air travel – How to book a United Airlines ticket if my passport doesn’t have a last name?

For US Visa puporses, it looks like you need to use your single name as “last name” and FNU as first name. FNU means “first name unknow”. See FAQ section. It’s likely that United will adopt the same process since they need to communicate booking data and Visa data to US immigration authorities. However, you should call and ask them to confirm.

However, it’s likely that you will run into a lot of issues and if possible you should try to get your Indian passport fixed before you travel.

air travel – Book United airlines ticket with only Firtsname in passport

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visas – Is it possible to enter the United States on ESTA then remain as US national after obtaining passport?

If I wait until 5 days before my flight how likely is it that I will be able to get both an appointment and receive my emergency passport in those 5 days?

Very likely.

it would be possible to apply for an ESTA and enter the US using my Irish passport, then renew my American passport when I arrive to then be employed as a US national and leave the country on my American passport?

You can certainly apply. Your application may be refused. Even if it is not refused, the airline may notice that you are a US citizen and refuse to allow you to board the plane. If you are flying through a preclearance airport (from Ireland or Canada to the US, for example), the US immigration inspector may prevent you from boarding the plane. In short, there’s a good chance that this wouldn’t work.

If you can get into the US using your Irish passport, that doesn’t change your employability. You would nonetheless be a US citizen and therefore allowed to work even if you don’t have a US passport (though you will need to fulfill the requirements of the I-9 form, and the simplest way to do that is probably with the US passport).

I cannot apply for any work visas as the company made explicit I was only being hired as a US national and they cannot assist with visa applications.

Anyway, the US does not grant visas to its own citizens, so you would never get a work visa. This brings up another point: if you do manage to board the plane with your Irish passport and associated ESTA, you will still have to present yourself at the border as a US citizen who doesn’t have a passport. You’ll get a talking to, perhaps, and then you’ll be admitted as a US citizen.

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phone networks – Call this number from the United Kingdom?

Not sure if this is the right board, but it’s the closest one I can find. I’m trying to find a way to call this number 800.893.893 from the UK.

Google says simply dial 00 first as this is the exit code, however dialing 00 800 893 890 doesn’t work, the call immediately ends.

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usa – Entering the United States on a return ticket from Mexico under the VWP

I am a UK citizen intending to travel to the United States via Mexico in order to see my fiancee. I will spend the necessary fourteen days there before traveling onward to the US in order to circumvent the travel ban that is currently in place. I have a valid ESTA and seek to be admitted under the Visa Waiver Program.

My planned itinerary involves two return tickets, one between the UK and Mexico, and the other between Mexico and the United States. The plan is that I will travel to Mexico, spend the necessary fourteen days before traveling onward to the US on a separate return ticket, which would then take me back to Mexico to complete the return leg of my initial ticket. This is significantly cheaper than booking three separate one-way tickets that would allow me to fly directly back to the UK.

However, it’s just come to my attention that the eligibility requirement under 8 USC 1187(a)(8) may prevent me from doing this. It reads as follows.

(8) Round-trip ticket

The alien is in possession of a round-trip transportation ticket
(unless this requirement is waived by the Secretary of Homeland
Security under regulations or the alien is arriving at the port of
entry on an aircraft operated under part 135 of title 14, Code of
Federal Regulations, or a noncommercial aircraft that is owned or
operated by a domestic corporation conducting operations under part 91
of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations).

The round trip ticket is defined under 8 CFR 217.2(a) as follows.

Round trip ticket means any return trip transportation ticket in the
name of an arriving Visa Waiver Pilot Program applicant on a
participating carrier valid for at least 1 year, electronic ticket
record, airline employee passes indicating return passage, individual
vouchers for return passage, group vouchers for return passage for
charter flights, and military travel orders which include military
dependents for return to duty stations outside the United States on
U.S. military flights. A period of validity of 1 year need not be
reflected on the ticket itself, provided that the carrier agrees that
it will honor the return portion of the ticket at any time, as
provided in Form I-775, Visa Waiver Pilot Program Agreement.

So far, this is no problem. However, the restriction mentioned under 8 CFR 217.2(c)(1) is what leads me to doubt if I am actually admissible under such arrangements. It reads as follows.

(1) Applicants arriving by air and sea. Applicants must arrive on a
carrier that is signatory to a Visa Waiver Pilot Program Agreement and
at the time of arrival must have a round trip ticket that will
transport the traveler out of the United States to any other foreign
port or place as long as the trip does not terminate in contiguous
territory or an adjacent island; except that the round trip ticket may
transport the traveler to contiguous territory or an adjacent island,
if the traveler is a resident of the country of destination.

The problem here is that my ticket to the United States is a return ticket to Mexico, making it seem as if I could be falling foul of 8 CFR 217.2(c)(1) as my ticket does indeed terminate in a contiguous territory in which I am not a resident.

Does the fact that I have a separate return ticket from Mexico to the UK less than eight hours after returning there overcome this ineligibility? It seems to depend on whether the trip refers to my travel itinerary as a whole, or to just the the aforementioned “round trip ticket” required under 8 USC 1187(a)(8).

How to carry two check-in luggage in United in March 2021?

As of March 2021, we can carry only one check in luggage (per person) in New Delhi – New York United flight. We can pay $100 for an extra check-in luggage. I was wondering if there is any cheaper way to carry total two check-in luggage per person in United international flights. Any help is appreciated.

magento 1.9 – Mageto 1.9 UPS limit to 48 contiguous United Sates

I have set UPS Ground as Free Method in the UPS shipping method configuration. And an amount of 75 dollars as Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping.

This is working fine. But I need a Free shipping exception for the states of Alaska and Hawaii. How do we accomplish this in Magento 1.9?

As per the configuration, these 2 states are also showing UPS Ground as a free method.

Please help.

enter image description here