eu – Ryanair using “unauthorised screen scraper” argument to refuse refund

I had a return flight (booked on the 29th of Oct) with Ryanair that was moved from Dec 1. to Dec. 3 and subsequently cancelled. I requested a refund after the cancellation, and received an e-mail a few days after confirming that I, through their website, could get my cash refund.

When I go on the website and provide my e-mail and booking reference, they reject my application and provide the following reason:

“This booking has been identified as one purchased through an unauthorised screen scraper. In order to request a cash refund, the customer must complete our customer verification process. Please click here to complete the form.”

The problem is, the above is a complete fabrication – I have never booked any flight, ever, via anything but the corresponding airline websites, and I can see in my history that I went through the entire booking process with!

To move forward they require that I fill out a demanding ‘customer verification form’, but this requires that I confirm which online travel agency (OTA) I used, but as noted, I never did. I guess they hope that I try to fill it out, allowing them subsequently to invalidate my claim by accusing me of falsifying my verification form. From my viewpoint it appears they actively are trying to defraud me, or hope I do something dumb.

I paid via MasterCard. It is impossible to get through to their customer service. What do you suggest? I don’t want a voucher – I only used Ryanair because they – due to CoVID – were the only direct option via my local airport.