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How can I increase the audience of my news channel on you tube?

Hi, everyone,

I created 2 onths ago a new you tube channel which is mostly about spaceweather but other topics as well.

At the moment of speaking I have like 173 subscribers which is very low, so I was wondering if there effective ways o increase my audience on you tube.

Don’t know anythking about advertising stuff so I thought I might as well ask the question here.

Here is an example of the content I post this is my last video:


dnd 5e – Bag Of Holding Trojan Horse. Breathing Tube!

Is it entirely possible for a Breathing tube to be places into the opening of a Bag of Holding to create a flow of air thus eradicating the need for the 10 minute limitation. This would enable people to smuggle people into a town under their cloak.

This could create a MASS amount of damage when 3 people walk into a castle and dump an army of Kobolds under a sleep spell into an empty room with a sign making a promise of free munchies for the murder of anyone within sight. Or dumping a bunch of zombies onto an unsuspecting troll under the bridge. Or even better yet! Dumping 20 or 30 freshly tied up and gagged slave goblins in front of a lich to make an escape!!

This answer strongly depends on whether or not the opening to the bag cuts the air flow through the tube.

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Using the Tube function to create a torus from an equation for the curve

I’ve been searching for an answer for this for a while now, but I can’t find anything that deals with using the Tube function to generate a torus from the equation of the torus.

The equation of my torus is z^2==1 – (Sqrt(x^2 + y^2) – 3
I want to use Tube and Graphics3D to show this torus.
I would have thought that Tube(z^2==1 – (Sqrt(x^2 + y^2) – 3, 1), the second argument being the radius of the tube, would suffice, but I when I evaluate this in Graphics3D:
Graphics3D(Tube(z^2 == 1 – (Sqrt(x^2 + y^2) – 3)^2, 1))
I get the following error:
Coordinate False should be a triple of numbers, or a Scaled form.

Why? What am I doing incorrectly here? Thanks!

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I want 2 sidebars.
I dont want slow theme.
Budget – Well – its unlimited if the script and offer is good.

Feel free to msg me if you feel better about that.

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what if the Lens adapter (tube) is too short

Adapting SLR lens to mirrorless camera normally needs a lens adapter or simply a tube or a spacer to get the correct flange distance. if the tube is too long it normally loses the infinity focus but can do some kind of macro and it is easy to find this kind of tube in the martket. what is the tub(adapter) is too short? does it shrink the projected image size to sensor? for example to reduce the crop factor when adapting full frame lens to APS-C sensor camera using shorter tube. does this kind of adapter exist? I don’t talk about speedbooster here, purely a tube. thanks