linux – Transmission Daemon running under custom user trying to load config from wrong path

I have transmission daemon 2.94 running as a service on a Debian 10 machine.

I changed the user running transmission daemon from default debian-transmission to www-data Apache user, since I want the save files to be readable by Apache and the opposite, Apache files to be readable by transmission.

To do that, I changed to the user setting from the following config files:

  • User=www-data in /lib/systemd/system/transmission-daemon.service
  • USER=www-data in /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon
  • setuid www-data and setgid www-data in /etc/init/transmission-daemon.conf

The transmission JSON config file still resides in /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json. I made sure both directories /var/lib/transmission-daemon and /etc/transmission-daemon were owned by the new user www-data.

But when I relaunch the service with sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon or sudo service transmission-daemon start, I get the following in the transmission logs:

Couldn't create "/var/www/.config": Permission denied (file-posix.c:189)
Couldn't read "/var/www/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json": No such file or directory (utils.c:238)
Couldn't save temporary file "/var/www/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json.tmp.jq3qtN": No such file or directory (variant.c:1285)

…and other similar errors.

So it would seem transmission-daemon is trying to use the www-data user home path and recreate its config directory here.

Why is that and how can I make transmission using the previous default config path? I don’t see any transmission configuration depending on the user home path.

Side question: what is the difference between all those three config files where you set up the user running the service?

information theory – Channel capacity of DMC with each transmission having different distribution

I got this doubt while reading about AVC in Csiszar Korner’s book.

Corollary 12.3 The $epsilon$-capacity of the AVC {$W : X to Y$}
average probability of error equals, for every $0 < epsilon < 1$, the
corresponding $epsilon$-capacity of the AVC {$mathcal{bar W} $}. It does not exceed
the minimum of $C(W)$ as $W$ ranges over $bar W $ where $C( W)$ is the
capacity of the DMC {$W$}.

Here, $mathcal{bar W}$ is the closure of all channels given by varying state sequence $vec s$. I am wondering how $C(W)$ can be the capacity of the AVC as we need to analyze it for blocks on code length $n$. What the author has written makes sense for the capacity ‘expression’. The capacity of AVC need not be that expression. It would make sense to me if the following can be proven true.

Given a class of DMC $mathcal{W}$ which consists of DMCs $W$. All these $W$ are the normal DMC and their capacity is given by
$$max_{P_X} I(X;Y)$$
Suppose that for each symbol transmission, one of the DMC $W in mathcal{W}$ is chosen by someone (possibly adversarially), then what can we claim about the new channel capacity? Intuitively, it feels like the worst case scenario would be when all the transmissions take place with the worst channel in $mathcal{W}$ (in terms of capacity). In such case, capacity would be the normal capacity of the worst DMC in $mathcal{W}$, ie,
$$ max_{P_X} min_{W in mathcal{W}} I(X;Y) $$
However, I am not sure if this is true and I do not know how to show that this is indeed the worst case scenario. Can someone please shed some light on this?

Transmission rate of vintage Petzval type lenses

Is anyone aware of a transmission rate test for vintage lenses, such as 1800’s Petzval lenses?

Where Can I Buy Drone With Fpv Transmission In Europe?

would like to buy a Drone with FPV transmission in Europe. Any good e-stores in Europe you know?
My friend recommended me as they place to buy them.
What Drone from their list can you recommend me to choose? Why?

Do mobile devices vary transmission power based on signal strength?

Do mobile devices (e.g iPhone) typically vary transmission power according to the reception strength?

e.g. Will my phone use more battery if I’m far from my router?

Do mobile devices vary transmission power based on signal strength? [closed]

Do mobile devices typically vary transmission power according to the reception strength?

e.g. Will my phone use more battery if I’m far from my router?

Bittorrent: the transmission does not open, it is blocked

I am on Ubuntu 19.10 and found that when I open Transmission I run into a crash error even after trying multiple times and rebooting. I decided to reinstall it using sudo apt purge transmission and sudo apt autoremove. Then I reinstalled the package and this time I didn't even get a crash report, it just rotated the cursor and nothing appeared in the favorites bar. After reinstalling several times and not finding information about the problem online, I decided to give ktorrent a try, which was familiar with installing Kubuntu in the past. Oddly enough, it didn't work either (didn't it show the main download window when downloads were in progress)? I purged it and reinstalled it and it seems to work fine (for now), but I'd like to go back to Streaming. Any help is appreciated.

tracing – Mathematica code for plane wave transmission

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server – Transmission web client file properties

Ok, so this question will be very similar to this: How to exclude torrent files from download?

However, this is not the same question. In this question I am wondering how the solution mentioned in the linked question (Go to properties and choose files) should follow within the streaming web client since I can't see a way to access the properties from the web client.

Thank you

Transmission sites

Can you help us sort a list of sites that accept this URL load