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Contact the Fire Stick Frozen team to solve the problems with Fire TV videos – Advertising, offers

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a small adaptation of Amazon Fire TV. It is a more compact and easy to transport device that has the same functionality as an Amazon Fire TV. This device includes all your beloved substance and can transport it anywhere, so your means will be with you in general. If you need any help with regard to Fire TV Stick, call Frozen fire stick number that is 1-866-947-8499 for the best help.

xorg – Ubuntu 4K TV synchronization issues

I have a problem with what I think is a synchronization problem when I connect my Sony X830C 4K TV to my laptop, which is a Lenovo T470s with Intel HD 520 graphics.

The TV is connected through DisplayPort to an active HDMI adapter to allow 60 hz, which works perfectly in Windows 7. I used this configuration for a little over a year on Windows, but I just switched to Ubuntu.

The synchronization problem only occurs at the bottom of the screen. As a band across the width of the screen.

I recorded a video of the problem since it is quite difficult to explain: https://youtu.be/Y6b70Kp2shQ

This is what I have tried so far to solve this problem.

  • Portable bios update
  • Update to 19.04
  • Oibaf open graphics drivers
  • By creating an X11 configuration file with the following content, I tried several versions of these options

    "Device" section
    Identifier "Intel Graphics"
    Driver "intel"
    Option "TripleBuffer" "true"
    Option "TearFree" "true"
    Option "DRI" "2"
    Option "AccelMethod" "SNA"

  • Wayland

  • Different refresh rates

Sometimes it disappears, for example, when it disconnects and re-enters only to return if, for example, the screen goes off. It also never happens on the login screen or at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this would be appreciated!

How to create a rounded TV edges effect in Unity?

Is there a way to get rounded TV edges like these:
enter the description of the image here

I want rounded egdes and the distortion effect, but I can not find a way to do this. I am using Unity 2017.

What script is best for the automated site of movies and TV shows?

Hi guys
I'm looking to start a Gomovie clone, what script would you suggest?
TV Stream is too expensive :)

Thank you

Multiple monitors: TV connection via RGB cable to TV and laptop

I have Ubuntu 19.04. I'm using an RBG connector to connect to an LG smart TV (I do not know how old it is) and play videos from my laptop to the LG TV. When I follow the Ubuntu documentation for help, in step 5 I am instructed to open the "Display Agreement". The problem is that, until step 5, I can comply. It's just that in step 5, I can not continue because the "Show disposition" option does not appear. Has anyone had anything like this before?

appletv – Apple TV can not log in to iCloud

I have a third generation of AppleTV (A1469) that will not log in to iCloud. After entering the correct password I get

"Unable to log in. Could not communicate with the server."

If I try an incorrect password, it gives a different error when I say an incorrect password. My account has 2FA enabled. I have read unofficial posts in the forum that say you need to use a "decorated password" that is your password plus the 6-digit 2FA code attached. But in this case, my iPhone does not show any notification about a login attempt. I already tried "Reset all settings" in the menu and is running the latest iOS 7.3. Network test does not identify any problem.

How do I manage my playlist on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Music is playing on my Fire TV Stick.

I want to add it to my music or to a playlist.

Where is the option to add / save the song in a list?

adb – Android TV 32: 9 screen stretches

We have a TV box MX10 Android 8.1, which supports 4K resolution.

It works perfectly on a 16: 9 screen. (A).

Now we wanted to connect it to a 32: 9 screen and it's shown stretched horizontally (SECOND). Apparently, it does not automatically change to a resolution of 32: 9. None of the resolutions in the menu is 32: 9, so it may not detect it automatically.

Then we try to force it through adb: adb shell wm size 3840x1080.

When we are connected to a 16: 9 screen, we have black bands at the top and bottom (DO), then a resolution of 32: 9 appears; but when it connects to a 32: 9 screen, instead of covering the entire screen, it is stretched only horizontally, so we see the black bands at the top and bottom, and the screen stretches (RE).

Visual representation of the four cases.

I suspect that this adb command does not really change the resolution, but falsifies it in its natural resolution and fills it with black, so we get a resolution of 32: 9 on a black of 16: 9, and this black of 16: 9 it is shown in a) a 16: 9 monitor and it looks good, b) a 32: 9 monitor and it stretches horizontally.


a) Is there a way to force a resolution?

b) Can you recommend an Android TV box that supports a resolution of 32: 9?

Thank you.

Watch tv movies for free | Black Hat Seo and Affiliate Marketing Forum

It is also an effective epithet in the SolarMovie alternatives; The situation offers you all kinds of movies and TV series. Movies4U provides you with a link from the place where your host's files are not delivered.

