air travel: can I cancel my round trip flight for a passenger?

At this time, two people, (1) and (2) have a reserved round trip itinerary of A → B → A.

I hope to add a stop to the person's trips (1), and do not to the person (2) & # 39; s. (1) travel from A → X → B → A and (2) travel from A → B → A. (2) travel on the round trip flight already booked.

What would be the best (cheapest) way to add a stop to an existing reservation for one passenger and not for the other?

Secondly, is there any way to not change the existing round trip reservation (to avoid the United $ 200 exchange rate) and retain the return leg for (1)? In this scenario, (1) would be do not fly from A → B, only the second section, from B → A. (2), however, it would fly the entire round trip.

Alternatively, is there any way to avoid United exchange rates if I booked the itinerary A → X → B with them? (I would be booking two more flights with them; maybe they would give up the fares?)

Accommodation test: day trip in France

I am an Indian citizen who plans to travel from London to Paris for one day and then return to London the same day.
In this case, what should I do to show proof of accommodation for my Schengen visa application?

Where to store your passport during the day trip in a foreign country

If a hotel room is "notoriously insecure" it will vary greatly from one hotel to another, but it would be difficult to imagine one that is less safe for your valuables than a beach. If your room has a safe, use it. Otherwise, keep your passport out of sight (not just sitting at the desk) in your room.

You may need your passport to make certain purchases that require identification (alcohol if you are over 20 years old, decongestants with pseudoephedrine, etc.), but not just for walking or being on the beach. Leave your passport and most of your valuables safe when you go to the beach for the day.

I miss it: is it possible to translate in the place after an inappropriate trip?

When a creature travels by inappropriate means (inappropriate door, harness, straight from the weird, etc.), it will end out of context when the laws of destination recursion differ, and will begin to weaken (and possibly die).

If this happens to an accelerated individual, who has the ability to initiate translations between recursions, is it possible for that individual to initiate a translation to the recursion in which he is currently to adapt to his context, without traveling?

As a concrete example, suppose that a player character with the Stone dwelling approach (i.e., a real golem) crashes through a gateway to the Earth in one sense, lacking the magic law to allow it to work a golem, which means that character would die within several days. Could this character now be translated into the context of the Earth (that is, change the focus and become human, if not) without changing recursion? Or would they have to travel (by translation or inappropriately) to another recursion, and then translate to Earth from there to return to context?

Planning: How should I plan my road trip north of Sikkim?

This is the first trip of our group to travel, we are planning to go in early May, our planned route is Siliguri – Gangtok – Lachen – Thangu – Gurudongmar – Yumthang and then return.

We are planning to rent bicycles in Siliguri, any recommendations, advice, etc. It will be much appreciated.

soft question: trip to a strange desert

W. S. Anglin wrote

Mathematics is not a careful march down a clear road, but a trip to a strange desert, where explorers often get lost. Rigor should be a signal to the historian that the maps were made and that the true explorers went elsewhere.

What virgin areas are being explored these days and by whom?

trains – Where to stay in Switzerland on a 5-day trip

We (my wife and I) are planning to visit Switzerland for 5 days this April. One of my friends suggests the following places to visit.

  1. Matherhorn Zermat
  2. Jungfrauhoch Interlaken
  3. Blausee
  4. Luzern
  5. Bern
  6. Gruyère
  7. Montreux takes the train called "The Golden Pass"
  8. Lavaux (lake and vineyard).
  9. Zurich

But as places are all over the country, we are struggling to determine whether to reserve a single place to stay or reserve some places. We are thinking of using public transport. We will come from France and go to Hungary with the Swiss visa.

  1. If we make an individual reservation, what would be the most convenient place to stay (it can cover most attractions)
  2. If not, what are the good areas in which we can stay (to reserve multiple places)

On a very extensive trip. How to obtain a new US driver's license UU.

My NY driver's license has just expired and I am not ready to return to the United States. How can I get a driver's license that I can use to rent a car? Most of my trip will be in Mexico, and I have to leave every 6 months or so.

I have no home or property in the United States. I basically emigrated from the United States to the world and I live in a boat that can move from one country to another. I really just want the DL for car rentals where Uber is not available or where the trip is too long.

My passport is still valid, but they won't let you rent a car with that despite the fact that the DL tests are not convincing.

A twinkling trip to Udaipur

Pack your bags for an unforgettable holiday in the fascinating city of Udaipur, the city of lakes, royalty and serenity. Spend an amazing time with your friends and loved ones, but before leaving for the wonderful Excursion to Udaipur Make sure you have all the best places to visit in Udaipur listed so you know what to do during a tour of the city of Udaipur. To help you with all the planning and organization, Indiator is at your service. We master tailored tour packages to provide you with the best vacation experience you have had and take you to places you must visit. If you are an anxious traveler and want to explore the best corners of the city of Udaipur, trust us and book the tour of the city of Udaipur today. Book in advance for a better travel experience and take advantage of the offers on the tour If you are looking for a transport facility at Udaipur airport, Indiator will also provide it.

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