Probability Simulation Variations and variables?

This is really nerdy, but I need help interpreting a code I found online (

I am an avid Magic: The Gathering player and also a student of Electrical Engineering. I was delighted to find some code online for mana calculations, but I have trouble reading the code. What variables do I need to change to get the results in the second and third tables shown here?

Thank you!

online sharepoint: creating a one-to-many relationship between two columns in separate lists with thousands of variations

I have a library with thousands of files. Each of these files is a shipping arrival.

I have a separate list that contains all the identification numbers of the individual box / cargo within the arrival of each shipment. There is also a column that has the shipment arrival ID on this list.

How can I link these two together?
I thought it would be incredibly easy but apparently not.

Thanks for your help!

Ordinary differential equations: how to introduce variations in the competitive Lotka-Volterra model?

First, we have these two Lotka-Volterra equations for prey and predators, respectively:

$$ frac {dx} {dt} = r_ {x} x (1- alpha y) $$
$$ frac {dy} {dt} = r_ {y} y ( beta x -1) $$
$$ r_ {x}, r_ {y}, alpha, beta gt 0 $$

These equations mean the predator-prey model without interaction between species of the same condition. If there were competition between prey and predators, the equations would be:

$$ frac {dx} {dt} = r_ {x} x (1-x- alpha y) $$
$$ frac {dy} {dt} = r_ {y} y ( beta x + gamma y-1) $$
$$ r_ {x}, r_ {y}, alpha, beta gt 0, gamma in R $$

My question is: what should I do to change these equations if I wanted to introduce more conditions in addition to competition between species such as, for example, the life expectancy of both species, parasitism, diseases, lack of food according to the season? etc.?

Thanks for the help!

dnd 5e – How does the level advance in the Beast Master Ranger affect the statistics of a UA Class Ranger Variations Companion Beast Air / Ground Option?

It is not clear to me how to reconcile the UA improved class variant; Ranger Companion option with the rules of the Beast Master Ranger & # 39; s Companion function (PHB p.93).

Specifically, in the case of a 5th level Ranger who chooses an Air Beast, would the Ranger add his competition bonus (3) to AC beasts, attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, abilities?

If so, then what would the resulting statistics block look like for a fellow Air Beast for a 5th level Beast Master Ranger.

variables – Total price based on chosen variations

A base price (of the composite product) and the variations you choose are added to the page of my products. I would like the final price to be only the one or the variables that I choose and this base price disappears …

I understand that it is done from functions.php?

plugins: a quantity for a group of variations

I want to implement a balloon store and according to the attributes of our products, I have to define three attributes (Size, package, padding) with different steps of quantity and price reduction, but I have to define the quantity of stock for a group of variations, for example we have 1000ct of 11 "balloon and 800ct of 9".

Therefore, I cannot define the quantity at the product level and I cannot define 1000 for each variation.

I have to define 1000ct of 11 "for the variation group and 800ct for 9".

This is my product table.
enter the description of the image here

How can I define the quantity for the variation group?

Thank you.

bulk – Woocommerce – problem with the number of variations

I have a product with more than 300 variations.
I am currently using the Bulk Variation Forms plugin to display the information on the page with a couple of visual customizations.

The problem is that the ADD TO CART functionality does not work at all, but if I choose a product that has fewer variations, it works normally.

I have already changed my max_input_vars In Myself php.ini.

How do I increase the number of variations?
Is this the cause that my ADD TO CART functionality does not work?

variables – Woocommerce; Tax status for product variations?

I realized that by creating a new variable product in Woocommerce and setting the tax status of the main product at & # 39; none & # 39 ;, the variations still show: & # 39; tax status: taxable & # 39; in the database. Does anyone know what determines the value of the tax status of product variations?
As in another installation, I have variable products where the main product shows & # 39; tax status: taxable & # 39; and product variations show: & # 39; tax status: none & # 39 ;. In the front-end, the tax is calculated for variations, although …

Thank you.

Algorithm for all variations of K elements for numbers from 1 to N in C #

Write a program that reads the whole numbers N and K of the
console and prints all variations of K elements of the numbers in the
interval [1 … N]. Example: N = 3, K = 2  {1, 1}, {1, 2}, {1, 3}, {2, 1},
{2, 2}, {2, 3}, {3, 1}, {3, 2}, {3, 3}.