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dnd 5e – How do I present an unbeatable encounter without frustrating my players?

So, I have run Curse of Strahd sometimes, but every time I run it I find a new problem in my DM’ing haha.

I will try to make it answerable without specifically CoS experience and keep it spoiler free.

Strahd, a powerful Vampire, is the main villain of the adventure, and, as the book describes, he is not a villain that will only show up for the final encounter. Strahd will, certainly, appear many times during the adventure, either to probe the characters, to scare them, or generally to play with them. In the many times I have run the adventure, I never had any problem with this encounter until now.

Recently, in one of the tables I am running, for reasons I am still unsure, my players felt very frustrated with this encounter. Let me tell how the encounter went:

The party met Ireena, helped with her request, and stayed a little bit too long in the Town. Long enough for Strahd’s spies to inform him about Ireena leaving her house in company of the characters (they insisted) and, well, pay a visit to the characters when they were returning from the Tavern to the Burgomaster mansion. Strahd had no intention of actually harming the characters or even getting Ireena here – it was just to, well, make an introduction and… be Strahd.

However, the party has a very beautiful Half-Elf with 16 Cha who grabbed the attention of Strahd. He proceeded to Charm her and Bite her, just as a sign of “affection” – again, no intention of harming, I was not even rolling damage here, I only made the character in question roll the Wisdom Saving Throw and told her to “role play as if she was charmed by a vampire” when she failed – the player was fine with it and joined the role play nicely.

The other two players, however, tried many things. They tried to enter an abandoned house hoping that he wouldn’t enter without invitation, or “talking the charm out” – all to no avail.

From one point, I can understand their frustration: they felt powerless. On the other, that is… kinda one of the points. At this point in the adventure, they are powerless against Strahd. He presents himself as an unbeatable encounter, who is there for his own amusing.

Other than that, there were many points – most sadly missed by them due to they worrying about how unfair the encounter was – in that encounter, which I tried to convey at the best of my abilities. These will be listed in the spoiler below as they are part of the Curse of Strahd adventure, but essentially, it was a nice opportunity to give some hints about the relationship of Strahd and Ireena, as well as introduce some Vampire Features to them.

I made Strahd constantly call Ireena “my beloved”, while, even the high charisma half-elf, he only would call by “my lady” or stuff like that, never using anything resembling “love”, since his love is only for Tatyana.

I used it as an opportunity to present some of the features and spells from Strahd, so the players will be better prepared when they actually face him. That’s the main reason I used his Charm, a Ray of Frost and the Bite action on the PC.

Speaking of the Bite action, it was also my way to introduce them to the idea that just biting a character is not enough to transform them in a Vampire or Vampire Spawn. Until then, the players (and the characters) believed being bitten by a vampire would lead to immediate transformation.

One of my players also believed Silver would scare Vampires, but there is no such trope in 5e vampires. Sadly, he did not try out that, but it was the opportunity for him to find out that it does not work.

So, overall, I think there are many reasons for the encounter to happen, both from an in-game perspective, and simply to provide some useful information to the players and characters. However, they felt powerless, that the encounter was unfair and generally frustrated, even asking me “what is the point of this encounter?” in the middle of the encounter.

So, how can I present such an encounter, which is essentially unbeatable at this point, without frustrating them? I am asking because I plan to have them meet Strahd after the events in Vallaki again, and actually have a little bit of a combat this time, depending on how they behave, but I don’t want it to end up being a “again this unfair fight? There is nothing we can do at this stage please stop throwing him at us”.

Some things: First, I do not want to tell them “Don’t worry he won’t kill you” – they should be scared. And he will kill them, depending on how they act, and how bored he becomes with them. And I also would prefer to not disclose the spoiler’d reasons for the encounter, I would prefer them to find out by themselves that those were clues. I also think, even without them, there is enough in-game motivation for the encounter to happen from Strahd’s perspective, and he is a character that I want to develop as well.

PS: I should note that this was fairly soon after the Shambling Mound encounter in the Death House, where they also felt powerless because they couldn’t beat the monster in combat (and two characters actually died there – the players were back in this session with new characters).

PPS: I should also mention that, while Strahd himself was unbeatable, they had a feasible goal in sight: run to the Burgomaster mansion, where Strahd would not enter uninvited – which they understood quite quickly and managed to accomplish. That is to say that they had an objective in the encounter and even successfully managed to complete it, but obviously it lacked some sense of reward for them.

