[ Politics ] Open Question : Is America ready for a second Trump term?

Are we worthy?

Mary Trump said President Trump cheated in SAT by hiring someone to take it for him. Do you believe her?

Yes, sounds just like Donald to have someone else take the test.  The SAT test takes over 3 hours to complete.  Trump doesn’t have the attention span or the reading comprehension skills to complete the test. Trump doesn’t read his daily briefings, let alone read through a lengthy 3 hour test.

Trump said that school children were being taught to hate their country. How are they doing that? Why would he say such a horrible thing?

Trump  is just doubling and TRIPLING down on the hate speech………hoping to God it will be enough to fire up his base……….because he knows he can’t stand on his record. 

Going for full blown  HITLER hate is his last card left to play. 

and he played it, at Mount Rushmore. 

Once the conventions are over…….and Biden is the OFFICIAL candidate,  there will be an avalanche of  hate ads,  the country has never seen before. 

Both sides are just coming out  BLAZING………..

and while cons will surely play the PEDO/Dementia card………because that’s all they have……….

Biden will land KNOCKOUT punches,  just reciting the facts and Trumps record. 

Be honest -the number one reason anyone votes for Donald Trump is because they love racism and that’s what he stands for right?

I cannot stand leftists, I have not seen a democrat in over 20 years. so basically I vote for Trump, because he is not a gun-grabbing, Baby-killer like you…You, Biden, and HITLERY…2 of the three are white…If it were about race Hitlery would have been okay…Right?

Do you think Donald Trump will win the election again?

If he doesn’t, we have a befuddled, senile old fool at the wheel at one of the most crucial times of American history.  So yes.  He is going to win BIGLY.  Trump is a student of the ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu.  One of Sun Tzu’s key points is “When you are strong, show weakness.  When you are weak, show strength.”  Democrats have totally underestimated him for the last 3.5 years and I don’t expect them to stop.

Why do liberals deny that Trump is just as much of a Christian as Jesus Christ himself?

because hes not? jesus spent his lifetime doing great works and gods miracle.

trump did nothing but eat at washington dc trough getting fat like hog.

then signed the most incrediblly stupid act which includes the worst destruction of public land and property in history.

jesus rode a donkey and was nice to it and fed it and petted it and told the donkey about god the whole time.

all animals cryed and moaned when jesus died amoungst a weeping earth.

jesus converted two of the coldest most evil deadliest men you could ever wish you never met the two roman guards that murdered him through complete bravery.

think of the cruelest then make it a thousand times crueler…that roman army. none can imagine them today…they are all christian today all preach the word of god.

donald trump ate like hog at washington dc trough and is the fattest washington fat cat now just like obama.

that was an incrediblly impossible lie you told, anon.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Lib/dem: analyse for me as to WHY President Trump responsible 100% for dead by coronavirus in the US?

Trump DID NOT control state health care system. He can authorize certain measure at fed level, but NOT at the state level, particularly of democrat states.

Trump CANNOT stop the democrats from innuendo & incite & ALLOWED terrorists Antifa/BLM from 3 months of massive protest gathering.

Trump did not invent coronavirus, nor he is a epidemiologist that can oversight this thing. It was delegated to Fauci et al. Masks or no Masks? Dr Fauci and Dr Birx, have been issuing guild line since January, with on and off  masking & vague instructions. Even Trump said he is not a doctor, and advice people to follow CDC guild lines.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Who do you believe would do better in an IQ test, Donald Trump or a newborn squirrel?

I believe that the squirrel would do better in pattern recognition and logic, but Trump might just top it in concepts that involve language.

[ Politics ] Open Question : What the hell is Donald Trump doing?

[ Politics ] Open Question : What the hell is Donald Trump doing?

Trump Slams NYC Black Lives Matter Mural As Symbol Of Hate?

NYC is cutting Police [budget] by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and yet the [Mayor] is going to paint a big, expensive yellow Black Lives Matter sign on Fifth Avenue, denigrating this luxury avenue,” the President objected.

“Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates [and] disrespects them, won’t let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York’s greatest street,” he continued. “Spend this money fighting crime instead!”

That is one thing Black Lives Matter and de Blasio have in common – their hatred of the police.