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success never comes to us so easily. may be you just spend your time in forex but never try to learn any lesson from your mistakes. for this reason though you spend many times behind forex you could not be succeed.

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Could you please give some professional advice to traders who’ve just received $5 Bonus?

The only advice I can give is: Be confident in your trades and analyze your mistakes. And the most important is trying to understand your losses.

I wish a profitable trading and prosperity to everybody!

dnd 5e – Can True Polymorph grant Legendary Resistance?

TL;DR Yes.

Supporting points:

Legendary Resistance is not part of the legendary actions. Legendary actions is a mechanic by which the legendary creature can take some “actions” while it is not their turn. Usually three legendary actions can be taken per combat round although some of these cost multiple actions.

This is an action economy resource that can be used for specific things. The legendary actions always appear as their own paragraph of the stat block detailing what they can be used for.

  • Example: Vampire

    Legendary Actions
    The vampire can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The vampire regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn. {Italics Mine}
    Move. The vampire moves up to its speed without provoking opportunity attacks.
    Unarmed Strike. The vampire makes one unarmed strike.
    Bite (Costs 2 Actions). The vampire makes one bite attack.

Legendary resistance is a trait that also appears on legendary creatures but is not part of the legendary actions paragraph.

  • Example: Vampire

    Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If the vampire fails a saving throw, it
    can choose to succeed instead.

Legendary resistance and legendary actions are unrelated except insofar as they appear both on legendary creatures and are (causally related) similarly named.

seo – Is it true that Google does not like copying pages and changing the keywords?

I have created 3 web pages and optimized each for similar content (only change Keywords) but different keywords & Meta Description in all 3 pages.

Is the okay to have similar content on these pages or the same content in some parts of the page?

I have created this page before 6 months and during that time it was rank in the top 5 but after google core algorithm update in May 2020. I was lost my page rank as well as site rank.

Is it true that my rank drops because of this similar or duplicate content?

dnd 5e – In what ways are high level martial characters better than a high level spellcaster with True Polymorph?

I am a DM running a high-level campaign. My group has recently leveled up to 17, and one of the casters has taken True Polymorph. They have stated their intent to turn into the most powerful kind of dragon allowed by the spell, and use it in combat.

I am worried that the martial classes (Paladin & Rogue) in the party will feel overshadowed by this – after all, with a prep time of 1 action, this caster can turn into an Adult Gold Dragon that almost certainly possesses better mobility, greater or equal damage output, and a health pool twice or more the size of theirs. When that health pool is depleted, they return to “only” a 17th level caster down their 9th level spell slot.

So, I am asking this question to identify the ways in which high level martial characters can excel in their niches in ways that this caster cannot just by turning into a dragon/other high CR creature.

My intent with the answers I get is to implement them: i.e. structure the game such that it is one that supplies a set of challenges that make the martial characters feel useful and powerful, rather than a set that make them feel outclassed by the shapeshifted caster, regret their class choices, and feel like “transitional characters” whose only purpose was to get the casters to level 17.

Why does NMaxmize miss this true maximum?

I am having trouble with maximizing a function which appears as a curvature of a planar curve.

{tmin, tmax} = {0, 2 Pi}

f=-((6-3 Cos(t)-Cos(3 t))/((-11+6 Cos(t)+8 Cos(2 t)-6 Cos(3 t)+Cos(4 t))
  Sqrt(Cos(t)^2+9 Sin(t)^2-12 Cos(t) Sin(t)^2+4 Cos(t)^2 Sin(t)^2)));

NMaximize({f, tmin <= t <= tmax}, t)

says that the maximum of f is attained at

{1.37888, {t -> 5.78352}}


Plot(f, {t, tmin, tmax}, PlotRange -> Full)

plot of f

indicates that the true maximum is attained at t=Pi

Why is this happening?
I’m using Mathematica version 12.0.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit).

cryptography – Making complex boolean circuits that give true as output only for a specific combination of boolean inputs

This is my first question on a stack exchange website so please bear with me.
I am making challenges for a jeopardy style capture the flag event in my college and I had come across the minetest challenge in the hardware section of google CTF qualifier conducted last year. A clean and organized solution to this problem has been provided by liveoverflow.

I would like to design a simpler version of this problem for my college’s CTF event but I am unable to design a complex circuit that gives true output only for a specific combination of inputs. I know that a circuit with this functionality is not very difficult to implement and just needs to represent the following logic:

trueinput1 AND trueinput2 AND ... NOT falseinput1 AND NOT falseinput2 ... 

However I want it to be vast and complicated so that participants cannot decode its functionality just by doing a visual analysis. Is there any technique to complicate the boolean logic above and to design a corresponding circuit that looks ugly even for a small number of inputs(32/64).

undecidability – Many-one reductions between the set of true sentences and a particular arithmetical set

Never used this site before so not sure the best way to get help. However, I’ve been looking at many-one reductions in relations to sentences in logic. I wondered if there was a way to prove the following:

TH(N) = {ϕ : ϕ is a first order sentence in the language of arithmetic and N |= ϕ} (Where N is the standard model of arithmetic – , x, <, +, 0, and the successor; S)

Let γ(x) be some formula with exactly one free variable, namely x. Then assume X = {n : γ(n)} to be the arithmetical subset of the natural numbers defined by γ(x).

Is there a way to show either of X or TH(N) many one-reduce to each other?

Is it true milk used to be delivered to your house every morning?

Yes it is. When I was a child in the 1950s, the milkman still had a horse and cart. My Nan used to feed the horse and he often used to stick his head through the window.

The milkman wasn’t too pleased one day when the horse decided he wasted another carrot and tried to pull the cart through the front door though.

We had milk delivered every day until the 1990s. The blue **** would often peck a hole in the top to have a drink from the bottle. 

True or false: you don’t really care about the geological history of western Canada? ?

As an American that has never had any friends or happiness in my 38 years here – Canada has always been a great (although occasional) relief… being only 6 hours away.

During these times with the border closed it is really depressing. 

I doubt I’ll ever see the place again – and probably never see my nieces and nephew since we’re in lockdown and most people just simply don’t want to entertain the idea of a visitor – even if this thing clears (because it won’t). 

I like Canada. 

I thought Trudeau said, though, that if Trump got elected they would accept any American that wants to cross over.

I would’ve done that in a heartbeat.

I don’t need a fancy car, huge house, or the ability to eat whatever I want – when I want.

I just want to live in a decent society not chock-full of weird, grumpy, hot-headed people like here where I live. 

Is it really true that the US is about to reach 100,000 Coronavirus deaths while Donald Trump is playing golf?

I don’t even know if trump knows if he has the virus or not.

Trump: ‘I tested very positively in another sense so — this morning. Yeah. I tested positively toward negative, right. So, I tested perfectly this morning — meaning I tested negative.’