c # – CareerCup (Bloomberg): check if the string is valid according to parentheses

Guard conditions

ArgumentNullException Normally it launches in the incorrect use of the API. It is not an exception of the end user, so I would not bother with an exception message.

throw new ArgumentNullException ("A string is required");

throw the new exception ArgumentNullException (nameof (s)); // maybe change the name of & # 39; s & # 39; to & # 39; entrance & # 39; or & # 39; value & # 39;

For him ArgumentException In the cases where you cast, I would also add the name of (parameter name) to the constructor. A decent error message is relevant here, so keep the message.

You have a guard in the blank space. I do not see this in the specification. Is this a requirement? If not, leave blanks as an open or closed support.

if (char.IsWhiteSpace (open) || char.IsWhiteSpace (close))

The next guard checks on duplicate records. An alternative policy is to ignore a record if it is already registered. This depends on whether you want your API to be prone to errors or to act as a sandbox for consumers.

if (openBrackets.Contains (open) || openBrackets.Contains (close))

I lack a guarding condition. I doubt open Y close it can be the same

if (open == close) // launch ..


You could replace some Yes Declarations with a ternary operator.

s = s ?? throw the new exception ArgumentNullException (nameof (s));
validator = validator ?? BracketValidator.CreateDefaultValidator ();

Redundant type declarations can be replaced by male. Unlike JavaScript, male It's fine in C #.

Stack openStack = new stack();

var openStack = new stack();

how to get a valid URL in combination of text and field content in VIEWS

The HOSTNAME field returns the IP address.
I have to overwrite the output field.
Is there a way to modify this with a given URL like this:
& # 39; www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php? Ip = & # 39; and adding the content of the HOSTNAME field to obtain a valid URL?

online sharepoint: the query to the field & # 39; list / ChoiceField & # 39; is not valid ".

Consider the following scenario:

List A with columns:

  • Title (Single line text)
  • Column A (Single line text)
  • Column B (Choice)


List B with columns:

  • Title (single line of text)
  • ColumnOne (single line of text)
  • ColumnX (Search from list A, assigned column A)

Then the REST query for List B would be:

https: /// _api / web / lists / getbytitle (& # 39; ListB & # 39;) / Items? $ expand = ColumnX & $ select = Title, ColumnX, ColumnX / ColumnB

Bitcoin Core: invalid subnet -rpcallowip specification: * .Valid is a unique IP, network / network mask or network / CIDR

I'm new and all this bitcoin, but I'm trying …
I downloaded BitcoinCore and GUIminer, I made the configuration for mining alone (I created my username and password, I configured the Bitcoin client route) but when I tried to start the Bitcoin client as a server I received that message. What I can do?

html: security for obscurity / obfuscation is still a valid option, or crawlers have JavaScript enabled today?

I'm creating a new website, so I think about how to protect my email address and phone number against crawlers (which I guess do not have JavaScript enabled, most of them at least). Definitely it is security for darkness in my case, since I want the user to be able to click and that the email address can click.

My question is: does security for obscurity / obfuscation remain a valid option, or do the trackers (email collectors) have JavaScript enabled today?

Note: I could be confusing the two terms, it is not clear to me if what I do next is security due to darkness / obfuscation …


var item1 = & # 39; @ & # 39 ;;
var item2 = & # 39;. & # 39 ;;
var m_clear_text = & # 39; test & # 39; + item1 + & # 39; example & # 39; + item2 + & # 39; com & # 39 ;;
var m_html_item = document.getElementById (& # 39; m_link & # 39;);
m_html_item.innerHTML = & # 39;& # 39; + m_clear_text + & # 39;& # 39 ;;


test [a.t] example [d.o.t] com

My goal was to make even the JS code go dark, I think this approach could help, but again it depends on whether the crawlers have JS enabled, which is my question.

usa – I have a valid B1 / B2 visa for EE. UU., But is its validity affected by a change of residence?

About 1.5 years ago, I obtained a B1 / B2 visa, valid for 10 years.

Now I moved to a different city within Germany.

The new city is entered in the password.

Is there any impact on the validity of my United States visa associated with it? Do I have to send my new contact information to the embassy in any way?

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IP test?


linux – sed: the requested fill size is not valid

Obtain an error that does not seem to have results in Google or in the StackExchange for some reason.

I am trying to delete a line from a file if the second parameter of the script matches when doing:

sed -i & # 39; / ^ $ 2 / d & # 39; ./archive

However, when I run the script with the "Bob" parameter I get:

Fill size requested "Bob" is not valid

Is there anything about using a parameter like my pattern that is causing the problem or what? I tried more or less following https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5410757/delete-lines-in-a-text-file-that-contain-a-specific-string

Is a hash time stamp (hash (document)) valid under eIDAS?

I have a document F that I do not have access, but I have its hash H & # 39; (F) calculated with an algorithm H & # 39; that is not included in the list of hash functions recommended in EN 119 312 (referenced by EN 319 422), but can be considered safe.

It would be a qualified timestamp of the "hash of the hash" with a recommended hash function, for example SHA256 (H & # 39; (F)), be valid under eIDAS?

No valid data sent to export magento products

Attempting to export Magento products using the system import / export function and obtaining the error, no valid data was sent

Initially, I was trying to export a few thousand products, then I tried to export only one, but I got the same error

enter the description of the image here