lg v30: can not start Android Auto, still asks to enable the drawing on other applications

In the last two weeks, I started having a problem with Android Auto that does not start when I connect to my car's Bluetooth. Every time I try to start Auto, a dialog box appears that tells me to enable drawing on other applications. I press the Continue button, it takes me to the configuration and it is already enabled. Returning to Auto, you are still asking for this permission. If I press the "No, thanks" button, the application simply closes, which means that I can not even use it in a reduced capacity.

I've already tried several things, from disabling the configuration and re-enabling it, to uninstalling and reinstalling Android Auto. None of that has worked. I do not remember having received an update of the system in this period of time, but it is totally possible (even probable) that Android Auto has received an update that somehow broke it.

What should I do to make Android Auto work again?