javascript: compare with arrays of objects and update the key in Angular 6, Typescript

listOne: [
  id: 1,
  compId: 11,
  active: false, 
  id: 2,
  compId: 22,
  active: false, 
  id: 3,
  compId: 33,
  active: false, 

list two [
  id: 1,
  compId: 11,
  active: true, 
  id: 2,
  compId: 33,
  active: false, 

I have two json, here how to compare with compId key and update the active key in listOne since list two .

In AngularJs I have tried with this link for AngularJs

But how to integrate with Angular 6 with Typescript.
Thank you.

javascript – Update the jQuery version in drupal 7.59

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Update of 2 tables in a single procedure using MySQL

I have 3 tables


roleID: 1
Salary ID: 1
holidayID: 1


Salary ID: 1
salary amount: 100

holiday vacation

holidayID: 1
vacation count: 2

A procedure to update. salary amount Y vacation count using Identification of the role

Thank you

confluence – Conflunce (Atlassian) user profile batch update

I have a large number of confluence users (> 5000) where I need to make changes to the configuration of email notifications.
A user could access the page here

I could see this by making changes to the tables in the database or using the REST API.
However, I do not know which tables should be updated.

Thank you!

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[DICHVUSOCKS.US] 16h30 PM UPDATE 24 / 24- Good socks

BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: dichvusocks
Publication time: April 24, 2019 at 09:38 AM.

Many errors in the new update.

Hello Sven, I think we have many errors in this new update …
1. When we try to add an article in the konten machine by API. It will not matter, but if we import manually (exported from the konten machine), they work well

2. After choosing the engine, nothing happens in the import destination url from the list of sites to the project. 0 when I show the remaining URLs.

Sequential update of elements of the list.

Let's say I have a list:

        list = {(Row[{Subscript[x, 2]}][CirclePlus] 
 1) / Subindex[x, 1], (Row[{Subscript[x, 
 1], Subindex[x, 3]}][CirclePlus] 
 1) / Subindex[x, 2],
(Row[{Subscript[x, 2]}][CirclePlus] 
 1) / Subindex[x, 3], (Row[{Subscript[y, 
 2]}][CirclePlus] 1) / Subindex[x, 1],
(Subscript[x, 1] [CirclePlus] 
 Subscript[y, 3])/Subscript[x, 2],
(Subscript[y, 3] [CirclePlus] 
 (Subscript[y, 2] + Subscript[y, 
 3]))/Subscript[x, 1]}

Now, if possible, I would like to update that list sequentially, where

Subscript[y,1] = list[[1]]Subscript[y,2] = list[[2]]Subscript[y,3] = list[[3]]Plus[Subscript[Subscript[Subíndice[Subscript[y,1],Subscript[y,2]]= list[[4]]Plus[Subscript[Subscript[Subíndice[Subscript[y,2],Subscript[y,3]]= list[[5]]

So let's say as we go list the first three elements would remain unchanged where in the fourth element we would replace Subscript[y,2] with list[[2]], Subscript[y,3] with list[[3]] in the fifth element, Subscript[y,3] with list[[3]] Y Plus[Subscript[Subscript[Subíndice[Subscript[y,2],Subscript[y,3]] with already updated list[[5]] in the sixth element.

I've been trying to avoid replacing words whenever I could and this was for a reason. One could solve my problem, for this list, use Replace (or Replace all) quite easily, but as this list gets bigger and much more complicated where the elements are more nested and nested, Replace does not work very well. Therefore, since I know that each consecutive element in my list is expressed in terms of the (updated) elements of that list that are before that element, I thought that I could somehow update element by element as I "go through" "through the list. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions.

P.S. How can I paste the output expressions here as they appear in the notebook and not just as a lot of code?

Is there any new update of successful websites

We saw, many websites are losing ranking and many of those that do not do anything are ahead of them, there is some concern or update from Google.

javascript: how to stop the removal of the cart class in an ajax update

I built the preview of my cart in Presta 1.7, but I have a problem. When I remove the product from the cart, my cart is closed, ajax is eliminating everyone.

prestashop.on (& # 39; updatedCart & # 39 ;, function (event) {
$ (document) .on (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, & # 39; .remove-from-cart & # 39 ;, function () {
$ (& # 39 ;. blockcart.cart-preview & # 39;). toggleClass (& # 39; active & # 39;);

I hope the cart does not close after removing the product