I don’t receive push notifications for Twitter Direct Messages from private accounts

It’s pretty much what’s in the title. I believe it has nothing to do with my device (an iPhone), nor any other defect. I believe it’s how Twitter sets it up for some weird reason. Is there a way to go around this?

I don’t receive push notifications for Twitter DMs from private accounts

It’s pretty much what’s in the title. I believe it has nothing to do with my device (an iPhone), nor any other defect. I believe it’s how Twitter sets it up for some weird reason. Is there a way to go around this?

google chrome extensions – Hide “What’s Happening” and “Who To Follow” on Twitter

Because the divs have random hash classes I can’t figure out how to hide them or what to hide them with. These sections take up an insane amount of space and the content is terrible, would love to hide them.

I tried div[aria-label="Timeline: Trending now"] {display:none;} with Stylish but either the selector or chrome extension didn’t work.

Twitter seach issue –or at least I think it is

Hi Everybody,

I run a twitter chat that operates by searching for a specific hashtag. Most people access the chat via Tweetdeck, though some via phone and searching for the hashtag. Tonight, during the chat, my tweets suddenly stopped appearing in the chat. Some people didn’t see any of the tweets I did, some saw some. The strange thing is, I could see all of mine and had no idea they weren’t appearing till my co-moderator called me to tell me. The strange thing also is, another participant in the chat had the same experience (after a while, her tweets stopped showing up in the chat (every tweet we do in the chat includes the hashtag in the tweet which is how twitter aggregates the chat–by searching for the hashtag). So it wasn’t just me.

I contacted Twitter–they don’t really do customer support. I also logged out and logged in using my second backup account. My tweets from that account did show up in Tweetdeck (and others could see that one) however, when I searched for my handle (my normal handle–the one that stopped having its tweets show up in the chat), nothing appeared.

So I do think it’s a search issue. BTW, my chat is a PG-13’ish rated chat so there was nothing inflammatory mentioned at all. And I’m not suspended. Also, nobody has any issues reading my regular tweets–only the ones that include the hashtag in them.

Anybody have any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Twitter share button codeigniter – Stack Overflow

I have a project under codeigniter, I want the user to be able to share the current page he is visiting.

I have setup all the twitter card meta, it’s working perfectly. The twitter card is build like this title of the article then link to the article. I would like to have my twitter card to display at the end @website, any idea on how to do this?

Meta Twitter card

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" >
<meta name="twitter:title" content="TITLE OF THE DEAL”>
<meta name="twitter:description" content="DESCRIPTION OF THE DEAL" >
<meta name="twitter:image" content="IMAGE PATH">
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@website" >

archiving – Save Entire Twitter Timeline Including Recommendations from People I follow


Is it possible to save entire timeline with recommendations into RSS Feed?

The information in the example below with red markings on it, is what I am after.
Since from what I have found so far, I am only able to retrieve information from my timeline, without twitters recommendations. ( my own tweets, retweets, or likes) I want to archive everything if at all possible.

Alternatives that I have thought of, if this is not possible.

Individually, capture all information of each user that I follow ( their tweets, retweets, and likes)
It would be tedious, but it would be one way.

I do know that their are rate limits.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Sources that I have tried without success

Converts Twitter to RSS Feed

twarc is a command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON data

Twitter timeline

Example of My Timeline

Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation
Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation

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twitter – How to add a new Tweet to old ones on desktop?

According to this official Tweet, when I write a new tweet, I can choose an old tweet to attach to. But I couldn’t figure out where this feature is on desktop browser.

This document says the first step is:

Tap the compose icon.

But I couldn’t find such an icon either.

Twitter Complete Marketing Guide – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Twitter is the second most visited social networking site in the world and has millions of users worldwide.

According to our Social Media Marketing expert roundup, besides Facebook, Twitter is the second best source of traffic and connections for social media marketers.

I’me using Twitter with good success here, on Monetize.info and on other sites to bring traffic to my articles but most important to get in touch with people from the industry.

The Twitter Marketing Guide has three parts and I encourage to read them all to understand all the benefits of using Twitter for your business and how to make it work for you.

Table of contents:

  1. Benefits of using Twitter for your business
  2. How to manage a Twitter profile with great success
  3. How to promote your Twitter profile
  4. Conclusion

1. Benefits of using Twitter for your business

Twitter provides huge opportunities for any business to get their brand in front of people they would never have had the opportunity of getting in front of before.

You can literally grow your followers from just a few to many valuable contacts, influencers, and prospects in only a short space of time.

1.1 Lead Generation

The main goal of any business is going to be to generate leads for conversion. On Twitter, you have access to literally million of users and the opportunity to find new prospects is enormous.



Twitter offers a very informal way of making contact with people and makes it very easy for you to gain attention by simply following users. As long as you have a lead generation and capture system in place your business can benefit hugely from Twitter.

1.2 Connect with your customers

If your customers are on Twitter it is very likely that they will want to follow you, and Twitter offers you an excellent way to engage with your customers.

By staying in contact with them you can continue to build loyalty, communicate new offers and when they start interacting with your brand their followers will hear about your brand too.



1.3 Branding

You no longer need to be a big name to build a brand on Twitter. Twitter has evened out the playing field and has made everything possible for businesses both small and large and you can literally get your brand in front of thousands of people. 



Once you are connecting with customers, providing them with valuable information, answering their questions and taking notice of their comments and complaints you can start building relationships and brand loyalty. 

You should also read our article: Five Social Media Marketing Tips From Professionals

1.4 Drives Traffic to your website or blog

By sharing and posting links to useful content videos, blog articles and other useful information you can drive traffic to your website or blog which can drive sales and generate leads.



1.5 Promotions, offers and contests

Promotions are a very effective way of building brand awareness and also building your opt-in list. Word can spread very quickly on Twitter so it’s an obvious choice to use this platform to publicize your latest special offer.

1.6 Introductions to new contacts and networking

The potential for growing new contacts and connecting with thought leaders in your industry is huge. Twitter’s search facility makes it incredibly easy to find people who may be interested in your product or service.

1.7 Faster Customer service

Twitter is a great way for your customers to stay in contact with you and because so many people have smart phones and can access the internet it is often so much more convenient to contact a business via social media.



Read more: https://monetize.info/twitter-marketing-guide/#ixzz4pfZJ5eZc 
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phone number in twitter – Web Applications Stack Exchange

I try to add my number to my account in twitter but I can’t because it say it use in other account but actually I buy thins number recently and i didn’t add it for any account so maybe the old owner add it for an account.
so how can I delete my number from unknown account?
I try this steps but it doesn’t work cause they actually close this page:

Navigate to twitter.com on a computer. This link only works if you’re logged out of Twitter.
Click on the Activate your account link located on the home page as shown below.
Enter your phone number when directed, along with the country code.
If your phone number is linked to a Twitter account, we’ll send your phone a text message containing a verification code. Use this code to confirm that the mobile number belongs to you.
On the following page, Twitter will ask you to complete your Twitter profile. Your username will already be filled in. That username belongs to the same account your phone is tied to.

also I send stop to 40404 but it doesn’t work

please help me