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How can I best invoke the trope of a foe who radically outclasses the heroes in Fate without compromising player agency? – but this is specific for FATE and the answers are very system-specific.

How can I present an “unsolvable right now” puzzle without frustrating my players? – Same thing, but instead of an enemy NPC, it’s a puzzle.

How do I add a recurring fantasy villain without frustrating the players?

javascript – Almost unbeatable Tic Tac Toe

JavaScript beginner here! I have written a Tic Tac Toe game is JS that seems to be unbeatable (Title says ‘almost’ because I’m not sure if it’s really unbeatable or just I can’t beat it 🙂 ).
I really appreciate any help to improve my code and learn from my mistakes.
Project’s CodePen =

    // Tic Tac Toe Win figures
var gameCtrl = (function () {
  var winningConditions, corners, randomCorner;
  winningConditions = (
    (3, 4, 5),
    (2, 4, 6),
    (0, 4, 8),
    (0, 1, 2),
    (6, 7, 8),
    (0, 3, 6),
    (1, 4, 7),
    (2, 5, 8),

  corners = (0, 2, 6, 8);
  randomCorner = corners(Math.floor(Math.random() * 4));

  //   If win possible? Win! if not? Block
  function winOrBlock(arr, marker, winCondition) {
    var status;
    // Count number of founded markers (first user & then opponent) if more the two, win or block
    var count = 0;
    if (arr(0) === marker) count++;
    if (arr(1) === marker) count++;
    if (arr(2) === marker) count++;
    if (count >= 2 && arr.includes("")) {
      // Return empty marker to use
      if (arr(0) === "") status = winCondition(0);
      if (arr(1) === "") status = winCondition(1);
      if (arr(2) === "") status = winCondition(2);
      return status;
  // Don't put marker somewhere that there's no chance to win
  function noStupidMove(arr, marker, winCondition) {
    var checkCorners;
    var count = 0;
    if (arr(0) === '') count++;
    if (arr(1) === '') count++;
    if (arr(2) === '') count++;
    if (arr.includes(marker) && count > 1) {
      return winCondition(arr.indexOf(""));
  // If none of others work
  function neturalMove(arr, marker, winCondition) {
    //   If win figures include marker, and there
    if(arr.includes(marker) && arr.includes('')) {
      return winCondition(arr.indexOf(""));

  //Function to add moves id to game board structure
  return {
    addToBoard: function (id, marker, board) {
      board(id) = marker;

    // Works for first and 2nd move
    firstMoves: function (board, counter, moves) {
      var result;
      //   after opponent's first move, if Center is empty, place it in center, If not? random corner
      if (counter === 1) {
        return board(4) === "" ? 4 : randomCorner;
      } else {
        //   If it's opponent's second move, check moves array and decide. If none of conditions met, then return false and let winOrBlock or neturalMove do it's job
        if (moves(0) === 0 && moves(1) === 7) result = 6;
        if (moves(0) === 6 && moves(1) === 5) result = 1;
        if (moves(0) === 4 && moves(1) === 8) result = 2;
        if (moves(0) === 4 && moves(1) === 2) result = 8;
        return board(result) === "" ? result : false;

    // Check if there is a chance for win, block or netural move || check win too
    checkStatus: function (board, type, marker, counter) {
      var a, b, c, winCondition, callback, check, opMarker;

      // Set oponet marker based on currnt marker
      marker === "O" ? (opMarker = "X") : (opMarker = "O");

      if (type === "check" && counter !== 0) {
        // Call functions based on stategy 2.block 3.netural
        callback = (
          (winOrBlock, marker),
          (winOrBlock, opMarker),
          (noStupidMove, marker),
          (neturalMove, marker),
      } else if (type === "check" && counter === 0) {
        return randomCorner;
      } else if (type === "win") {
        callback = "1";

      for (var x = 0; x < callback.length; x++) {
        for (var i = 0; i < winningConditions.length; i++) {
          winCondition = winningConditions(i);
          a = board(winCondition(0));
          b = board(winCondition(1));
          c = board(winCondition(2));

