Unable to boot from Ubuntu 20.04.02 live usb

I have Dell XPS 9500 and I am unable to boot from live-usb created via Rufus (or via regular 7z x ) whatever partition option I choose (MBR/GPT) neither disabling secure boot seem to work. I have an older Manjaro image which works just fine with secure boot turned off. Could you think about any solution to replace existing Manjaro installation with Ubuntu? Thanks.

if USB cable is not plugged, it will restart after 10 seconds while fast boot in redmi note 4

fastboot automatically reboots

This solution does not work:

if USB cable is not plugged, it will restart after 10 seconds

startup – persistant usb script running on boot (apparmor)

I have ubuntu persistant usb and i have issue with open apps on startup because apparmomr

And i have sollution on startup in terminal i write next:

sudo apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/snap-confine

And my question is how to make sort of script for automatic running to solve openning software.


audio – Sound pops in wireless headphones when using microphone through usb hub

  • HP Probook 650 G5

  • Ugreen USB 3.0 Hub / Switcher with 4 ports connected to the laptop

  • Wireless headset (Radiofrequency – JBL quantum 600) with USB dongle connected to the USB switcher

  • Sound is okay without problem when only listening to youtube or some other source of sound

  • When I open Sound Settings, I test the microphone on some website, or I am connected to Skype / Teams / Webex, the output starts to Pop and Crack, I can listen clear but the popping is annoying

  • When I press the button to switch to my personal laptop – Acer Predator G15, I test the microphone and everything is fine, I can clearly listen and talk without popping sound

  • When I put the USB dongle from the headset directly to the laptop, it works without popping but as I frequently switch between my two laptops I want to have the dongle connected to the USB switcher

  • I tried installing drivers, device manager reports no problem, some power management features from official HP site but nothing has resolved that

  • on my work laptop – where the problem is, I am using Windows 10 1909 version and on my personal laptop I have 2004 version

  • usb debugging – I tried oneplus 8 pro with ubuntu: no lsusb/adb output

    I have oneplus 8 pro connected to my ubuntu 20.04 box and installed:

    • vendor driver
    • android sdk
    • adb/fastboot

    But different USB cables show no output in

    • lsusb
    • adb devices
    • fastboot devices

    I have already reset usb-debugging and according authorization! I faintly remember having struggled with debugging authentication before…

    What can I try next?

    safety – USB miner and risk of fire

    I wanted to try-out mining from a pool from a raspberry pi. I ended up buying a USB ASIC miner (not sure I can post brand here). It’s a bit bigger than a USB drive and mounted with heat sinks and fan. It is connected to a USB hub which is powered separately. I think it draws about 10 watts ( 5v x 2A)
    My question is, if I let it turned on all the time, does it have a risk of fire? The electricity in my house is reliable (wires are safe), but I’m concerned about the heat. Or any other risk it starts a fire while I’m sleeping (for now I’m not letting it on when I leave the house).
    Am I being paranoid? Any particular recommendation?

    Download mac os from the app store to external USB

    Download mac os from the app store to external USB – Ask Different

    usb – How to transfer photos from phone to the computer

    I was transfering something from the phone to the computer using an USB, but when I plugged it to my phone it had electrical charges and I got shocked several times that my hand got numb and started to hurt so bad. Can anyone tell me why is my hand like this and what should I do? and what other way can I transfer things to my mobile without getting electric shocked ?

    usb connection mode – android tv box in car


    I have an android tv box runs at android 7 output comes via HDMI port.
    I want to change or make a modification to this tv box and install android auto and connect it to my car usb instead of using my phone. Is it possible to make such a thing and how?

    I am totally new in Android programming.

    Best Regards

    usb debugging – Huawei Media Pad T5 AGS-W19, usb tethering missing, please help!

    As per manual, there is usb tethering under settings. Followed exact instructions, but the option of “usb tethering” doesn’t exist even when searched. The only option is “USB” which is currently in MTP, tried PTP, Charge only, Midi, all does not give me “usb tethering”.

    Developer options, turned on USB debugging, “usb tethering” still missing.

    Tried restarting, factory reset, changed usb cable, changed usb ports, changed computers, updated drivers on pc, all of which did nothing to give me “usb tethering” on my tablet. I have an exact LTE version of the tablet, it has “usb tethering”. The wifi version as per wifi version manual indicates there is usb tethering.

    Please help?

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