Although Movies4U is blocked in countries such as India, users send all videos in HD quality without signal, and also allow you to download movies.

Movies4U is a truly magical SolarMovie alternative, but it is a complete option for watching movies and TV series online for free. Film fans impose this place from various locations, but the practically pop countries are the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada; Around 1 billion visitors chaflan this situation in a month.

It's another interchangeable location for SolarMovie that has lots of movies; You can see all its contents without being registered. This site is particularly devoted to the movie lover; Until here you would not watch TV series.

Ymovies offers a complete interface and the user can, on the home page, search for his image, if he does not know the diagnosis of the film, therefore, stop at the categories and genres.

You can record movies from different countries where you have videos of more than 21 languages ​​in the database, the same English, French, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, etc. Ymovies is blocked in approximately the counties, but you can do it with the defrosting VPN.

You will get utilitarian information about the movie after clicking on the thumbnail, the payment grade, the release commitment, the nation, the genre, the directors and the writers.

YMovies is recognized in all of humanity for its characteristics and a monumental database of movies. According to I like it, this site has around 6 billion traffic in a month. About 60% of visitors come from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

CMovies is also one of the most important Solarmovie alternatives, a new similar version of the streaming movie is in this tilt, in addition to having a vast library of movies and TV series. Here there is no requirement to register, users send all their transmissions in HD without a contract.

You will see that the whole message is double lane in the sections and categories; Wicker users easy to navigate this locate. A different issue is that you can make a copy of the showcase film that is not in the database.

Cmovies sounding similar to a website of cycles of agiotage movies, but you experience that it is thawing. The interface and user experience are good, but the pop-up windows view spells the selection of the movie.

It is not a single site, but many other sites are surviving the Internet, operated by this network or group. Cmovies has approximately 1 1000000 traffic in a month, and most users come from the US. UU., The United Kingdom and Canada. The epithet of your sand changes frequently, therefore, mark this page and each time you are notified of the variety of field figure.

LookMoive is famous for being a beneficial option, but it's better than SolarMovie. It is modified because it provides you with a large database of movies and the interface of the site is up to the justification section of streaming movies.

LookMoive offers you an intentional appeal with the slider of modern movies; Its homepage is very vindicated and friendly for the exploiters. You will get some particularization of the image that appears when you click on your thumbnail, that is, Release Year, Rating, Gender and Duration; The movies are in the character of HD and LQ.

A great thing is to get a lot in the place of broadcasting of films that is the environment of eviction of announcements, but until here you do not see any announcement that is shown on the status of stallions, yes, it is quite vicious about the announcements of television, but that's notorious.

LookMovie has been very popular with people and has users from all over the world, but almost all visitors come from the USA. UU., Union Realm, Canada, Austria and India. This place receives around 5 1000000 deals in a single month.

This site offers a large number of television games that are standardized on YouTube and are really smooth to navigate. You can also get subtitles in many languages, so do not forget to impose this site, it's harder than SolarMovie.

Streamm4U is another beloved alternative to SolarMovie. Your pattern is a kindness recognized as equivalent to the previous LookMovie site, but it has tons of movies to throw away.

At the top of the site, you see the section where you get the picture of Tidings, New episodes, Year and Gender. It is a navigation menu and useful for users.

Here you can see advertisements on each page of the situation, and appear on approximately pages. It also forces users to log in, but wicker flow videos without registration.

Sreamm4U has around 2 million traffic in a month, and in a situation similar to that of other release movies, it also receives approximately 70% of the traffic from the United States, Amalgamation Realm, Canada and Australia.

I experience your valuable alternative to SolarMoive, so here is another effective site to watch movies and TV screens online. He was born to produce an explanation to detect any television broadcast in this program, so that he can broadcast many movies and television series.

PrimeWire provides you with grouped facilities so that you can choose a movie according to the date it was added, the appointment of low grade rating. His view highlighted the division of movies on his homepage.

Most of the videos are in high definition tone, but you see approximately videos in MP4. In addition, it provides you with the buzz of the image, so that you can tick in front of the image.

Now PrimeWire is killing sledding, but it's the right place to look for movies for the free attention of Solar Picture. This place has approximately 300 thousand visitors in a month.

Movie4k is also a beneficial description in the Solarmovie alternatives, it has a vast database of movies and TV series, and it is well-founded people on this site to watch videos unlock.

The interface of the place and the operator are sanctioned; he sees many ads and redirects that are affected, yes, he has a blocker, but previously he used that information to inform the bloggers that make him happy after weeks of inquisition and investment in an issue.

Here, you research your movie in the search section and get this feature on most sites for free movie cycles.

Movie4K is a news website, but it has approximately 4 billion visitors per month, almost from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the Philippines.

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