Object-oriented: I know about the abstract class and the interface, but I'm not clear when I use the abstract class and when to use the user interface

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User goal: how to save javascript high score in usermeta

I created a simple math game for my son using javascript so he can practice his math data. Basically, you have 90 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

I want to be able to save and track your high scores using the usermeta table, but I have trouble solving it. I know I need to use this function:

update_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'high_score', $meta_value);

but I can't determine how to get my "var highScore" from javascript in PHP $ meta_value. I also need to discover a hook or something that will activate the function once the game is over.

the python wifi module does not return all wireless networks as a normal user

Running python as root returns all wireless networks, but as a normal user it only returns the 2.4GHz network;

upsscan@orangepi3:~/bin$ ls /sys/class/net
eth0  lo  wlan0
upsscan@orangepi3:~/bin$ python
Python 2.7.16 (default, Oct 10 2019, 22:02:15) 
(GCC 8.3.0) on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import wifi
>>> wifi.Cell.all ('wlan0')
upsscan@orangepi3:~/bin$ sudo python
Python 2.7.16 (default, Oct 10 2019, 22:02:15) 
(GCC 8.3.0) on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import wifi
>>> wifi.Cell.all ('wlan0')
(Cell(ssid=rozsasnet), Cell(ssid=rozsasnet_5G))

One of them is 2.4GHz and the other is 5GHz.
Why does wifi.Cell.all (& # 39; wlan0 & # 39;) only return a Wi-Fi network as a normal user?
How can I get all wireless networks as a regular user?


Amazon web services: AWS Cloudtrail EventSelector filter per user

I am using AWS Cloudtrail to register API calls in my AWS account. I would like to use the EventSelector property so that the route only records the actions taken by a specific User.

It seems that EventSelector is the closest mechanism I can find to do something like this, but I'm not sure I see support in the documents. If that is the case, are there other mechanisms to achieve this?

c # – How do I edit a Unity InputField by clicking on the Android user interface button?

I have been stuck in this problem for a long time and I am not sure what I have to do. I would appreciate any help.

I am creating an Android application using Unity. In my application I have a InputField, a TMP_InputField to be precise, in my Unity scene as Prefab. I want to edit this input field by clicking a button on my Android UI (not part of the Unity scene). I don't want the input field to be editable by clicking on the input field itself.

To achieve this, I enabled the option Hide soft keyboard in the editor so that the user cannot edit the field by clicking on the field. But I can't find out how to edit the input field.

The first problem is how to open the keyboard when I click on the Android button. I tried this


The keyboard appears, but the input field does not show the cursor and does not accept the input.

I also tried

EventSystem.current.SetSelectedGameObject(inputField.gameObject, null);



But there is no success. I tried to play with him focused, interactable, activated properties but nothing works.

This should be easy, but I can't make it work. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!

javascript – Adsense – Proposed implementation of the EU user consent policy

I have spent a lot of time understanding the EU user consent policy regarding the use of cookies. In summary, as I understand it, I cannot save any cookies from my websites (including analysis cookies, adsense cookies, etc.) without the user's consent to do so.

Then I have been looking for several external services that can provide this service. Most of the services I liked are paid. Also, I am looking for a different approach, which I could not see any of the services they currently offer.

I am thinking of implementing the following plan for all users, regardless of the place of origin. I would like to hear from you if my implementation will be a violation of AdSense policies.

Proposed Implementation

(a) When the user visits my website for the first time, the page will load
no analysis, adsense, etc. and without storing any cookies. TO
this time, all the site links will be disabled, the menu items will be
disabled, and users will receive a consent message at the top
of the screen (fixed position at the top)

(b) if the user accepts the consent message, I will keep the consent in a
cookie, the page will be reloaded with all cookies.

(c) if the user accepts does not accept the consent message, I will
redirects users to a different page, indicating that the site cannot work
without allowing cookies

(d) Each time, users will have the option to change the consent granted, in
My privacy policy page.

(e) If a user changes the consent to no, I will delete the cookie,
reload the page on a different page, indicating that the site cannot work
without allowing cookies

Kindly suggest if this approach is fine. Thank you

SharePoint approval does not send the user to the approval page, it sends the user to the task page that is linked to the approval page

I have currently created a workflow that does the following;

  • Wait for the value of a column to change and then start this workflow.
  • Start an approval on the current item in the sharepoint task list that changed and then send the details to the assigned user.

My problem is that I cannot find a search that allows me to pass the approval page (page with approval / rejection buttons) directly. I see in other questions that people use have used the FORM_URN search, do I seem to have no access to that?

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013.

Thank you.

user interface: resize the grid element vertically to fill the row height

I am trying to find a way to have an element in a grid cell that always fills the available vertical space imposed by the remaining elements (without forcing any row height).

One of my (many) failed attempts:

     Pane("", ImageSize -> {Scaled@1, Full}),
     Background -> Green
    ItemSize -> {1, Full}
    Pane("", ImageSize -> {10, 200}),
    Background -> Yellow
 Frame -> All,
 Spacings -> 0

enter the description of the image here

The green rectangle is supposed to fill the left cell completely (and adjust its size if the size of the yellow rectangle is changed).

Is something like this possible?

language – & # 39; OK & # 39; u & # 39; Ok & # 39; in the user interface?

There is also the pedantic answer to consider.

All the dictionaries I know list OK as the correct spelling of the word, never Ok. (In fact, the StackExchange spellchecker even marked Ok as an error). So, Ok simply means you have a misspelling. One of the other comments mentioned the practice in Denmark. I guess we are speaking English, either EE. UU., United Kingdom or other important variant.

It is acceptable to use OK in written language, although Apple's documentation guidelines require the use of OK (look for "OK"). However, most human interface guidelines that bother to point out the obvious say specifically using OK on a button is not right. See, for example, the Microsoft guidelines.

Finally, as a matter of clarity, many sources now suggest not using an OK button, but replace it with something more descriptive. See for example this article. It is not a bed, although the author did not know how to correctly spell a keyword in the title. 🙂

api: how can I know which user performed what BTC transaction?

I am creating an application and I want my users to deposit BTC coins in my address, which is an exchange address (I don't have private keys).

How can I know which user made what transaction?

I have a way, which is to add the numerical user ID to the amount, for example, if a user wants to deposit 100.00 BTC coins, and the ID is 158769, I can add the ID in the amount this way: 100.0000158769 and do it as QR code, so the user must deposit the exact amount so that I can know that he made this transaction, but is there any other way to do it, any ideas?

Thanks in advance