Visit Canada from the USA UU with citizenship certificate and expired passport

We are traveling to Canada from the USA. my wife's passport is expired and she has not received her new passport yet. She has a certificate of US citizenship and a valid driver's license. Can you cross the US border? UU And Canada for a week trip with these documents?

Or should she have a US passport?

Please advise!

Thank you

usa – Can I travel to Hawaii while I am in my ESTA for 90 days?

As you said, Hawaii is one of the 50 states. When flying from one of the other 49 to Hawaii, it is not leaving the United States. Such flights to Hawaii are purely domestic. You will not "go abroad" from the perspective of the United States immigration law. Your ESTA will not be affected or even revised since you would not be going through US immigration. As long as you have valid identification for the flight and you are not out of state, you will be allowed to fly and return.

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usa – This visa – can I get 1 if B1 / B2 has not expired?

An ESTA or B1 / B2 visa only grants the right to appear at the border to apply for admission. They do not need to be valid for the duration of the stay, only when entering the US. UU In other countries, visas must be valid for the entire stay, but this is not the case for the B1 / B2 visa and ESTA in the US. UU

The duration of the admitted stay does not depend on the validity of the visa either. The income under the visa waiver program is actually worse here, since this usually means 90 days of stay allowed (exception: United Kingdom citizens), while B1 / B2 grants 180 days. However, the border officer may also choose a shorter duration of admission. Regardless of the length of time allowed, it should be clear to the officer that his daughter is not trying to live in the US. UU Based on your recent travel history.

In any case, there is simply no need to have overlapping ESTAs and B1 / B2 visas because if the B1 / B2 visa is still valid in August, your daughter can use that.

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usa – What happens if there is no space for the entry stamp in the passport for the US visa? UU.?

I have an Indian passport and I have an F-1 visa (multiple entry) for EE. UU I applied for a Schengen visa and it was approved, but the Italian consulate has placed the Schengen visa label on a page that comes before my United States visa. For example, my US Visa label is on page 20, while my Schengen Visa is now on page 15. Does this mean that I can now only receive entry stamps to enter the United States from pages 16 to 19 only? ? Or I can get stamps anywhere in the Passport whenever there is an empty page.

usa – Return to the United States from Canada without a passport

It is almost certain that you will not be able to take a flight to the US. UU With its EDL, since it is explicitly prohibited by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which gave rise to the EDLs in the first place.

In theory, you could get an emergency passport at a US consulate. UU., But according to your description of your location, it seems to be closer to Alaska airports than to any other US consulate. UU In addition, the nearest consulate is in Vancouver, and if driving to the US border. UU It's going to take more time than you have, it's also doing it to Vancouver.

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usa – What would happen if one million people raided Area 51?

For those who are out of the loop, this satirical (hopefully) Facebook event has received a lot of attention, with a million people confirming that they will attend, and another ~ 900,000 say they are interested.

I can not imagine for a second that they will appear, but if they did, what would happen? The army of the United States? at present Kill a million Naruto people running to Area 51? What if there were only 10,000 people?