          //   Check win or place number?
          if (type === "check") {
            check = callback(x)(0)((a, b, c), callback(x)(1), winCondition);
            if (check || check === 0) {
              return check;
            // if check 'type' is "win" only check for win
          } else if (type === "win") {
            //   If a,b,c are same and not empty then it's a win
            if (a === b && b === c && c !== "") {
              return true;
    // If there is no empty cell, it's a draw (called after win check)
    isDraw: function (board) {
      return !board.includes("");

// Takes care of UI
var UICtrl = (function () {

  return {

    DOMstrings: {
      startBtn: '.start-btn',
      userScore: '.sc-',
      gameResult: '.result',
      finalMsg: '.msg',
      gameCells: '.cells',
      gameCell: '.cell',

    clearUI: function () {
      var cells, cellArr;
      cells = document.querySelectorAll(this.DOMstrings.gameCell);
      cellArr =;
      cellArr.forEach(function (cur) {
        cur.textContent = "";
    // Add marker to UI
    addMarkerUI: function (id, marker) {
      var color;
      marker === "X" ? (color = "black") : (color = "white");
      ).innerHTML = `<span style="color: ${color}">${marker}</span>`;

    // disable start btn afte start and Enable it after draw or win
    disableStartBtn: function (state) {
      document.querySelector(this.DOMstrings.startBtn).disabled = state;

    // Display score on UI
    displayScore: function (player, score) {
      document.querySelector(this.DOMstrings.userScore + player).textContent = score(player);

    // display Win or Draw result
    displayResult: function (win, draw, player) {
      var msg, resultDiv;
      player === 0 ? (player = "YOU WIN!") : (player = "YOU LOSE!");
      if (win) msg = player;
      if (draw) msg = "DRAW";
      resultDiv = document.querySelector(this.DOMstrings.gameResult); = "flex";
      document.querySelector(this.DOMstrings.finalMsg).textContent = msg;
      setTimeout(function () { = "none";
      }, 2000);

// Control game behavior
var controll = (function () {
  var gameBoard,
  gameBoard = ("", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");
  isActive = true;
  playerMarker = ("X", "O");
  currentPlayer = 0;
  score = (0, 0);
  twoMoveArr = ();
  counter = 0;
  whoIsPlayingFirst = 0;
  DOM = UICtrl.DOMstrings;

  // Game Start
  document.querySelector(DOM.startBtn).addEventListener("click", function () {
    // 1.hide start btn

    // 2 Reset game UI

    // 3 Active game
    isActive = true;

    // 4. Decide who's playing first

  // changes player after hitting start btn and invokes functions
  function changePlayer() {
    whoIsPlayingFirst === 1 ? (whoIsPlayingFirst = 0) : (whoIsPlayingFirst = 1);
    whoIsPlayingFirst === 1 ? userPlay() : AIplay();

  function userPlay() {
    document.querySelector(DOM.gameCells).addEventListener("click", function (e) {
      // Works only if clicked cell is empty and game is active
      if (isActive && === "") {
        // 1. Get clicked cell and set marker
        var cellID = parseInt(;
        var marker = playerMarker(0);

        //   Add Selected cell to board and UI
        handleDataUI(cellID, marker, gameBoard);

        // increase counter to findout play count
        // Push first two moves into an array to use it later fo blocking
        counter < 2 ? twoMoveArr.push(cellID) : (twoMoveArr = false);

        // Check for Win or Draw
        var win, draw;
        win = resultChecker(score, currentPlayer);
        draw = resultChecker(score, currentPlayer);
        if (!win && !draw) {

  function AIplay() {
    //   Change player id to 1
    currentPlayer = 1;
    // Set Marker
    marker = playerMarker(1);
    // If User plays first
    if (whoIsPlayingFirst === 1) {
      // check for first and second moves
      firstTwo = gameCtrl.firstMoves(gameBoard, counter, twoMoveArr);
      if (counter < 3 && typeof firstTwo === "number") {
        cellID = firstTwo;
      } else {
        //   If itsn't two first moves or it returned False, Try to win, block or netural move
        cellID = gameCtrl.checkStatus(gameBoard, "check", marker, counter);
      //   If AI plays first, if it's first move then, place marker on random corner. if not first move then try to win or block or do netural move
    } else {
      cellID = gameCtrl.checkStatus(gameBoard, "check", marker, counter);
    // Add it to Data strucure and UI
    handleDataUI(cellID, marker, gameBoard);
    // Check result
    resultChecker(score, currentPlayer);
    currentPlayer = 0;

