How do you unzip a Texture2D from image or string from txt from a zip file using SharpZipLib

How do you unzip a Texture2D from image or string from a txt file – contained in a zip file – using SharpZipLib or System.IO.Compression?

whitespace – Importing text files (txt) into R that have differing numbers of variables on each row

I am currently tasked with manipulating a text file in order to eliminate any whitespace from the end of a file. To do this, I am toying with R and trying to find a way to cut the spaces at the end.

Each line of the text file has a different number of variables on, separated by commas like below in the simplified example:

This is the format of the text file before imported into R

As you can see, the length of each line is different. R struggles to take this into account, cutting down each line to the same length as the top line. Does anyone know why this may be?

This is the format of the data frame in R

My code to read the text file is as follows:

write.table(sample_file, “txt_file.txt”, sep = “,”, quote = FALSE)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense.

Is it damageful to disallow *.txt in robots.txt?

Does someone know if disallowing *.txt in robots.txt can be a problem? I fear a little that robots can’t even access to robots.txt in this case.

google search console – How do I “noindex” a text (.txt) file?

I have a directory full of .txt files that are used as part of a larger javascript application. The text files are not inteded to be directly accessed, and are used as includes on separate pages as part of the application functionality].

So.. I added the directory to my robots.txt file because I don’t want the files to show up independently in search results.

However, robots.txt simply makes the .txt files inaccessible to robots. It doesn’t actually make the .txt files un-indexable.

What I really want to do is “noindex” the .txt files. But .txt files aren’t like .html files.. a noindex meta tag will be visible in the text.

So how does one “noindex” a file that’s raw text without corrupting the text with a tag?

Is there some other way to noindex a text file, externally? Or noindex the overall directory?

Salvar dados de um arquivo txt em uma struct como inteiro ou manipular o struct. C

Eu tenho um arquivo txt que segue o modelo abaixo. Eu quero salvar o saldo como int, mas com fgets eu não consigo isto. Eu estou querendo salvar como int, pois depois que os dados são pegos o programa ordena eles com base no saldo. Tem algum outro modo de fazer isso???


Kelsen da Silva
William Malvezzi
Fulano de Tal 

O código que deu para pegar os dados e imprimir está assim.

struct conta{
  char nome(100);
  char conta(4);
  char saldo(10);

int main(){

int i = 0;
struct conta contas(10);
FILE *file = fopen("string.txt", "r");

    fgets(contas(i).nome, sizeof(contas(i).nome), file);
    fgets(contas(i).conta, sizeof(contas(i).conta), file);
    fgets(contas(i).saldo, sizeof(contas(i).saldo), file);


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.desktop files open in txt editor

Hey I am running Ubuntu 20.4.1 on Oracle VM.
I am having a problem that the files on /share/applications lacking icons and cannot be executed as regular software (they open in txt editor).
I try to run it as “Run Software” but it doesn’t do anything.

I have tried it on Unity-Tweak-Tool

Why php RFI works with .txt but non with .php?


<?php $file = $_GET("file");
      include $file; ?>

bad.txt bad.php CONTENT:


        echo "<pre>";
        $cmd = ($_REQUEST('cmd'));
        echo "</pre>";






Why the 2nd attempt works and the 1st don’t?

python – Writing from a list to a txt file doesn’t work

I am working on my project for college and I am stuck. I try to write my list to a text document, which will obtain all the questions I ask and the answer the user gives. The code works fine (without error’s), but it does not write..

I hope that I explained my problem clearly. All the help will be appreciated!
My code:

from random import *
from time import sleep

def Groet():

    naam = input("Vul hier je naam in: ")
        "Welkom " + naam + "!" " Bij de sorteerhoed, die gemaakt is door klas INF1AY.nLaten we op zoek gaan naar de geschikte specialisatie voor jou!n"
    # sleep (2.2)

def vragenLijst():
    print("De vragen worden geladen.. ")
    # sleep(2.0)
    print("Goed om te weten: de vragen kunnen alleen beantwoord worden met 'ja' en 'nee', zolang je dit niet invoert, zullen de vragen verder gesteld worden.")
    # sleep(3.0)

    vragen_list = open("questions.txt").readlines()
    vragen_list_index = list(enumerate(vragen_list, 1))
    vragen_list_dict = dict(vragen_list_index)

    antwoorden_list = ()
    while vragen_list_dict:
        key = choice(list(vragen_list_dict))
        antwoord = input(vragen_list_dict(key) + "(ja/nee): ")
        if antwoord == "ja" or antwoord == "nee":
            antwoorden_list.append((key, antwoord))
            del vragen_list_dict(key)
    return antwoorden_list

    antwoorden_user = open("antwoorden_user.txt", "a")

def main():  
if __name__ == "__main__":

text – ¿Cómo unir varios txt en uno añadiendo un prefijo en cada línea usando python?

Tengo varios txt, cada uno de ellos, una única línea.
Quiero unirlos todos en uno, siendo cada uno de ellos una línea, y añadiendo al principio de cada línea:

> texto0tXt(contenido txt0)   
> texto1tXt(contenido txt1)
>         (...)

Para ello he creado el siguiente código en python:

import glob

outfilename = '/home/.../completo.txt'
    read_files = glob.glob('/home/.../todos/*txt')
    with open(outfilename, "wb") as outfile:
        #for i in range(3):
        for f in read_files:
            with open(f, "rb") as infile:

No consigo hacer el .write de manera que me devuelva el texto con el formato que necesito.
Lo he intentado usando for i in range(len(file)) y cosas por el estilo, pero en ninguna de ellas consigo el resultado indicado.