air travel – Do the UK or the Italian government keep a registry of entries/exits for EU citizens?

Italy doesn’t record entry/exit for EU/EEA citizens.

Italy is member of the Schengen Area, so their rule apply first.

According to this Wikipedia page, recording the entry and exit is not required. GDPR, in particular, requires that all personal data processing are done only when they are required by a need or regulation.

If you are a EU/EEA citizen, which includes Italy, there is no need to record about your travel.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Please do not confuse this with the systematic passport control even for the EU/EEA citizens. Border Police needs to scan your passport to ensure it is not stolen and there is no arrest warrant on your name both on Local and European databases.

safety – How to find safe places to Travel during corona times

How to decide if a place is safe to travel during these corona times? I found a few helpful sites, which track safe places to travel like this blog post. But I feel these posts can get easily outdated.

I am looking for a few quick tips, that one can follow to make the travel a safe!

What do I need to travel to the US?

I have a valid J1 visa with exception to the the travel ban. I have my flight ticket. It flies to one of those 13 airports.

What else do I have to do officially before I fly?

Can I travel to Japan with a US TRAVEL DOCUMENT REENTRY PERMIT and my expired Venezuelan passport? Military dependant with orders to travel there

Can I travel to Japan with a Us travel document (reentry permit)
Can they put my Japanese visa there?
My passport expired and I won’t be able to renew it. USA considers it valid but no Japan.

Travel to Ercan enroute Larnaca

I’m Nigeria passport holder and I intend to travel to northern Cyprus from Lagos but the best I got from Egypt Air is to Larnaca, Cyprus. Pls do I need a transit visa for Cyprus and also can I travel by land from Larnaca to Nicosia or get a local flight from Larnaca?


transit – Can you travel to Northern Cyprus without a Turkish visa?

I am a Philippines citizen, holding an ordinary passport, and I’m married to an American. We will be going to Northern Cyprus (KKTC/TRNC). I can get a visa for Northern Cyprus at the airport.

However, it seems that I need a transit visa or entry visa to Turkey, since we will have to leave the international terminal and take a domestic flight to Cyprus.

Any ideas how and whom to ask for this, since the e-Visa specifies Schengen visa holders need to be issued one. Technically, we are not going to Turkey, rather to Northern Cyprus. Any information is much appreciated.

Detached Passport – Travel Stack Exchange

If you dont have any other document that you can use for domestic travel within Australia, please visit the nearest Indian Embassy and highlight the issue.

If you will be in Australia temporarily and will be returning to your country of origin soon, you will anyway have to visit the Indian Embassy as that passport may cause issues (in that the border staff or the airline check in staff may consider that passport as tampered with) while travelling internationally.

A picture of the damage will help.

air travel – Is there a government registry of whoever passes the border?

I have a curiosity since years. If I fly from a country such as Germany to the UK, and then back to Germany, I get my passport checked. Do the government keep a registry of whoever is entering or leaving the country? Is this why they check the passport?

Self quarantine after arriving in the UK one day before canary islands are on the safe travel list?

I am arriving in the UK one day before canary islands are on the safe travel list on Sunday 4pm. Do I have to self-quarantine for the full 14 days or just until Sunday 4pm?

Are magnets still a problem as luggage on air travel?

I have just read through 32 pages of luggage instructions by Air France and magnets are not mentioned at all. But the page says that the list is not complete. It does not say where to find the rest.

I seem to remember that magnets used to be shown on those check-in counters, together with fire-arms and other forbidden items. Have not had a chance to check a check-in-counter recently because was not traveling. And I seem to remember that back in 2015 I tried (inside checked luggage) and was asked to remove. So I am puzzled why in 2020 Air France does list exotic things like blood but does not mention magnets on their website.

I have four heavy-duty magnets for welding purposes (to hold steel parts in place) which can lift several kilos of steel. And two lesser magnets to lift petanque balls from the ground for sports, they can lift only one kilo. If I put all that inside my luggage, in the center, you cannot feel anything, when testing with a light-weight metal probe. Will it still make a modern airplane go off course?

Since I cannot send magnets from Germany overseas by parcel (so they are dangerous, or what), and since I travel for work overseas, I would like to bring my magnets inside my checked luggage.

Any experience or knowledge about traveling with magnets on airplanes or links to a special web-site? I came here and found over 1000 questions re allowed luggage items, but no magnets so far. Thank you.