How can I customize the user interface in Tkinter?

I wanted to change the default TKinter interface to something a little more streamlined. I made a model of what I would like to change:

enter the image description here

How can I edit the UI graphics to match something closer to this? If not, what other GUI library should I use?

js node – is there a user and access control library for the MERN stack?

I am currently learning the MERN stack as I had previously worked primarily on Django. However, I find myself recoding the same things over and over again manually, and I'm not completely satisfied with the final product, like programming a user database, roles, and permissions. In Django, this is all done automatically, which I loved. Is there a library that I can simply install in NodeJS that works more or less the same way? Should this be handled in the backend in NodeJS or Express, or in the interface with React? What are the best practices for this?

The library should be able to do the following:
create and modify users
assign roles to users
assign permissions to roles

Postgresql: Permission denied to schema for user created based on master with rights

I am trying to write a function that will eventually rotate users. I currently have the following code that works and creates a new user using the old user who finally has the same rights as the master user, i.e. he can do everything.

select mysch.dblink('dbname=mydb user=themasteruser password=abc123 connect_timeout=200000 host=localhost', 'CREATE USER newuname WITH PASSWORD ''pass1'' CREATEDB CREATEROLE;GRANT rds_superuser TO newuname;');

CREATE SERVER fs_link_b FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw OPTIONS (host 'localhost', port '5432', dbname 'mydb ', connect_timeout '200000');
CREATE USER MAPPING FOR newuname SERVER fs_link_b OPTIONS ("user" 'newuname',password 'pass1');
ALTER SERVER fs_link_b OWNER TO newuname;

However, when I make a connection to the user created above and try to run the query below:

select * from mysch.dblink('link_b', 'select usename from PG_USER limit 1;') as t(uu text);

I get this error:

SQL error (42501): ERROR: permission denied for mysch schema

If I created the user based on a master user, shouldn't you have full rights as a master user as created earlier? Or do I still need to do a lot of individual GRANTS?

postgresql: how do I set a password for postgres, correctly use the postgres user or prevent postgres from asking me for a password?

I am fairly new to programming and I am using 12.2 postgres.

I have a lot of trouble even setting up postgres. When I try to connect to a database, how to use

psql -U postgres -d demo

which is the first command in the command list here, I am prompted for a password, which I have never configured.

From what I can tell, postgres should be a "superuser" that doesn't have a password. Using online resources, I have used the initdb command to make an initial database cluster (although I don't know how to use this cluster) and have configured the bin file to be in the path system variable, something that i don't understand the purpose of.

Here is an example:

C:>psql -U postgres -d C:usrlocalpgsqldatabase1

Password for the postgres user:
psql: error: could not connect to server: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres"

magento2.3 – Magento 2: custom file attribute for the administrator user who does not save the file

I have created 2 attributes for the manager used 1: simple input 2: file upload.
simple input works fine, but for file one I cannot save the file in the folder where I can see the file name in the database

Below is the code from Main.php:

namespace VendorModulePluginBlockAdminhtmlUserEditTab;

use MagentoBackendBlockWidgetForm;

class Main extends MagentoUserBlockUserEditTabMain

     * Get form HTML
     * @return string
    public function aroundGetFormHtml(
        MagentoUserBlockUserEditTabMain $subject,
        Closure $proceed
        /** @var $model MagentoUserModelUser */
        $model = $this->_coreRegistry->registry('permissions_user');
        $form = $subject->getForm();
        if (is_object($form)) {
            $fieldset = $form->addFieldset('cus_fieldsetname_code', ('legend' => __('Authorization Code')));
                    'name' => 'custom_column',
                    'label' => __('Custom Column'),
                    'id' => 'custom_column',
                    'title' => __('custom_column'),
                    'required' => false,
                    'note' => 'Custom column '

                    'name' => 'bio',
                    'label' => __('Bio'),
                    'id' => 'bio',
                    'title' => __('bio'),
                    'required' => false,
                    'note' => 'Bio'

                    'bio' => $model->getData('bio'), 
                    'custom_column' => $model->getData('custom_column')
         return $proceed();

Spells: How can I be effective as a low-level human magic user in a boss battle against a more powerful magic user?

First of all, I'm a level 2 human magic user:

Except for the spell sleep Y Lovely person and some other spells that were useful for out of combat situation X, (Enlarge Person, Mount, etc.)

I couldn't do many things, there are no stores at the moment because we are out of town.

All I have is a dagger and a sling (-5 to hit)

We are against the humanoid flying birds and I killed 2 of them through the sleep spell (used to enlarge our fighter before) because they were flying and fell to their death, an NPC had a flying magic wings item and I took it to do it, luckily it wasn't as high in the air as the other enemies because my DM did that the enemy magic user (that we didn't know) slept on me and I lost 8 hit points (thanks to my familiar cat and constitution (and luck on the HP roll) I have 15 HP), the enemy became invisible and made some others tricks before becoming invisible again, I (and my cat) could determine where he is through the audience, but I feel helpless as he returned to his tower and our group almost died and we escorted many NPCs and the enemy has 2 children he kidnapped in his tower, most of the group is Chaotic Neutral but I am Neutral good and our NPC healer is Loyal-Good, I think I have no choice but to abandon the poor children to their death (We are not even sure that still to be alive).

There was still one bird left (15 required to hit), so with my 19-20 Sling in my case (16 Dex)

The magic user's enemy is at least level 5 …

Sleep He's very powerful and as a human I guess the only thing that can protect me is my party and some future magic items / spells … unless I can learn some useful spells that I'm not aware of …

Facebook URLs shared on Twitter: link preview is not generated and user has to write snippet by himself

When users share a Facebook URL on Twitter, a link preview is not generated
and the user must write the snippet themselves.
(For details on the failure, connect, for example, )

On the other hand, when users share a Twitter URL on Facebook, everything works fine.
(Check with, for example, )

I don't own Facebook, so I can't put the Open Graph tags mentioned in
return (?) to what Facebook sends to Twitter. I also can't tell Twitter what it is
You should now search the HTML that Facebook sends.

What's the best way to do moderate remote user testing for mobile apps?

Given the recent covid-19 situation, my team has limited itself to hosting our future user testing sessions completely remotely.

As the features we tested are mainly based on mobile devices

this comes with considerable overhead and challenges

  • ask users to install applications on their mobile device or laptop (which they are not familiar with and may not trust)
  • asking users to configure their environment, eg A peaceful place. aligning the laptop's camera to see the user at a certain angle where their hands and face are visible.
  • Miss non-verbal communications

It would be great if someone had similar challenges and suggested solutions or how they overcame them

Multisite – Change Add user to blog notification email

When adding an existing user to a blog (in the admin panel), a very basic email is sent. I'm trying to ignore this email to make it a little more attractive, at least having a clickable link.

Looking at user-new.php, it doesn't seem to have an apply_filter.

How can I change this email without an apply_filter?

The mail is

You've been invited to join '%1$s' at. 
%2$s with the role of %3$s.

Please click the following link to confirm the invite: