air travel – In general, and very roughly, how much would it cost all in all in USD for a one-two-week trip to an exotic location such as Thailand for one person?

I’ve numerous times wanted to “quickly look up” what it would cost for me to finally go on that vacation I’ve never had in my life. Growing up, our family never had any money to go anywhere, and sadly, it has not changed in adult age so far. Still, even though I’m not actively looking to go on such a vacation, it would be very interesting for me to know a very rough estimate for such a trip.

I don’t mean just the plane ticket to go there and back in the cheapest and quickest possible manner. I couldn’t stand stopping at a location and switching airplanes, so I guess I would have to pay more. And while I’m not expecting to live at a luxury hotel, or stay there for months and months, I wouldn’t want to sleep at some wooden bench in a hut for one night either, or just exit the “big metal bird” and walk around for a couple of hours before I need to go back to the airport and prepare for the trip back home.

The entire process of traveling to/from airports, dealing with whatever is done at an airport, and the flying, is perhaps an even bigger problem to me than the purely financial issue. I wish I could skip all of that and just teleport from my chair to a tropical beach. People who claim that “the trip is the destination” must be crazy. Perhaps it was true back in the day when this world wasn’t over-analyzed beyond the sub-atomic level and optimized and streamlined for a person quite different from the “pioneering adventurers of times past”. Even modern cruise ships seem more frightening than inviting to me, although they do appear to be much safer… I’ll give them that.

I basically wish to know in extremely rough terms how much money in total I would have to spend for such a trip, perhaps for one or a couple of weeks.

I’m very well aware that it will vary a lot depending on a lot of factors. I’m just wondering if it can be done (without pinching pennies) for something like USD $1,000, or if we’re talking more like USD $10,000. Perhaps even more? And again, I’m not the kind of person who takes some kind of pride in finding the absolute cheapest of everything just to be able to brag about how little money I spent. Obviously, I also don’t enjoy (nor have the financial means) to just “burn money” mindlessly.

I somehow suspect that it would be close to ten grand than one grand. That $1,000 likely would just pay for the plane ticket and possibly a basic “survival-tier” hotel/food, if even that. Even if things can be cheap, there’s a high probability that my circumstances cause such an “price-optimized” vacation to be a practical impossibility. That’s why I’d like to know more of an “average” total price rather than the best (or worst) possible configuration.

Also, please don’t fixate on Thailand. It’s just an example which is far away from me in Europe. I don’t really have much desire to go there in particular. I just don’t really have any clue what a “proper vacation” costs, having always assumed that it was out of my reach based on the flight prices which alone cost a ton but are just one part of the overall cost.

covid 19 – What do I need to prepare for if I am making a trip out of state from New York?

As of this writing, travelers entering New York from one of the listed states must fill out the traveler health form (on paper if arriving by air or online if arriving by other means) and then quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival in New York. These rules apply equally to visitors and New York residents returning home.

It should be noted that the situation is subject to change between now and September, and states could be added or removed, or any other aspect of the program could be modified.

hotshoe flash – Which flashes will fit an Olympus Trip 35?

Looking at images of the Olympus Trip 35, the hotshoe is a standard ISO one, with the single sync contact, so any ISO-compatible hotshoe flash (i.e., pretty much all of them) should fire correctly in sync. But they won’t do anything else. You’ll have to use the flash in Manual mode, and manually dial in the power level you want, or hope you find a flash that includes autothyristor technology, if you want automated power. TTL, HSS/FP, remote commanding, etc. are all features you can kiss goodbye with a manual-only hotshoe.

The main problem you’re going to have is finding a tiny flash that has full manual mode on it. Most of the very small very cheap flashes that are basically as effective as a pop-up flash are typically TTL-only, and don’t offer a physical way to control the power level of the flash’s output on the flash itself, but rather relies on TTL communication through the hotshoe’s non-sync contacts–which the Trip 35 doesn’t have.

The only real candidate I can think of would be a Nissin i40. But then, my knowledge of small-size hotshoe flashes isn’t great.

Any new digital-compatible flash will have a very low sync voltage (typically less than 5V, but definitely under 10V), so I wouldn’t worry about frying your camera’s hotshoe–it’s usually only when you put a film era speedlight on a digital camera that you run that risk.

covid 19 – What to look for from insurance policies to cover a trip cancelled if my itinerary includes a city hit by the coronavirus?

From this related question/answer, I understand that if a flight is cancelled because the destination city is unfit for travel due to an epidemic, the airline itself should refund the price of the air travel.

My question has to do with travel insurance coverage for separately booked travel arrangements. Say my flight is cancelled, but that I’ve paid separately for other travel arrangements, will Trip Mate travel insurance honor this as a “trip cancellation”, and cover my losses associated with non-refundable travel arrangements?

The only reason I’m using this specific travel insurance company is because the PDF is available and I thought wise people here could use this as an example to say why or why not losses would be covered. And possibly for what verbiage one should look for when selecting travel insurance that would indicate that an insurance product would cover non-airline travel expenses if the airline determined a place was too dangerous to fly into.

Link to PDF:

From the PDF:

Hazard means: (snip) c) Any delay due to lost or stolen passports,
travel documents or money, Quarantine, hijacking, unannounced Strike,
Natural Disaster, civil commotion or riot;

Then, under “Coverage > Trip Cancellation”:

  1. Natural Disaster at the site of Your destination that renders Your destination accommodations Uninhabitable. This benefit will not apply
    if the Natural Disaster has been forecasted or a storm has been named
    prior to purchase of this Policy.

  2. You or Your Traveling Companion being hijacked, Quarantined, required to serve on a jury, or subpoenaed within ten (10) days of
    departure; having Your Home made Uninhabitable by Natural Disaster; or
    burglary of Your Home within ten (10) days of departure.

But I don’t think the Natural Disaster definition applies:

Natural Disaster means earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane, blizzard,
avalanche, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or landslide that is
due to natural causes and includes an event that is directly due to
naturally occurring wildfire, earthquake, windborne dust or sand,
volcanic eruption, tsunami, snow, rain or wind, that results in
widespread and severe damage such that either the government of the
country where the Natural Disaster occurs issues an official disaster
declaration or the U.S. Government issues advice to leave the country
where the Natural Disaster occurs.

Can my mum sponsor my trip (tourist visa ) uk

I have been refused entry into the Uk twice thus on a tourist visa with my own bank statement.(insufficient funds)and that they doubt the bank account doesn’t reflect my true expenditures ,the question now is can my mum sponsor my trip to the uk on a tourist visa even though I’m above 18 and a student in Ghana

What’s a fair way to share fees in a group road trip with a personal and a rental car?

I’m planning vacations with a group of friends (12 people), and it involves a ~1200km return trip by car. Only one of us owns a suitable car (4 pax), so we’ve rented a minivan to transport the other 8, and we’re debating on how best to share the costs.

Normally, if none of the cars were rentals, each car owner would just divide the price of fuel and tolls over their passengers, themselves included.

Logically, we could do the same with the rental fees. But as a passenger who could either be in the personal car or in the rented minivan, their share of the cost will be vastly different depending on which car they end up in, for the same trip. That would be unfair to the passengers of the rental car.

We could also share the sum of all fees of both cars across all of us. But that would be unfair to the car owner, who ends up paying a higher trip cost than if it were just his car and passengers sharing the cost, despite owning a car and enduring the associated hassles and yearly expenses.

If we calculate it that way, we need to include the full, actual cost to him of using his car for the trip, including maintenance, amortization, and insurance.

What would be the best way to share these costs?

I just bought an Olympus Trip 35 and this is my first ever film camera. I wanted to know some tips

So we went hiking yesterday and I took the camera to take shots. All of them were outdoors. I was just wondering, the little cap that’s on top of the camera, covering the silver bit, should that be taken out when taking pictures? I’m very new to this and it might sound stupid but I need to know 😅

Hope you can help out!
Thank you

covid 19 – Round trip from Germany to Albania as an Albanian citizen holding a German working permit

My friend is an Albanian citizen working in Germany. She has booked a flight ticket from Dortmund to Tirana next week, for a 6 day stay.

Germany has extended travel warning for 160 countries, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Tirana Airport is currently closed.

But my friend received an email from the airline saying that the flight is planned to operate as per original schedule.

My question is: Is it allowed for my friend to travel to Albania and back to Germany without any problems?

When asking a taxi in THA to wait for me for a few minutes during a stop in our trip, is the taxi supposed to restart the meter or keep it running?

When asking a taxi in Bangkok, Thailand to wait for me for a few minutes during a stop in our trip, is the taxi supposed to restart the meter (starts at 35 THB) when I go back to the taxi, or keep the meter running?

We have a trip planned for June 30 to July 8 to the Azores, we have to cancel,

The answer is not clear.

This TAP page contains this text:

I want to change / cancel my trip:

Change or cancel your trip in advance.
Use Manage Booking to change your flight dates online without paying the exchange fee. There is no change fee per reservation.
Alternatively, you can request the issuance of a receipt for the value of the unused ticket. Proof will be sent by email and will be valid for a future purchase with TA.

The page says it applies to TAP tickets issued before May 15, 2020. However, the page also says that this "management plan" should be in effect until May 11, 2020.

Conclusion: The TAP page does not respond if a ticket purchased before May 15 can be exchanged for a coupon after May 11.