (233): = General :: stop: The additional output of Power :: infy will be suppressed during this calculation. During the evaluation of In (233): = Vegas :: badsample: (x ^ 2 (Cos (x + y + 1) +5)) / (x-y) is not a real value function in {4,375,4,375}. During the evaluation of In (233): = General :: stop: The additional output of Vegas :: badsample will be suppressed during this calculation. During the evaluation of In (233): = Part :: partd: The specification of the $ Failed part ((1,1)) is longer than the depth of the object. Therefore, Las Vegas has no singularity by themselves. While Nintegrate does.

dd = NIntegrate(x^2/(Cos(x + y + 1) + 5), {x, 0, 5}, {y, 0, 5},Method -> "MonteCarlo") // Timing

NIntegrate gives the result and takes care of the singularity itself. So, I want to do the same job through VEGAS. Please, if you have any suggestions.

United States – Find large cactus between Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles

I was wondering if there are big cacti like these:

enter the description of the image here

(I think they are called Saguaro or something like that, but I guess similar cacti are good too) that one can see (in winter) somewhere along the next route.

San Diego – Palm Springs – Phoenix – Sedona – Tusayan – Page – Panguitch – Springdale – Las Vegas – Badwater – Los Angeles

I am aware of Saguaro National Park, but it is too far from Phoenix.

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VEGAS Pro 17 is here to make your video production more efficient than ever. Explore multiple nested timelines, industry-leading HDR editing tools and an easy-to-use but powerful color gradation workflow. In combination with more than 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 17 provides comprehensive workflow improvements that will enhance your video production.

Edition. Work smart and not hard.

No one edits faster than a passionate creative with VEGAS Pro at hand. Timeline editing tools make editing quick and easy. But more importantly, they highlight your creativity, because ideas flow freely when you are not worried about clumsy editing tools. No NLE allows you to edit, think and create more effectively than VEGAS Pro.

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Menu system "Hamburger"
This innovative menu system allows you to customize the high traffic areas of the user interface so you can find the tools you need quickly and at the same time keep the workspace free of clutter.

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Special effects. Enlighten your viewers.
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Accelerated GPU Processing
With support for cards from leading industry manufacturers, including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, VEGAS harnesses the power of GPU processing of the most popular graphics cards to accelerate the representation of popular AVC and HEVC formats up to twice the speed.

Support for up to 8K
Modern productions exceed the limits with increasingly high resolutions. VEGAS Pro supports up to 8K files from start to final delivery, so you can now deliver high resolution files for a super large format projection or any other high resolution need.

Highlights of VEGAS Pro 17:
• NEW: nested timelines
• NEW: Full HDR color support
• NEW: slow motion optical flow
• NEW: flat motion tracking
• NEW: GPU accelerated decoding for AVC / HEVC
• World class video stabilization

Construction Features:
• Automatic installation of the program and the necessary libraries in the system.
• Original program installers used
• Two types of installation: standard (with all windows) and silent (without dialog boxes and additional windows)
• Registration is not required (the tablet is sewn into the assembly)

System Requirements:
• Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 10 (64 bits)
• Processor: 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or higher. 2.5 Ghz and 4 Core minimum. For 4k, 7th generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or higher. 3.0 Ghz and 8 Core minimum
• RAM: 8 GB of minimum RAM (16 GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K)
• Hard disk space: 1.5 GB of hard disk space for program installation; Solid state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
• Others: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 (included in the application disk)
• Program languages: English, German, Spanish, French


Download from UploadGig

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[ Politics ] Open question: Was the shooting of Las Vegas organized or something much more than it seems? What ? why?

why the media danced on the fact that he was a former federal government. employed and worked for the defense department. in big companies like Boeing or something? did you have access to "Area 51"? Many think he was an undercover CIA / FBI arms dealer? And the people who shot all those people were the people who were doing a "covert operation"? .

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Las Vegas – In addition to visiting the casinos in LAS, what else is there to do?

You can go see the Grand Canyon by helicopter. The expensive way is a direct flight from McCarran, which also offers you an aerial view of Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. This takes a few hours. The cheapest option involves a bus for much of the journey and takes essentially all day.

We did the first thing a few years ago. The helicopter trip and its views were better than the real stop in the canyon.