Provide Monthly Pack for You Tube Video Promotion for $50

Provide Monthly Pack for You Tube Video Promotion

Hi ,
I have done multiple diplomas in SEO & SMM. I,he 5 years experience in growing social companies send me massage any query.

I provide video promotion. I can take care of your videos promotion.

What You w,ll Get ?
Daily 45-50 You Tube Subscribers to 1 Month.
Daily 80-100 likes to 1 Month &

Daily 80-100 views to 1 Month &

Daily 5 custom comments.

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I will guarantee you tube promotion with results for $2

I will guarantee you tube promotion with results

We are a group of long-time social marketing professionals and also Kick starter crowdfunding tech gurus who know inside out of Kick starter campaign.We have helped over thousands of crowdfunding projects for over 3 years now.We were in mobile application development for more than 5 years and have accumulated a huge mobile user base. What you will get from this gig:1. Let your video and messages reach more live audience2. Increase your video viewers.3. Increase your video subscribers.What are the results?Promotion is not magic that we can fix the viewership and subscribers. Promoting to 3000 people does not equal to 3000 views, you can expect around a 3-5% subscriber conversion rate. Let us professionals do what we are best at, so you can concentrate on your products and projects!


I will do organically you tube promotion, video ranking to boost for $2

I will do organically you tube promotion, video ranking to boost

Organically YouTube Video & Channel Promotion?

Boost your Y-video to a general large audience of people and get organic 70% USA Targeted Audience.

Why my service is Best?

This service is designed to promote channel and videos. Main goal of my service is to increase your channel engagements and retention. If you really wanna grow your channel audience, have a look and give a try to my service and let me amazed you the end results

We’ve put together some of the most effective, creative and efficient ways to boost your video which helps in ranking and bringing more audience to watch your videos.

Result of this gig:

  • 100% compliance with you tube’s
  • 100% Safe
  • Results START Appearing in 1-6 Hours
  • Massively helps in Video ranking

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You Tube Promotion With Real Audience Within 48 hrs for $3

    You Tube Promotion With Real Audience Within 48 hrs

    Hello everybody ,
    Welcome to my service .
    I am a professional SEO & SMM service seller.Long time experienced.I use different methods to target my Audience.

    WHAT W,LL GET FOR $3 ?
    One hundred(100) H.Q video subscribers. OR
    Two hundred(200) H.Q video likes OR

    Twenty(20)video comments.

    Features of my service:-
    Very cheap rate for you.
    Active subscribers for you channel.
    No software use,only real audience.
    Refund opportunities if you eon,t be satisfied.

    1=Please sent your well known list.
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    Thank,s by seonoman.


    Selling – Preggo Vidz Porn Tube Website

    Why are you selling this site?
    I am selling this time as I simply DO NOT have time anymore.

    How is it monetized?
    Via ads and popups.

    Does this site come with any social media accounts?
    Reddit – /preggovidz
    Twitter – /preggov

    How much time does this site take to run?
    1 hour per day

    What challenges are there with running this site?

    Writing video descriptions(Easy)
    This is a WordPress website that is on page 1 of Google USA for the keyword Preggo Porn. It also ranks for 90+ keywords on Google USA and other countries Google’s. It also ranks very high on Bing and Yandex. This website will earn money with time and effort.

    Included in this offer:

    Full website and domain for 1 year(cheap to renew)
    Premium WP Script plugins for uploading videos and pics
    Premium Live Cam plugin.

    Please check all metrics on Semrush


    macro: how can I calculate what will be the effect of an extension tube?

    I think there are some formulas that you can use. For the Matt Grum point, I haven't tested them with zoom lenses, and to my knowledge they only apply to premium lenses (fixed focal length). It didn't specifically specify zoom lenses, so …

    The easiest way to calculate the magnification of a lens is through the following formula:

      Magnification = TotalExtension / FocalLength
      M = TE / F

    To calculate magnification with an extension tube, you must know the total extension … that is, the extension provided by the lens itself, as well as that provided by the extension tube. Most lens statistics these days include intrinsic magnification. If we take the Canon 50mm f / 1.8 lens, the intrinsic magnification is 0.15x. We can solve the lenses built in extension as follows:

       0.15 = TE / 50
       TE = 50 * 0.15
       TE = 7.5mm

    The extension with additional extension can now be calculated as follows:

      Magnification = (IntrinsicExtension + TubeExtension) / FocalLength
      M = IE + TE / F

    If we assume an additional 25mm extension through an extension tube:

      M = 7.5mm + 25mm / 50mm
      M = 32.5mm / 50mm
      M = 0.65x

    A fairly simple formula that allows us to calculate magnification quite easily, assuming you know the intrinsic magnification of the lens (or its intrinsic extension). If we assume that the wonderful 50mm lens is the lens you are stretching, to create a 1: 1 magnification macro, you would need a 50mm extension. The problem here is that if you add too much extension, the world plane that is in focus (the virtual image) could end inside The lens itself. Furthermore, this assumes a "simple" lens, one with well-defined and well-known characteristics (ie, a single element single lens).

    In a real-world setting, it is unlikely to have a clear understanding of the particular characteristics of the lenses. With internally focused lenses, or zoom lenses, the above simple formula is insufficient to allow you to calculate exactly what your minimum focus and magnification distance may be for any lens, focal length, and magnification. There are too many variables, most of which are probably unknown, to calculate a meaningful value.

    Here are some resources I've found that provide helpful information that might help you in your endeavor:

    How do i make a channel name on your tube not my first and last name

    How do I change the name of my YouTube channel?

    Sale – – Tube site with blog

    Hello guys,

    I am putting up for sale. It is a fully functional tube site with:
    – more than 24,000 embedded videos (I chose many of them manually to ensure the site had high quality content)
    – 100 photo albums
    – 60 flash games for adults
    -> Flash update is required to enable them.
    – Blog
    -> A fully functional separate blog attached to the site to make blog posts easier to add / manage
    – 12 content categories
    -> To classify videos and photo albums

    Why are you selling this site?

    One of my other companies is taking off and I just don't have time to promote / grow this site, but a lot of effort went into creating this site including selecting videos to insert to ensure high quality content.

    How is it monetized?
    Affiliate Deals: The site allows you to place ads on top, side, bottom, and before and after videos.

    Does this site come with social media accounts?

    How long does this site take to run?
    The site is fully functional, so nothing needs to be done to run it. You just need to put your affiliate links and promote it.

    What challenges are there to running this site?
    None. I have had the website for over 4 years and practically solved all the challenges I encountered.

    Looking for adult tube editors

    I have advertisers waiting for adult preroll announcements at CPM. Daily payments!