public transport – Is there still a ferry between Gozo and Comino?

It would be most convenient for me to travel from Gozo to Comino rather than from Malta but the two guide books I found, one updated 2019 and the other 2020, only mention one from Malta. There are some mentions of route online but I cannot find anything that confirms it is currently (Summer 2020) operating. A screenshot from Google Maps does not show such a path:

enter image description here

Is there currently a ferry going from Gozo to Comino and back? If so, what is its schedule?

spain – Transport pass for one week in Mallorca

I’m not aware of any such scheme for Mallorca.

Public transport in Mallorca can generally fit into 3 categories – EMT buses which are local services around Palma, CTM buses which are longer distances buses across the island and rail services.

CTM don’t seem to list any form of unlimited travel passes on their website ( – you can pre-purchae blocks of tickets in groups of 20 or 40 – these look to be designed for people traveling the same route so may not be suitable. You’ll also need an intermodal card to purchase these tickets which you’ll need to obtain on the Island – they are not posted off it – from one of these places: – note that only a small number can issue the passes instantly, you’ll also need to take ID. I can’t fine anything about this on the CTM website, but others do report that the pass is only issued to local residents:

EMT also don’t have a clear solution on there page (, they do offer an unlimited pass but the minimum period is 30 days and you’ll need a citizens card – which requires you be a local resident. EMT do pre-sell blocks of 10 tickets at a discount, but these cannot be bought on the bus, only from seperate approved outlets, list:

❓ASK – Is transport company business profitable in your country ? |

In Nigeria , having a transport business very lucrative.
People while travelling to a long distance within the country normally prefer to use public transportation than private cars .

With the effect of this pandemic , the price for transportation is doubled which means more money for transport companies.
Is transport companies business lucrative in your country?

public transport – Direct bus at 4pm from Edinburgh airport to Dundee on the 17th May.?

There aren’t any direct buses or trains from Edinburgh Airport to Dundee. Any journeys will involve at least one change somewhere.

For travelling by bus, the quickest and cheapest option would probably be via Halbeath park and ride, near Dunfermline. This is doable in about 1 hour 40 minutes, depending on what time of day. From Edinburgh Airport, take the Stagecoach Jet 747 service to Halbeath, this runs every 30 minutes. Then you can get a Megabus service from there to Dundee. You can book a ticket for this whole journey, from either Citylink or Megabus. Megabus is usually cheaper, though the ticket will be for a specific journey. Or you can buy a ticket from the bus driver, though this would be more expensive.

Alternatively, you could go via Edinburgh city centre. Take the Airlink bus service 100 to Waverley, then it is a short walk to the bus station on St Andrews Square. The Airlink bus runs every 30 minutes. Or you can get a tram, these are more frequent, but may take a bit longer. Then you can get a Citylink or Megabus service from Edinburgh to Dundee.

Or you can go by bus or tram into Edinburgh, then a train to Dundee. This would be quicker than a bus, but probably a bit more expensive. For this, get the Airlink bus or tram to Haymarket station, where you can catch a train to Dundee.

To check times for any of these services, you could use the Traveline Scotland website. This includes nearly all buses, tram and train services in Scotland. You can search for journeys on a specific date and time.

Are there alternative regularizations for optimal transport problems besides entropic regularization?

I see that most of the regularization done involves an entropy term.

Has there been any work done on other regularization methods? In particular, I’m wondering if anyone has done a regularization involving a deviation of the induced OT map from some other fixed map. For example, the term may be $varphi(nablaphi,I)$ for the case where the fixed map is the identity. Here, $nablaphi$ is the transport map (gradient of a convex function $phi$) and $varphi$ is some divergence measure.

trains – How reliable the public transport in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia? Do they have contactless travel?

I have to change flights in Cagliari on a Sunday evening and I’ll have around 2 hours free between the two, so I decided not to just sit in the terminal but actually rush out to the city. I have interests in history and transport (and maybe food, but this timescale definitely not allows for a good eat).
I made the following plan:

18:55 Arrival

19:11 / 19:44 Take the train from Elmas-Aeroporto to Cagliari station

Walking through from the station/harbour to Republicca to catch a tram just for a few stops, and then coming back with another one and walking back to the train station (or by bus).

20:40 / 20:44 / 21:00 Take the train back to the Airport.

22:40 Scheduled time of my flight leaving

My questions are the following:

  • How reliable are the railway timetables and trains? Should I expect them arriving on time?
  • What is the easiest ticketing option? Do they do contactless travel? (I have euro account debit card) I looked at Trenitalia and the ticket description says it is only valid at the given time, but I can’t know for sure which train I’ll be able to catch. Can I buy any train tickets before travel? Is there any return tickets? (however the price is so cheap I don’t mind paying two singles, the main constraint is time.
  • Are the tram timetables reliable? It seems to be a 20 minutes service on Sunday evening. Are the same trams returns from the final station? (they have 6 minutes return time there) What is the quickest ticketing option for the trams? I only found Italian on the tram website so that is not much helpful.
  • Can I rely on Google Maps (my usual transit app) for bus stops, arrival and route times? (getting back to the train station)

Thanks if you can answer any of the above.

Google Maps public transport in offline mode?

Although Google Maps doesn’t do offline public transportation downloading, OsmAnd might help you here. It uses Openstreetmap data. Depending on the region, Openstreetmap data may be better, equal, or worse than Google Transit data. On the plus side, if you notice errors, you can go and correct it yourself. You can even go through the effort of checking in advance if the public transportation info for your destination appears up to date (although comparing with reality may be tricky), update Openstreetmap, and then download OsmAnd.

Many transit organisations have their own planning app. Some may work offline. Most probably don’t.

NB: I have not yet tried OsmAnd for offline public transportation routing. Personally I plan my public transportation in advance, using online functionality only to find out about current delays, where no offline solution can possibly help.

Google Maps public transport offline?

Google Maps is a good ally when traveling. You can download a map for offline and this is nice because when you arrive to a new place and have no internet you can still have access to a map. However, public transportation is not downloaded for offline use. Is it possible?

My current approach is to plan my trip when connected to a Wi-Fi network and take a screenshot.

office 365 – Office365 How to find Applied Transport Rule on message?

Recently, I received some moderated messages for approval but we are not sure which rule applied on that message as we investigated, no Transport rule matched the message but we are still not sure, I want to find out which Transport rule applied on moderated message in office 365-> Exchange?

trains – Non-air travel public transport from Melbourne to Sydney as Covid 19 restrictions begin to ease

I’ve been in varying degrees lockdown in Melbourne since cutting my round-the-world trip short about two months ago. Before the trip I was living and working in Sydney.

Now that restrictions are easing I’m thinking of moving back to Sydney to find work. But restrictions haven’t been lifted altogether.

What are the cheapest public transport options for getting from Melbourne to Sydney as of the end of May/start of June 2020? I’m not interested in flying for this trip as getting to/from airports is a hassle and expensive, and passing hundreds of km through the countryside with a view out the window is appealing after two months inside.

I see Greyhound still has that route suspended but it seems that Firefly Express has it operating. Murrays’s site is confusing. Googling makes it look like they generally offer such a route, but looking on their site it is not listed, nor have I spotted any anouncement there about it being suspended due to Covid. I might be missing something.

I’m not aware of another long-distance bus service on this route, but it’s been years since I travelled by coach.

The train does also seem to be operating. It’s about $20 AUD more expensive than Firefly.

(I’m assuming hitchhiking might get extra attention from the police at the moment even though I’m sure plenty of people would still offer rides.)