airlines – Fly with a tube sign; AirChina?

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As one person mentions there: "Air China in Beijing does not care. I have seen that the staff hired at Air China stations is more demanding, but if you leave Beijing you will be fine.

I have traveled with two hand items in Air China. They certainly allow a jacket and a bag. However, the obvious solution with a coat / jacket is to use it on board.

I have also flown with a suit bag in many airlines, and I have taken it on board in addition to hand luggage. (Now I have a Skyroll suit bag that I can check instead). What I used to do is walk to the customer service manager while boarding and say "Did they tell me you would have a place to store this for me? Or can I put it on top of my seat?" It is the answer of the two options: it was not & # 39; no, it is not allowed & # 39 ;, and most of the time they have offered to keep it in a closet for me!

You are unlikely to receive criticism if you are courteous and sincere. Ask how they can solve the problem together.

It is also worth checking again when you register: "Can you keep this on board for me? Or can I put it on my seat?" He will give another answer later: "Registered in person said he could bring it on board!"

Again, don't be an idiot about it, but the crew is also people and understands that the rules don't fit every situation, and they don't want angry people on board with them either. Usually they will try to help.

Another alternative is to take a digital copy and print it in China? I am sure that your hotel or conference can direct you to a place to print it. Of course, this means that you have some time to do this in Beijing.

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Canon: To which side of an lens mount adapter is an extension tube connected?

In practice, apart from the potentially "strange" appearance, it is unlikely that there will be a significant difference between placing an extension tube between the body and the adapter or between the adapter and the lens. However, there are some potential differences:

  • The way the light is reflected and scattered inside the adapter and the tube would be different. One configuration can produce glare, while the other does not. Some adapters have this problem on their own. To fix it, cover the inside of the tube or adapter near the sensor with adhesive tape.

  • Having a smaller tube near the camera (or a larger tube near the lens) can affect the usability of the camera + assembly + lens.

  • Adapters often fit in with some play. It usually does not affect the use of the camera and the lens. However, add multiple adapters and tubes, and the assembly can become unbearably loose. A smaller tube connected near the camera body would exert more force on it (more leverage and a smaller size) than a widening adapter or a larger tube further.

  • One may be more convenient or easier to use when exchanging lenses. Suppose you have an EF lens that you want to use for macro and one that you want to use normally. To change the lenses with an EF tube, you can leave the tube connected to the lens, but with an EF-M tube, you would have to take out the tube Y Exchange lenses

  • The lenses you can wear with each would be different.

  • Prices may be different.

I have several adapters and extension tubes (which can be connected to both sides of the adapter). Most of the time, I would prefer to attach the tube to the lens because it is easier to change the lenses that way. But if I could do it again, I would skip the extension tubes.

If you are open to using manual focus lenses, consider using a fast-priming helical adapter. (Old 50 / 1.8 lenses are quite economical). The helical adapter will allow you to use the lens normally, as well as extend it to work in the foreground, without having to waste time connecting and disconnecting additional tubes.

Canon: extension tube combination with adapter

You really don't say it, but it seems you have an EF lens and an EOS M camera?

They have different diameters, so is there a difference if I place it between the lens and the adapter or between the adapter and the camera?

You can do any.

You can use EF-M extension tubes with the smaller diameter mounting between the camera and the adapter.

You can use EF extension tubes with the largest diameter mount between the adapter and the EF lens.

What you decide probably won't make much difference.

What will make a difference is if the tubes have the appropriate electrical connections to allow the cameras and the lens to communicate. You probably want to be sure and get extension tubes with the appropriate camera-to-lens connections. Third-party manufacturers often call these extension tubes "automatic."