SQL Server Agent unable to view network drives

I am unable to get agent jobs to output to a network path. I have pushed the IT guy to set up a domain authenticated user that logs in when the agent starts. That login does have access to the domain and is able to see the network drives. If I set the location of the output file to be the local c: then this works without issue. However if I set the drive to be a network location I get the following message;

(SQLSTATE 01000) (Message 0)Unable to open Step output file. The step succeeded.

Any help would be very much appreciated

virtual machines – Unable to connect to port 8000 on Azure

You have only allowed incoming traffic to port 8000 from a single IP address. It looks like you put your Azure VM’s IP address in as the source. So only the VM can access itself on port 8080.

You need to be loading the web app from that IP address, or change the IP address to your actual IP address, or allow any source.

networking – unable to uninstall shorewall from ubuntu 16

I noticed on my some servers shorewall service is installed but it’s not running.I want to uninstall it.

I executed the command sudo systemctl status shorewall to check status of shorewall and got the below output.

shorewall.service – Shorewall IPv4 firewall

Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/shorewall.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)

Active: inactive (dead)

Then I executed sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove shorewall command to uninstall the shorewall. After uninstalling it, I checked the status of shorewall with this command again sudo systemctl status shorewall then It’ giving output like below.


Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)

Active: inactive (dead)

Jul 08 20:24:23 ip-10-10-10-10 systemd(1): Stopped Shorewall IPv4 firewall.

Can anyone confirm please that is shorewall uninstalled successfully?, why is it giving the output like this?

networking – Unable to connect to wireless networks

I recently moved to a different hostel at my university, and my router’s wireless network, which worked fine in the previous hostel, suddenly started behaving weird. My devices (tried with my phone and laptop, and those of my friends too) can detect the wireless network, but fail to connect it. On the android phones, the status simply changes to “Saved” from “Connecting”, while on Windows it says “Can’t connect to this network”.

I’ve tried changing the settings, rebooting the router, and even resetting it, but the issue persists. Sometimes the devices successfully connect to the network, but within 5 minutes or so the issue returns. I have two routers, and both are experiencing the same issue (both worked back in the previous hostel), and a friend is also experiencing this issue with his router (in the same hostel). Even without the router being connected to the WAN, the devices cannot connect to the broadcasted wireless network. The router works fine if the PC has a wired connection to it though.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Is there any way this can be solved?

Information that might be relevant: internet traffic in the university is directed through a proxy which controls access to sites; there are three wireless networks hosted by the university around the campus for wireless access, both in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths. From my limited knowledge, I suspect that the university networks might be interfering with the router’s wireless networks in the new hostel.

postgresql – Unable to create view with temp table

Hi I am working on one project and want to create a view. I am using temp table in my query. can any one let me know how we can create such view ?

Following is my query, I tried using WITH..AS , but it gives due to insert query.

create temporary table temp_testtbl as
select id,dte,name,hrs_total
FROM dttbl.dts limit 0;

insert into temp_testtbl 
select id,dte,name,hrs_total
FROM dttbl.dts 
group by id,dte,name,hrs_total;

SELECT i.dte,
    1 AS entity_id,
    sum(i.hrs_total) AS myhrs
   FROM temp_testtbl i
   JOIN schema1.mytable idm ON idm.src_id = i.iex_id::text AND idm.src_type_id = 123 AND idm.end_dte IS NULL
   JOIN schema1.mytable idm2 ON idm2.empl_id = idm.empl_id AND idm2.src_type_id = 345 AND idm2.end_dte IS NULL
  GROUP BY i.dte, idm.empl_id limit 100;

Social media manager tools are unable to add post to my facebook page

I have been using a SMM tool to schedule my posts to my facebook page (and other social media channels) for that matter. It was working fine and the posts were added to the FB page. However, recently it stopped showing the posts on the FB page while all other channels show the posts.

There is no error at SMM tool side. Also, the images attached to the scheduled posts are being added to the Timeline Photos, but the posts are not being created under Posts tab and do not show up under Activity Log!

Please see these two screenshots.

  1. Posts added from SMM tool: https://www.screencast.com/users/shahzaad/folders/Default/media/77636c4d-7c4d-4494-acfb-1e0de0710db0

  2. No SMM tool created post showing up under the Posts tab only manual ones are showing up https://content.screencast.com/users/shahzaad/folders/Default/media/bd55b339-abeb-4e88-b318-c525ba6f6403/LWR_Recording.png

  3. But the images of those automated posts are showing up under Timeline Photos


I tried with another social media tool as well, but the same result. So it looks like the issue with at FB side. Do I need to change some settings at FB page or something like that?

sharepoint online – Unable to approve a pending app request

I want to add a SharePoint app inside our site, where from the SharePoint store i added the app, as follow:-
enter image description here

  • then i received the following :-
    enter image description here

  • after that i requested the app:-
    enter image description here

  • but i am not sure how i can approve it >> i went to the app store, where i find the app request , but i am not sure how i can approve the app request:-
    enter image description here

  • i edit the app >> select Approved from the status list , as follow:-
    enter image description here

  • but still when i try to add the app i will get that it need to be approved, as follow:-

enter image description here

I am login using the office 365 admin and the office 365 admin does not have an email address..

