uk – Transit without visa requirement for India National traveling to the USA. UU. (tourist visa) with a 19-hour stopover at Heathrow airport

I am an Indian citizen and I travel with my husband and two children to the United States on a tourist visa. I have a 19-hour stopover at Heathrow Airport during which I plan to stay at a hotel near Paddington and explore the city. I have a return flight through the same airlines the next day. The UK Government website shows that I am eligible for TWOV exemptions, even the IATA site mentions the same. I am confused if I should opt for transit without a visa or if it is better to apply for a visa. Can anyone share their experiences if they had the same trip and have a problem during immigration?

transit – Do we need a visa?

Hello We fly in Kuwait Airways from Colombo and then we take Saudi Air to Jeddah – approximately 4 hours of transit – we may have to take our luggage and return to Sadia – we need a visa
We are holders of passports from Sri Lanka, but we have many visas in our passports, including USA. UU. And Schengen countries
I appreciate your sincere response

United States – Will a transit on February 2 in Shanghai prevent US entry. UU. in April?

The current rules that apply to you are:

Foreigners who have visited China in the last 14 days cannot enter the United States.

You can enter the United States today, since more than 14 days have passed since your transit.

A lot could happen between now and April:

  • the cases could begin to spread within Canada. Unlikely at this time; our cases are essentially recovered, except for someone in BC who detected it in Iran; The transmission in the country has been very small and easily traceable (for example, a family member of a known case).
  • The new information about the transmission could lead to an extension of 14 days to 60 or 90 days. Even more unlikely. I could see 21 but no more than that. You will have more than 60 days for when you want to travel.
  • the borders could be completely closed. Really very unlikely.

With regard to these types of predictions, I don't expect your April plans to be affected by what you did in February or where you currently live.

Transit visa in the United Kingdom for an Egyptian

I am Egyptian, I will travel to Ireland through London
Do I need a transit visa in the United Kingdom if I am not going to change the airport?
I will only change the terminal inside Heathrow Airport

Thank you

Will my Indian passport be sealed at the Bangkok airport while I am in transit?

Assume the following:

I am traveling from Bangalore to Singapore in transit through Bangkok.
I am of Indian nationality.
I will travel with a ticket.
I will not leave the airport.
I don't have checked luggage.

Can I get a transit visa when I arrive at cochin airport?

Cochin Airport does not currently have a transit facility on the air side; Everyone arriving from outside India must go through immigration and customs before taking their next flight. This means that you will need a visa to enter India.

You can obtain a transit visa that allows you to enter India for up to 3 days. You can leave the airport with this visa. There is no visa upon arrival; You must obtain the visa in advance. You can obtain the visa by following the instructions given in the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur. There are many fake websites and service providers; You should only use those websites and service providers provided by the High Commission.

Do I need a transit visa for Malaysia?

Transit visa:
The transit visa is issued to foreign citizens who require a visa to enter Malaysia in transit to other countries. Foreign citizens in transit without leaving the airport facilities and who continue their journey to the next destination with the same flight do not require a transit visa.

TWoV (transit without visa)
Visa-free transit (TWOV) is only applicable after immigration from Malaysia, for a maximum of 120 hours of call in Malaysia. However, the granting of Visa-Free Transit (TWOV) is solely at the discretion of Malaysian immigration; even if the guests meet all the required criteria.

Countries eligible for transit without a visa

Indian subcontinent

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Bangladesh

Only diplomatic and official passports


  • The ticket onwards must be within 120 hours.
  • You must arrive and leave by the airport itself. (For example, reach KLIA2, exit KLIA2)
  • It has a valid ticket from now on and carries a Single Entry Visa (SEV) or Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) issued from / and is addressed to any (1) of the seven (7) countries listed below (* TWOV is not will issue if The following country of destination is not listed above):

Australia, New Zealand, United States of America (USA), Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea

The passport MUST be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

A printed copy of the itinerary and the original tickets MUST be produced. Producing only one PNR / reservation number will be denied access.

Have a valid long-term pass * from a third country.
Note: The definition of a long-term pass from a third country is an employment / work permit, expatriate card, student pass or permanent residence card. It is worth noting that a previous permanent multiple entry visa (MEV) does not fall into this category and, as such, IS NOT ALLOWED.

Other countries

  • Bhutan
  • China
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam


  • The ticket onwards must be within 120 hours.
  • Guests can arrive and depart through AirAsia / another airline and connect / depart through these airlines; as long as the flights leaving the country depart from the same point of entry.
  • It must contain the ticket confirmed from now on to a third / next country.
  • The passport MUST be valid for a minimum of 6 months.
  • A printed copy of the itinerary and the original tickets MUST be produced. Producing only one PNR / reservation number will be denied access.

transit – General rules for close connections on international flights

Usually An airline is responsible for its connection between flights issued on a single ticket. Airports have a minimum connection time that limits how short a connection is allowed when issuing tickets. That time sometimes depends on factors such as terminal changes, but in my opinion it is very optimistic.

When you buy from an external agent, you don't always issue a single ticket and, if that's the case, it's usually on your own, but if it's the same airline, sometimes they deal with your lost connection. In most cases, through the main online travel agencies, they mostly show individual ticket fares with which they are not labeled differently. The last time I saw such an offer, it said Hacker fare below the price

When you lose a connection that the airline is responsible for, they usually book it on their next available flight. This may delay some hours, but in general it is not uncommon since certain segments only have daily flights. During the high season, they vary their strategy in including associated airlines and / or more complicated flights. This can be particularly tiring when all flights are booked for days and placed on each waiting list in the hope that someone will cancel or lose their connection. The same if you were going to miss another connection flight and try to make it catch up with your next connection or take a completely different route.

As for compensation, that varies considerably depending on the jurisdiction. It goes from nothing to hotel and monetary compensation. Better ask another question if you have in mind a region or an airline.

Note: It generally means that there are exceptions in areas, countries, unions and airlines that have their own rules and the interpretation of the law may vary. Finally, even if you have the legal right to something, that does not mean that it will be granted automatically.

Amsterdam transit visa

I am a Filipino passport holder with a tourist visa in the United Kingdom and Turkey. I want to travel to Turkey from the United Kingdom through Amsterdam. Do I need a transit visa to transit in Amsterdam?

40 minutes of transit time in AMS to Dublin to Germany?

I bought a KLM ticket, I travel back from Ireland to Germany, I am not an EU citizen and I only have a 40-minute stopover. it's possible? Initially I assumed that this would be similar to an intra-Schengen flight, but I think there would be a passport control since Ireland is not in Schengen, but only in the EU (I have a visa for Ireland and a residence in Germany), so 40 minutes Is it about agreeing to make this connection?