usa – The fastest / easiest way to re-enter the US UU in New York with a TN visa

I will go to New York to start a full-time job. I am Canadian and I will fly from Toronto. I made a reservation of my trip a while ago but recently I heard that the documentation of my TN visa may not arrive in time before flying to New York. Unfortunately, my travel plans at this time are quite inflexible and I should probably commit to flying with a tourist visa in the worst case.

Once I receive my documentation, what would be the fastest / easiest way to re-enter with the TN visa? Two options that I am considering:

1) Drive to and from Montreal (~ 6 hours per trip) and re-enter by land with a rental car.

2) Booking a round trip ticket to Toronto or Montreal.

Are there better options and this is allowed from a legal point of view?

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Can I travel by plane from Mexico to Canada with only a US birth certificate? UU.?

According to TIMATIC, the database used by airlines to decide if a passenger's documents are sufficient, you can use a birth certificate to prove your US citizenship when you arrive by air, but as indicated in a comment, you will probably have to identify with an identification with a photo before being able to board the plane in Mexico. The text TIMATIC:

Passport exemptions:
Nationals of the USA UU With a recommended citizenship test, such as:
– Birth certificate of the United States; or
– Certificate of United States citizenship. or
– Certificate of naturalization of the United States; or
– US consular report of birth abroad.
Nationals of the United States UU With a NEXUS card that embarks on EE. UU Or Canada and enter Canada from the USA UU Or US territories UU
Nationals of the USA with an emergency passport.
Validity of the document:
Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid during the period of stay envisaged.
Warning: if you leave the US UU (Regardless of destination passport exemptions), the US immigration authorities. UU They require a valid passport and / or an accepted exit document.
Additional Information:
The holders of a proof of citizenship issued by EE. UU Those who do not have a valid passport will be granted entry upon arrival only after having been examined by a Canadian Border Services Officer if they have satisfied the officer about their citizenship.

Given the uncertainty expressed in the last paragraph, I suspect that even if you had a photo ID, such as a driver's license, the airline would not let you board.

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What is the minimum wait before I can re-enter the US? UU After a 90-day visit in the Visa B-2 Program?

Contrary to the Schengen rule 90/180, there is no hard rule for this, but:

  • you should not try to live in the US UU under the VWP or use a B-1 / B-2 visa. This means that consecutive stays close to the 90-day limit will clearly not be seen with a good eye.
  • There will be a big question about how you can stay for so long while you are in the United States, since you are not allowed to work.
  • There will also be big questions related to your ties to your home country (for example, what kind of work allows you to be away for so long)
  • CBP publishes a general rule that if you stayed for 90 days, you should probably be absent for 90 days before returning.

Of course, it all depends on how long you plan to stay, what you say you are going to do in the US. UU., Your links with your country of origin, etc. The CBP official will decide when it will arrive.

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The previous visa expired in 2018, which is fading a bit and has a pen mark, but the new visa valid until 2021 is in perfect condition.

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Schengen Visa – France The US VFS website? UU Does it not allow to reschedule an appointment in another place?

I have booked an appointment for Schengen Visa (France) at the NY VFS office.
I see earlier dates for visa interviews at the Chicago and Boston VFS offices. I want to reschedule my NY visa interview to Chicago VFS that has the dates that are good for me. The VFS website does not allow rescheduling the different VFS location. If there is any way to do it, what is it?

Thank you.

Visit Canada from the USA UU with citizenship certificate and expired passport

We are traveling to Canada from the USA. my wife's passport is expired and she has not received her new passport yet. She has a certificate of US citizenship and a valid driver's license. Can you cross the US border? UU And Canada for a week trip with these documents?

Or should she have a US passport?

Please advise!

Thank you