[ Politics ] Open question: at a Trump rally in Texas, there were at least 1,000 empty seats in an area of ​​6,400 capacity. Even his Trumpets are fed up with him?

Later I saw that he said thousands were waiting outside. There was no one outside, except the protesters. .

Trump voters: how would you respond to this statement?

I am not a Trump voter. But I would say it is rude and generally not true. I know some coal miners, they seem smart. In fact, everyone is smarter than me when it comes to doing something practical! But I can clearly see that Trump is a scammer, while most of them cannot, so there is some truth in what you say. Where you are wrong is to be rude and not really understand how these people think.

OK. The point is that people who work with their hands are sometimes a bit simple when it comes to politics. See things simply. This is good and bad. It's good because they can cut a lot of BS and get the main point of something. It's bad, because they can become victims of a scammer like Trump. Unfortunately, many of them have become victims of this narcissistic scammer.


Liberals, how does it make you feel that Donald Trump was the best of its kind in Wharton's economy and has an IQ of 156?

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