trend: the best way to create a pseudo or real trend list

I was wondering how to implement a trending post list and was curious to know if anyone has any ideas on how to implement one.

More specifically, how could you try to monitor trends and update the list accordingly? The only real method I could think of is:

  • Go to the date a week ago (X-Day) from the current date (Y-Day) and see how many accumulated votes a post (created on X-Day) has accumulated to Y-Day.
  • Compare the votes accumulated for each post in the previous step.
  • Rank your posts (based on the highest votes accumulated from X-day to Y-day) and display them in an all-day list.

I feel like this might be a sufficient method of presenting users with trend posts every day, but I feel that this method is quite simplistic and only achieves a pseudo sense of trends.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions on how to carry out this implementation would be highly appreciated.

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