[ Politics ] Open question: Trump is going crazy on Twitter with an accusatory talk. Are you just asking the Democrats to accuse him now?

They must accuse him at this time for the way he is acting.

Why does Donald Trump continue to attack the Mueller Report on Twitter and declare him totally exempt from the crimes?

Maybe because it is more of a piece against Trump than the results of a supposedly detailed investigation.

The bias is obvious. For example, if a person is badly done in some way and has an association with Trump and Clinton, then only the link to Trump is mentioned.

The same goes for people who have ties to Russia and who also work for the FBI. If they can be used to defame Trump, only his link to Russia is mentioned.

Mueller uses media articles to back up his claims, not to mention that the article happened because they leaked the details to the media.

There is a lot to criticize.


[ Politics ] Open question: What is the best thing Trump has done so far as president?

[ Politics ] Open question: What is the best thing Trump has done so far as president? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Does Trump have an opportunity in 2020?

I can not stand that idiot in charge anymore. I hate it, it's stupid. .

Why did not the Trump International Hotel even offer to feed or shelter the New York City veterans homeless this Easter?

Local mosques, some churches opened their doors to help our heroes and our care Mayor DeBlasio worked to make shelters available throughout the city.

It's interesting how every time I ask questions like this. Trump supporters who claim to be "Christians" always say "it's a hotel, not a refuge" or "homeless veterans are lazy, on drugs".

What you think? Was Trump really for the rich all the time and never our homeless and disabled veterans?


[ Politics ] Open question: Trump said: "I am f **** d! My presidency is over, this is the worst thing that ever happened to me." What do you think I was afraid of?

I'm talking about his reaction to the appointment of Robert Mueller!

I still believe that Trump conspired by the way! .

[ Politics ] Open question: Joe Biden is running for president, is it officially the end of Donald Trump?

[ Politics ] Open question: Joe Biden is running for president, is it officially the end of Donald Trump? .

Why do people who never voted for a Republican in their life now lean towards Trump?

I watched a program that interviewed people in districts that were expected to vote for Hillary, but instead voted for Trump. The overwhelming feeling was something like:

"I do not really like Trump, in fact I think it's a bit unpleasant, but at least he recognizes the problems that matter to me and will address these problems in which Clinton just pretends that these things are not problems."


Now that Trump has been eliminated, is it finally time to block Hillary?

All this research only showed one thing, Trump likes to run through his mouth, but that does not make him a criminal for the Democrats, this proved that people were trying to provoke Trump's campaign into an illegal activity, but he did not They swallowed it, so Hillary's camp started taking its own illegal measures, and I'm sure this investigation is going in a very fast new direction, it may not come back to Hillary, but I'm looking for several people around her so that the accuse pretty fast.


The Democratic Party in general and the MSM do not owe President Trump a great excuse for falsely accusing him of being a traitor for 2 years?

Sure, right after the Republican Party apologizes to Hillary Clinton for calling her a criminal for more than 20 years

The reason why people thought that Trump was in collusion with Russia is because he acted as if he were in collusion with Russia. Probably, one or two years ago, some write, and unfortunately I forget who said that "if Trump is not guilty [of collusion] then he is working very hard to make it look like he is. "There are things that Trump could have done, both during and after the election to appear less guilty, perhaps the most important is not to defend Putin." Trump spent the last few months of The election publicly denied not the idea that he was cooperating with Russia, but the idea that Russia had pirated the DNC.This was despite the fact that, through intelligence reports, he knew that the federal government had told him that Russia was behind Even though the Russian agents had already put in contact with his campaign saying that a) they had pirated the Democrats and b) that they supported his candidacy We have seen repeated cases in which he sided with Vladimir Putin against our own intelligence agencies Everything seems really suspicious.

Another thing Trump could have done was not to lie. He and practically every member of his government has lied about his contacts with Russia, sometimes to the public and other times under oath. Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, committed perjury at his confirmation hearing in the Senate when he said he had never met with a Russian official during the campaign. In fact, he had met several times with the Russian ambassador in the United States. Trump himself publicly lied about the meeting his senior campaign officials had with the Russians in 2016 to try to conspire with them to influence the election. At first he stated that it had not happened. Then he gave at least two false versions of what happened. He was only clean when the journalists told him they had documentary evidence of what happened.

We also have numerous actions that seemed to be quid pro quos. We know the point, the Russians intervened in the election to help Trump. But there also seemed to be quos. In addition to interfering with Russia's interference during the election, Trump also removed a bulletin board from the Republican platform about arming Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Reportedly, this was the only table on which the Trump campaign was interested. He began to press for the elimination of sanctions on Russia as president-elect and continued that pressure throughout his presidency. He opposed all attempts to punish Russia for anything, but especially for its interference in the 2016 elections. The only reason he did not veto the last round of sanctions was because he was approved with 90 percent support in the Senate, making the veto useless. Even after Congress approved those sanctions, Trump illegally abstained from implementing them as long as he could.

Finally, Trump and his people could have refrained from taking actions that seemed to be attempts at collusion. Perhaps the most notorious of these was the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, where his son-in-law, his son-in-law and the campaign manager tried to conspire with Russia. They met with someone who represents the Russian government and, they were told, they wanted to help Trump win the election, giving dirt to his opponent. That is illegal in itself. But the Trump campaign took the meeting! They took a meeting with an agent of a hostile foreign power that was made to believe that they wanted to influence the election in favor of Trump by using possibly stolen information. They did not call the FBI, they did not blow them up, they took the meeting. And that's just one thing. You have Donald Trump Jr. communicating with Wikileaks, the organization of the Russian front, during the height of piracy. You have Donald's friend and advisor, Roger Stone, admitting that he was communicating with the Russians during the campaign and even that he was transmitting Russian conversation points to Trump. You yourself have Trump openly asking that a hostile foreign government commit espionage against its rivals and use the results for its political benefit.

That is a lot of suspicious behavior.