[ Politics ] Open Question : True or False: anchor babies are valid U.S. citizens?

[ Politics ] Open Question : True or False: anchor babies are valid U.S. citizens?

Which defunct countries still have valid passports

Background: I need a list of countries which still have valid passports attached to them for a project. I don’t know, what to do about countries that no longer exist, however.

Which defunct countries’ passports are still valid? That is in the hypothetical situation that a passport was issued on the day a country became defunct when will the last password for that country become invalid?

Defunct country here means:

  • country was annexed or formed a union with another one (e.g. the German Democratic Republic joined the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • or country broke up into constituents (e.g. the Soviet Union or Czechoslovakia)
  • or a simple country name change (e.g. Zaire to Democratic Republic of the Congo or F. Y. R. of Macedonia into North Macedonia)

Situations like Yugoslavia (most other republics leaving the federation) or Ethiopia (independence of Eritrea) can likely be ignored count as there is a clear main successor state which carried/carries on the name.

Are there instances, where the passports became invalid instantly? I.e. none of the successor states accepted the old passports for any length of time as a travel document.

Otherwise, I assume that passports could just stay valid until their validity at the date of issuing expires.

2013 – Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption

I am getting this Cert error in code, i installed the SSL Cert in IIS and MMC
Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption. There may be insufficient permissions to its private key in the windows certificate store or the certificate itself may not have the correct purposes. If you only want to use it for signing, set the Use property to Signing (CertificateUse.Signing). at xxx.Internet.FBA.CONTROLTEMPLATES.xxx.FBA.IAMRegisteration.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
at SIMAH.Common.BaseClass.Base.OnLoad(EventArgs e)

sharepoint server – The URL is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web?

To narrow down the issue:

  1. Do all libraries have this issue?
  2. Check for the ULS logs, which will tell you more information.

Browse to the content database for the site in the SQL Server Management Studio
Expand ‘Databases’ and right-click on the content database to select “Properties”.

Select “Options” from the left pane in the pop-up window.

The option “Auto Create Statistics” must be set to “False”. If it is set to “True”, it must be toggled to “False”.

I have both a German student visa and a French Schengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French Schengen visa is still valid

You have a valid Schengen visa for travel so you can use it to travel to any of the blue/green countries on this map:


(image source)

As you stated you entered on your French visa:

I entered the Schengen area I got the stamp on my French visa page

This will indeed exceed the 90/180 day rule:

As of October 18, 2013 your stay should be “no more than 90 days in any 180-day period”. In particular, you should have been present less than 90 days during the past 180 days when leaving the Schengen area.

I have both a German student visa and a French Shengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French shengen visa is still valid

I am a non-EU studehave both a German student visa and a French Shengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French shengen visa is still valid. In this case can I still travel inside the shengen countries?

algorithms – Issue with Campaign problem to find distinct valid campaigns

I have encountered this problem as part of tech interview prep. However, I am not able to identify on how to solve the problem.


An email campaign is a sequence of email messages, where each email
message belongs to one of two types, transactional or marketing.

M T T M M T T M M T Marketing messages are subject to a cooldown of
length k. Within a given campaign, there must be at least k
transactional emails between any two marketing emails.

For example, if k=2, the campaign

M T T M T T T M T is valid because between any two marketing emails
there are at least two transactional emails. However, the campaign

M T M T T T T M T is invalid because there is only one transactional
email separating the first two marketing emails. Note that, thus,
there can never be two consecutive marketing emails or the pattern M T

Given the campaign length n and the cooldown length k, find the number
of distinct valid campaigns. For example, there are 9 distinct
campaigns of length 5 with k=2:

Sample solution:


My Approach:

My initial thoughts were around generating all the valid permutations for each scenario and then counting it. However, I am not sure if that’s the way to go!

Would appreciate any insights.

formal languages – Is A -> BB valid under Chomsky’s normal form?

A → BC,   or
A → a,   or
S → ε,

Above is the typical definition given on Wikipedia and in textbooks.
Nothing i can find says the B and C variables have to be different variables either, but nothing i can find says they can be same definitively . I am leaning towards it being valid but i just want to make sure.

cache – Password Protected Pages Don’t Accept A Valid Password After Changing The Password

I have a password protected page which I recently was asked by my client to change the password. The previous password had worked fine for many months but once I changed the password, the new password was not accepted. I keep getting the prompt for the password no matter how many times I enter the correct password.

Cache busting or a clue?

Interestingly if I add a cache busting querystring like ?a=0 to the end of the protected page’s URL, I am let in! What’s up with that? Does the page/WordPress know that I previously entered the correct password?

With WordPress, does the user need to enter the password each time they visit the password protected page or only the first?