twitter – .009% of the United Kingdom has Coronavirus !! nic !! Boris says our excellent world health service, very expensive, cannot cope

250,000 people worldwide die from the flu each year. Done! They have pills to sell us to help, right? Why are the stock markets closing? Even during ww2, 1929 depression, 9.11 and 2008 crash never closed .. ??? Ftse100 loses 1/3 of its value in days (valves composed of tbf paper) since the rich basically do not bet on future actions that do not even exist! Didn't we just rescue them for this bs recently?!? The only reason they are not risking their money is that if slave cattle cannot work, pay taxes, then they have no way of earning with us honest people who follow the rules! This basically highlights the fact that our excellent services are not fit for the purpose for which we created it. The deficit of the national budget is over the price of the nhs by the way! I will hope this is the real reason to stay under the dictatorship of the euro zone !!!
What would you do if we didn't pay taxes, only on Amazon, google fees .5% hey?

Use Twitter for marketing

Hello everyone, can you tell me how we can use Twitter for marketing?

Is there a Stack Exchange Data Explorer counterpart for YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter?

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) is

An open source tool to execute arbitrary queries against public data from the Stack Exchange network. Features include collaborative query editing for all graduate and public Stack Exchange beta sites

Any SEDE login user can run sql with all data for free. That's great.

Are there similar or equivalent tools for YouTube, FaceBook, Quora, reddit and twitter?

Twitter rewrites developer policy

Twitter says it has rewritten its Developer Policy to make it easier to understand.

twitter – View Tweets from CPT

I have an online content aggregation website, and I have set up a CPT that is being completed with Twitter search results through WP RSS Aggregator.

The permanent link for each post is the URL of the tweet. I know that WordPress will analyze the links to tweet and format them to display.

How can I link these permanent links and have WP process them? All the add-ons I've tried are only extracted from Twitter and not extracted from a CPT. I can link them with php or the Custom Content Shortcode add-in, but WP doesn't analyze them.

google: Twitter cannot retrieve content from our domain hosted on an Azure CDN network, although you can obtain it from an equivalent URL

There is a website that is distributed through Azure CDN. The CDN endpoint was used as the destination of the CNAME entry for www.< EXAMPLE >.com with the use of Google DNS. The website's www address works fine with one exception, Twitter cannot resolve the address, therefore, cannot read meta tags to generate the call twitter card. In the twitter validation page When you try to validate the previous address, you will return the following message:

ERROR: The page could not be retrieved because the search engine cannot resolve the address.

However, when you enter the CDN endpoint address ( in the same validator, then everything is fine and Twitter can read the content of the website. Also, the debugger to share on Facebook does not complain.

Below you can see dark dig departure for domain.     60                      IN CNAME 1799                 IN CNAME 299              IN CNAME 200                IN CNAME    43                  IN CNAME 223 IN CNAME 236           IN A

What can cause the problem and how can I solve it?

Twitter: copy and paste full search results

For some time I would do a search on Twitter and then copy and paste the entire result into some text file. (Using Crtl-A or selecting the results manually).

This does not work anymore. That It seems I can select everything, but if I paste the result, only a very small selection appears (1-7 tweets).

I tried it with Ubuntu bionic and Debian Buster, and Firefox, Waterfox and Chromium.

First I thought this was due to Diodon (gnome / ubuntu), but the KDE Plasma clipboard manager that I use with Debian has the same result. So I guess it's a new "feature" of Twitter, but I don't know.

Do others have a problem? Any suggestions on how I could copy / paste again the full twitter search result?

The list of Twitter trends is not correct

I recently created a Twitter account and my trends are listed like this: Twitter

However, for other members of my household, your list looks like this:

Twitter 2

I tried to change the configuration but the results remain the same, I don't even have the same trends that are shown even though we are configured in the same location. I would appreciate any help.