Transaction created but txid not found in blockchain browsers

Transaction created like the others, but status: 0 / unconfirmed
And txid pitch found in scouts block
Transaction ID: e9c858f852a1de7c70e6f8377f2147f3def1d4b1d85a5947d028bb9c13450318

How to successfully complete this?

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Client – How do I get Raw Transaction Txid, Scriptpubkey using the Bitcoin Core console?

I just downloaded Bitcoin Core in Windows 7 and I am trying to create a raw transaction. When I wrote listunspent 0 or listunspent 1 on the console, I did not receive any messages (empty message) on the console. How do I get the raw transaction txid, scriptpubkey using the bitcoin center console?

bitcoind: sending transaction error with blocking time: 64: txid not final

I just found the same problem and the solution is almost stupid. Since the clue is not found elsewhere, I would add my two cents in case others step on the same trap.

It turns out that, in addition to the usual reasons related to time (for example, the time block has not expired, the sequence number is not set correctly, etc.), trying to spend an unconfirmed UTXO also causes non-final error. I didn't delve into the source code to see why this happens, but the misleading error message cost me a good afternoon.

Why would you try to spend unconfirmed products? Well, when you are busy trying things and gradually lose patience …

transaction fees: how to calculate the current supply of coins for all transactions (also known as txid)?

We are doing a small project and import all the block information to mongoDB. At this time, the requirement is to calculate the supply of coins with respect to the block number.

My plan is to go through all the txids within the block and analyze vout and vin. But I am not sure what corresponds to the coins extracted and what are only the existing coins sent by the users. Also, what about tx rates?
Maybe I can only track "valueOut" and that's it?

            "asm":"0496b538e853519c726a2c91e61ec11600ae1390813a627c66fb8be7947be63c52da7589379515d4e0a604f8141781e62294721166bf621e73a82cbf2342c858ee OP_CHECKSIG",

Any help would be appreciated!

BTC transaction not confirmed / TXID does not exist?

Recently I tried sending some btc to coinbase. In a hurry I did not put a transaction fee. I have tried to explain to your customer service what is happening. I offered to charge a fee through my coinbase wallet to pay for the parents protocol. Your lack of understanding is making me worry. I tried using ViaBTC. I put the transaction ID and they said the TXID did not exist. Any suggestions will be appreciated. It is about 7 days now. Thank you.

bitcoin mining and server send me bad txid

Help me extract bitcoin and the server send transaction (txid) in this format:
The blockchain website cannot find my transaction, please help.

segwit2x – How to calculate txid for segwit transactions?

I'm having a hard time calculating txid for recent transactions. I followed bip-141 at

For the first transaction in the first block found in blk00165.dat (testnet), I get the following when I add the necessary data for the hash:


I also printed the byte stream of the file and it matches. But when I double hash, I get an invalid txid. Am I missing something for segwit transactions?

My code works for non-segwit transactions, tested with the first transactions in the first block.

address – Generating TXID from the transaction data

As I understand it, we can generate a TXID by hashing transaction data through SHA256 twice, and as you probably know, a bitcoin transaction is just a data set that describes the movement of bitcoins.

after that, to look for a TXID in the chain of blocks, we must look for it in reverse byte order.

I tried this instruction to generate a TXID for some tx sample messages, but I did not find it in blockchain browsers.

Bitcoin Core: what does it mean if TXID and WTXID are equal?

I find it hard to understand what exactly WTXID is and what it means when WTXID and TXID are the same (and vice versa).

What I understand is that WTXID includes the data of the witnesses. Since non-segwitted transactions do not have the segregated token, their WTXID must be the same as the TXID. Is that correct?

bitcoind – Bitcoin walletnotify does not pass the txid as% s

I did a thorough search online, but I have not found an answer yet. Basically I'm using the line below in my conf file:

walletnotify = C: path s

I'm supposed to run my python file and pass it the txid as argument sys.argv[1]. But I get "IndexError: list index out of range" and when investigating, simply open the Python file without passing anything, so there are no arguments.

I am using Anaconda for python 3 and I have configured the python.exe file in my subfolders Appdata local conda conda … as the default program to open .py files. This could be relevant because previously there was a Python 2.7 installed on my computer that I was not really using, but somehow Walletnotify seemed to be working well at that time. I uninstalled Python 2.7 just to clean my computer and since then I have been facing this problem. I am using Windows 10 FYI.

I'm a little frustrated because I've been trying to solve this for about 6 hours without much success. Please help.