Is possible to turn an LG G4 H811 in to an H815?

I have an LG G4 H811 from T Mobile and the H815T bands for international use.
Changing the baseband is possible to meet that goal?
Can I backup the original baseband just in case I want to rollback?

Or I must to perform a more "aggressive" approach by flashing an H815 ROM in the H811?

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration – Ask Different

adb – Turning on “show pointer” breaks mirrored screen. How to turn off without phone screen

I am trying to help a friend who’s screen broke on their Huawei P30. The screen is dead-dead. No touch, no light, nothing.

So I tried to connect an external screen to it, an voila, I have a screen. I even have a mouse and keyboard working. However, I want to copy the contents of the phone onto the computer, and nothing is showing up on the computer when I plug it in. So I tried to get ADB to help me.

ADB is not trusted, or something along those lines. So I go back to the screen, and turn on developer mode, and try to change settings to hopefully bypass the notification asking to give permission. Nothing works, I keep trying new settings.

This is where I mess up. Apparently there is a bug or something, because when you turn on (and I have no idea why I did this) “Show Pointer” the external display goes black with a grey bar at the top theoretically showing the pointer X and Y coordinates, etc.

If I reboot the device I see the home screen for 0.5 to 3 seconds before it reverts back to the black screen. If in this time, I click on the settings icon, it immediately goes to black.

Question: Is there a way, without access to the screen of a device to:

  1. get ADB to work without it been an authorized device (I’m guessing not), or
  2. turn off pointer location somehow using ADB or similar method, or
  3. navigate the menus of the phone with a keyboard only, no mouse, no clicking, just keystrokes, so I can disable this blind (using another phone or video to know how many times to press down, for example)?

Any advice at all would be great. Since they already have a new phone, I don’t want to have to pay to replace the screen, but that is last resort (which I hope would work).

How to turn off details being displayed in Media Player Classic?

enter image description here

I accidentality pressed some shortcut key and currently not able to turn this details off.

How can this be turned off..?

This is Media Player Classic software running in windows 10

windows 7 – PC internet connection goes offline intermittently, but always comes back online when I turn on my cell phone

Intermittently, my internet connection will terminate (I get the yellow exclamation point icon in my system tray). When this happens, I can consistently bring it back online every time by turning on my Galaxy S6 phone. It’s been doing this for a few years and I am just now getting around to asking about it.

About my system

  • Windows 7 (come at me)
  • PC connects directly to cable modem
  • Phone connects to wifi
  • I use syncthing to sync between phone and PC. First thought is to uninstall syncthing, but the issue is very intermittent and might not occur for several days on end

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

proximity sensor – Telegram doesn’t turn off the screen on calls

I just buyed a new Samsung Galaxy A32 and on my first call using Telegram I noted that the screen doesn’t turn off, also seems like the sound is using another speaker than the regular call app is using.
I can’t find any configuration in Android settings or in Telegram settings.
Also I downloaded an App to test the sensors and it never detects anything, always displays “5cm”.

Turn Off Device Enrolment Notifications [duplicate]

I keep getting notifications about the mac being able to be configured automatically.

I have no profiles installed and there are no files in LaunchAgents or LaunchDaemons.

Tried turning off notifications from System Preferences but that didn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have any idea on where that notification is coming from and how to turn it off?

Displays turn on at midnight (00:00)

Every day at midnight my displays goes from blank to on. Always at exactly 00:00. I’m not sure what is causing this. I have tried "Do Not Disturb" for notifications.

I’m using multiple displays if that is relevant.

How can I turn this off?

sql server – Turn SQL tables into Views – with Dynamic SQL

Your specific error is due to you directly referencing your @viewName variable in your dynamic SQL string in Step 2, but it doesn’t exist in that context. You have to concatenate the value that variable holds to your dynamic SQL string instead. Something like this perhaps:

DECLARE @dynamicSQL NVARCHAR(MAX) = N'CREATE VIEW ' + QUOTENAME(@viewName) + ' AS SELECT * from tableName'

EXECUTE sp_ExecuteSQL @dynamicSQL

Note the usage of sp_ExecuteSQL in my example above, as this is the recommended way of executing dynamic SQL for security reasons. It looks like you’re already doing that in Step 1.

That being said, a little more context on your why would be important here. If you plan to remove, rename, or alter the underlying table that you’re currently creating views for, then your view will potentially no longer work as well, since a view is just an unmaterialized placeholder for a query that references other objects, and therefore depends on those objects. Please elaborate in your post on what the end goal of your tables are, and perhaps a better recommendation can be made to what you should do.

Turn on notifications Facebook Group pending posts

Turn on notifications Facebook Group pending posts – Web Applications Stack Exchange

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