Unable to run the Powershell script for multiple servers to get the IIS Details

I wrote a script to get the IIS deatils from Multiple servers, but the script is working fine for one server, but is unable to run for the multipl servers and it is throwing the error as below:

(ABDC.domain.com) Connecting to remote server
ABDC.domain.com failed with the following error message : The client
cannot connect to the destination specified in the request. Verify that the
service on the destination is running and is accepting requests. Consult the
logs and documentation for the WS-Management service running on the
destination, most commonly IIS or WinRM. If the destination is the WinRM
service, run the following command on the destination to analyze and configure
the WinRM service: “winrm quickconfig”. For more information, see the
about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.
+ CategoryInfo : OpenError: (ABDC.domain.com:String) (),
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConnect,PSSessionStateBroken
Cannot index into a null array.
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) (), RuntimeException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : NullArray
+ PSComputerName : ABDC.domain.com.tmk.ent.lc

Script i wrote

#Import-Module -Name WebAdministration

$Computers = Get-Content "C:ChandrakanthServers.txt"

foreach ($server in $Computers) {

    $iis = Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -Filter "Name = 'IISADMIN'" -ComputerName $server

    if ($iis.State -eq 'Running') 
    $details = Write-Host "IIS is running on $server" -ForegroundColor Green 
    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Computers -ScriptBlock {
    # Changed to newer IISAdministration Module to match Get-IISAppPool
    $Websites = Get-Website

    foreach ($Website in $Websites) {

        $AppPool = Get-IISAppPool -Name $Website.Applications(0).ApplicationPoolName
            #Server_Name = $env:COMPUTERNAME +'.'+ $env:USERDNSDOMAIN
            Website_Name                  = $Website.Name
            Website_Id                    = $Website.Id -join ';'
            Website_State                 = $Website.State -join ';'
            Website_PhysicalPath          = $Website.PhysicalPath -join ';'
            Website_Bindings              = $Website.Bindings.Collection -join ';'
            Website_Attributes            = ($Website.Attributes | ForEach-Object { $_.name + "=" + $_.value }) -join ';'
            #AppPool_Name                  = $AppPool.Name -join';'
            #AppPool_State                 = $AppPool.State -join ';'
            #AppPool_ManagedRuntimeVersion = $AppPool.ManagedRuntimeVersion -join ';'
            #AppPool_ManagedPipelineMode   = $AppPool.ManagedPipelineMode -join ';'
            #AppPool_StartMode             = $AppPool.StartMode -join ';'
} #| Export-Excel -Path C:ChandrakanthIISite_App-pool_Details.xlsx -AutoSize -BoldTopRow
#| Export-Csv -Path C:IISite_App-pool_Details.txt

#| Export-Excel -Path C:IISite_App-pool_Details.txt -AutoSize -BoldTopRow

#chandu end

    Write-Host "IIS is NOT running on $server" -ForegroundColor Red 

} #Export-Excel -Path C:ChandrakanthIISite_App-pool_Details.xlsx -AutoSize -BoldTopRow```

Please help me to get the issue resolved.

Thanks in Advance.

amazon rds – Unable to create role on AWS RDS postgresql database

I’m trying to create a read-only user on an AWS RDS PostgreSQL database. I am logging in using psql, with the default user that was created in the RDS dashboard when I created the database. Yesterday I was able to create a role called readonly, but I realized I did not add some parameters I wanted to add such as NOSUPERUSER INHERIT NOCREATEDB NOCREATEROLE NOREPLICATION so I deleted the role. Then I went to create the role again and the operation timed out with a weird error, so I disconnected.

Well today when I tried to log in with the same user and create a role with command CREATE ROLE readonly;, I get: ERROR: permission denied to create role. I ran the command l and see this (I am myuser for example):


Any tips on how to resolve this? Do you think I triggered some kind of security protection so I am no longer allowed to create a role?

sharepoint designer – SPDESIGN.EXE Application error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b )

Sharepoint designer 2013 installed successfully on my PC without prompting any error.
After installation while opening it’s showing error.

SPDESIGN.EXE Application error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b ).

I have preinstalled frameworks

Microsoft.net compact framework 2.0 SP2

Microsoft.net compact framework 3.5

Microsoft.net compact framework 4.5.1 Multi targeting pack

Microsoft.net compact framework 4.6.1 SDK

Microsoft.net compact framework 4.6.1 targeting pack

Do i need to install any prerequisite before SP designer installation?

any clue, please.