Make the USB hard drive with OS X bootable as a boot disk?

Some years ago, it was easy to clone the current system partition of a Mac computer into a FireWire external hard drive and then use it as a boot disk for the same Mac or even for another Mac.

When I currently tried this with a USB drive (Western Digital Expansion +) and cloned the SSD of my MacBook and tried to boot another MacBook (different model) with it (holding down the option key during boot), it was not recognized as a possible boot disk

What could be the reason for this? Are USB drives more difficult than Firewire as boot disks? Or is it harder today to use the same system configuration on a different MacBook model?

How to charge Canon EOS 7D Mkii using a laptop and a USB cable, charging the camera?

How to charge Canon EOS 7D Mkii using a laptop and a USB cable port … how will I know if you are charging the camera?

usb: Lenovo 330 only have the option to start from Intel

I bought the laptop yesterday. Ideapad 330s. BIOS version 8LCN18WW. Partitioning, made new volume, UEFI reboot, secure boot disabled, boot from USB drive, shows Intel as the only option to start. The same goes for restarting and touching fn f12, which shows the same. There is no Lenovo to choose from. I even disabled UEFI to enter legacy mode. Nothing. Repeated, restarted the laptop more than 50x. I went to change USB to HDD with Ubuntu on it, it doesn't work. Please help. Thank you


Recently I got a PCMCIA USB reader, however, the software I need to use with COM port readings. How can I change the USB port to a com port or can the software read the PCMCIA card?

7.0 Nougat: How can I block the USB connection on a rooted Android device?

I have an Android 7.0 phone that is my "experimental phone." I am looking for a way to disable the USB connection function similar to how you can disable the access point here: How do I disable the mobile access point function?

Is there a file that controls the anchor service that can be modified or deleted or another method to disable usb anchoring?

boot – Why doesn't my bootable USB stick work? t start from grub.cfg

I have created a usb boot device but it will not start from my custom grub.cfg file, but will start from syslinux.cfg.

Unetbootin installs my operating system.

My grub.cfg file (xxxx-xxxx is replaced by my UUID)

Grub installation command: sudo grub-install –force –root-directory = / media / myusername / LINUX / / dev / sdb1

Is there any way to boot my USB stick from grub.cfg?

What device (s) can connect a USB printer to the network to connect via TCP / IP?

I am a mobile application developer, and I have a point of sale application for iPads that at the time of making a sale, the application prints a ticket.

I used to use Apple AirPort Express to connect a USB printer (Epson TM-T20II) to the network. All I used to do was connect it to the USB port included in the AirPort Express and the printer was available on the network in 2 ways, one was for the LPD (Line Printer Daemon protocol) and the Bonjour service. And the only thing I had to do with my application was to connect to the printer using the same modem IP using port 9100, I did it using sockets, sending the ESC / POS commands and voila, printing was successful.

Apple AirPort Express has been discontinued and there is no way to buy it, so I have looked for other options and I have not been able to obtain it.

I tried it with the Tp-Link TL-MR3420 and its included print server does not allow me to connect to the printer as it did with AirPort Express.

I kept investigating and I think another way might be for the Tp-Link TL-MR3420 to add a Tp-Link TL-PS110U to generate an IP to the printer inside the network so that I can connect through the LPD protocol and send the ESC commands / POS.

Is it possible that I can achieve that using the Tp-Link TL-PS110U device and connect it to another tp-link router?

Is there any other way to achieve that?

Currently, what replaces AirPort Express in the market?

Thanks beforehand for your attention.

Unable to start ubuntu 16.04 from USB

I have an asus N501 (BIOS mode is UEFI) and installed ubuntu 14.04 about 3 years ago. After reinstalling my window, I decided to install ubuntu 16.04 instead of repairing the boot of the previous version.

Anyway, after using rufus and making a bootable usb and trying to boot into ubuntu, the system stopped at the ubuntu logo and didn't go further, I checked the usb on new and old computers and ubuntu worked without problems, even I updated my BIOS since it was a 5-year version but nothing changed. I decided to verify ubuntu 18.04, ubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 16 but they have the same problem (14.04 worked once but the result was not repeated) I downloaded and used an earlier version of rufus and surprisingly managed to boot into ubuntu 16.04 and installed it but after that time I could not start the version installed on the system and I also had the same problem when I tried to start from the USB drive. I have tried the process many times and nothing worked.

I also downloaded YUMI as an alternative to rufus (the UEFI version) but the USB was not even recognized in the boot menu) and used two other softwares that did not work properly.

Does anyone have a suggestion for my problem or can you recommend a good alternative for rufus or yumi?

Thank you 🙂

networks – wifi cannot connect without wifi lenovo G40-80 wireless usb adapter with ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

so I have a lenovo G40-80 laptop with ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, I can't connect wifi without wifi wireless usb adapter, I used this solution

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hanipouspilot/ideapad-laptop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ideapad-laptop-dkms


sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source

but it looks like it hasn't changed, and you still can't connect wifi without wifi wireless usb adapter

Samsung J7 Prime, the USB connection is still dimmed

I disabled data usage on my Samsung J7 Prime phone, then went to the access and connection point, but my USB connection icon is still gray.
I have also restarted the phone but there are no changes. I am trying to connect the USB cable but it is not reflected on my desk or phone. It is only charging but does not show USB sharing options. What could the problem be kindly?