windows 10 – How do I paste the Kleopatra signature into Notepad and then email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

I downloaded a zip file from with all my articles in it and signed it using a passphrase protected keypair generated by Kleopatra of Gpg4win.

When I signed the zip file called “medium-export(1)” (Type: “Compressed (zipped) Folder”; Size 284 KB) while it was still in the downloads folder of Windows 10 a new file called medium-export(1).zip (Type: “OpenPGP Signature”; Size: 1 KB) appeared in the downloads folder. The latter would seem to be a detached signature.

I want to send the signature to which is a free trusted time stamp service to have it timestamped (I was thinking of pasting it as text into an email in clearsign mode).

Stamper seems to work when I send it messages for clearsigning so I thought I’d send it the signature generated by Kleopatra. But I can’t seem to find the signature anywhere as text. When I click the signature file I get a statement saying signature verified. I don’t think I can send a file to Stamper; it has to text AFAIK.

I tried opening the signature file with Notepad but was only able to get unfamiliar symbols.
My question is: how do I paste the Kleopatra signature into an email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

authentication – Could blockchain be useful for a protocol to verify content from a trusted publisher in the way I’m thinking of?

The problem with static software whitelisting is that in the real world, employees with versatile jobs need to run unexpected programs. Company sets up a whitelist to limit what programs can run – cool, security! But next thing you know someone needs to run something to do some time-sensitive task, they can’t, deliverables are late, company loses money, etc, etc, whitelist is dead.

I’m thinking of a more dynamic mitigation strategy:

A scenario where we can verify all programs that run on monitored hosts in our network on a wide scale. Let’s say it’s fine for unverified files to be downloaded by some hosts on our network, but if we detect that same file on perhaps 20% of the hosts on our network, we block it unless:

  • we can call out to it’s origin through some protocol
  • that origin be a publisher we trust (whitelisted)
  • the protocol allows us to verify the authenticity of the hash we
    scanned against the one they published
  • all done in a cryptographically secure way, i.e. HTTPS

So now a few machines could be easily hit by a Zero Day, but we’re just trying to mitigate saturation of our whole network by this potential threat.

You could say files already downloaded via HTTPS, such as JavaScript, might be verified against MITM alteration through the security provided via HTTPS, but what if:

  • The attacker compromises the trusted publisher, falsifies the file they’re publishing, and victims around the world trust the file explicitly due to HTTPS delivery from a trusted source
  • Or (in the case described above where a hash-validation API is used) the attacker compromises the trusted publisher, falsifies the hash and file they’re publishing so victims reach out to verify the hash, get a good match, and trust this malicious file.

So I’m imagining another requirement:

Let’s imagine we trust a publisher, but want to prepare for the eventuality that they’re breached.

  • The protocol involves a global publisher blockchain where many trusted publishers maintain a blockchain verifying file hashes.

Now even if an attacker breaches the trusted publisher, as long as they’re careful to verify the integrity of the hash they submit to the blockchain, the attacker won’t be able to modify served files with malicious code.

Is there anything wrong with this scheme? Some vulnerability or logistical issue I’m missing?

In case I wasn’t clear, an example:

  • A nation-state actor hacks Google
  • Google, following a standard API, sends an HTTPS POST to containing the hash of their file they’re about to publish, with a mandatory human personnel validation step to sign off that the file is untainted and secure.
  • forwards this new transaction to Google and every other trusted publisher with a membership to their trust org, who each do the work, similar to the “mining” done with crypto-currencies to propagate the change into the blockchain.
  • Google pushes an update to the JavaScript running on
  • For the 1st time, one employee of Company C opens Google Chrome, a malicious version of this new JavaScript file is downloaded and Company C’s Anti-Virus does some investigation.
  • The user’s host executes the JS, no latency is experienced, nor the execution of the script halted.
  • Company C’s AV reaches out via HTTPS GET to the API at and also checks with a few endpoints mirrored by members of to make sure everyone agrees with the hash presented.

The hash can’t be validated:

Depending on the network admin’s config choice:

  • The network admin is alerted and the file is immediately blocked from running

or, imagining this wasn’t a trusted publisher and there’s no validation that can be done:

  • Time passes, 20% of the hosts on Company C’s network have now executed this file
  • Further executions of the file are blocked and the network admin is alerted to investigate and either whitelist the hash or not.

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Big Sur Add trusted certificate via command line (Safari Can’t establish a secure connection)

I am trying to have safari stop preventing me from visiting one of my dev machines with an invalid cert.

I am trying to use the solution in This Thread but install it using the CLI:

   security add-trusted-cert  -r trustRoot  -k ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db /tmp/test.cert

I am still receiving the “Safari Can’t Open the Page because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server” error.

I want it to be applied to the user so I don’t want to do the -d flag. And I know I am correctly downloading the cert because if I add the certificate and trust it through the OSX GUI, it works fine.

Another interesting note is that this solution works for my brave and firefox browsers, so it’s just safari that is giving me grief, but even safari works when I add the downloaded cert via the GUI.

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