//   adds moves to data and UI
  function handleDataUI(id, marker, board) {
    gameCtrl.addToBoard(id, marker, board);
    UICtrl.addMarkerUI(id, marker);

//   Checks for win and draw
  function resultChecker(score, currentPlayer) {
    var win = gameCtrl.checkStatus(gameBoard, "win");
    var draw = gameCtrl.isDraw(gameBoard);
    if (win) {
      score(currentPlayer) += 1;
      UICtrl.displayScore(currentPlayer, score);
      UICtrl.displayResult(win, false, currentPlayer);
      return true;
    if (draw) {
      UICtrl.displayResult(false, draw, currentPlayer);
      return true;
    return false;

//   Resets game after every game
  function resetGame() {
    document.querySelector(DOM.startBtn).textContent = "Play Again";
    gameBoard = ("", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "");
    currentPlayer = 0;
    isActive = false;
    counter = 0;
    twoMoveArr = ();
    // Enables start btn

  return {
    init: function () {
})(gameCtrl, UICtrl);


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dnd 5e – Is a character with the feats Polearm Master and Sentinel unbeatable in a duel?

To answer your question, the second benefit of the bowstaff master would be activated once the enemy reaches his range (10 & # 39;), and therefore a blow would stop him at that distance.

However, keep in mind that, unless you have the tunnel fighting style (see below), you cannot use it more than once per round, since opportunity attacks use your reaction. You also sacrifice any other option for which you need a reaction, which can make some feel like a pony of a trick during long fights.

This combination is also extremely situational and requires that some conditions be met. You must be able to reach enemies (the fastest enemies can surround you or, for some, fly under / bury), and must rely solely on melee attacks of 5 & # 39 ;, which will be canceled at later levels.

As for the use of Battlemaster, once again, using your superiority dice for these blocks, there are other options that could be more useful or provide a more fun combat encounter. Also like your reaction, superiority is a limited resource.

Last but not least, this requires 2 skills, and while this is not a problem for a fighter who has 7 APIs, it is not ideal for other classes that only have 5.

Here, however, there are some positive aspects of this combination:

  • Tunnel Fighter (UA) eliminates the limit imposed by a single reaction. If you choose your positioning carefully, therefore, you can stop an entire enemy in a narrow passage, as long as those enemies are within the range of close combat and, of course, do not miss an attack. If you are a DM, consider this carefully before including this material in the game.
  • This feat is a great opportunity for the cooperative game! If you have castor castors, spells that restrict movement or wall spells, use this to your advantage! Since you will not necessarily be doing mountains of damage, you can keep the front line while your allies attack your enemies with ranged attacks while channeling your opponents at your fingertips.
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About our company :

We are one of The most experienced groups of content writers in the industry.. Not only do we generate content, but we also generate content that in turn generates footprints on the website of the website owners. The only motto behind hiring the services of the content writing companies is to generate the viability of the client and make them notice and excavate the sites. That's what our content writers do.

We usually hear the common phase that "Time is effective"! This is 100% correct. The most vital motivation to hire content writers like us is to save time and, in exchange, also cash. When you hire us and our services, and we take care of the promotional writing part, you will have more time to dedicate advertising and manage your site. For example, instead of investing your time in creating site content, you can use it to achieve a higher Page Rank on Google, which means more visitors to your site and more revenue for you.

Why contract us ?

1. We produce first class, well researched and informative content.
2. The content is always customized according to the client's needs.
3. The content is always well formatted, 100% error-free and easily readable
4. Our content generates steps and increases the rank of the Google page.

services we offer :

Our range of contents starts from SEO articles, LSI articles, blogs, technology articles and general articles as well.. The duration is from 24 to 72 hours and if the volume of work is heavy, after informing the client, it can also be increased.

We have three three-dimensional approaches to create the best for you. :

Along with quality and uniqueness, we also offer the following offers to our customers.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

With all these and more positive results, it becomes difficult not to hire us.

Our rate :

70 cents per 100 words

How to order :

  • PM or e-mail the details of your order (mention your BHW username when sending by email) to or
  • The response will be sent with the information about the end time, etc.
  • Send your PayPal payments to
  • Make a post on the thread to identify your order
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Email –

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Skype – HighTechOcean

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John Taylor
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