htaccess: transfer of the website from the folder in public_html to the root domain

I just transferred my website from to by moving the folder where everything was stored (newsite) to my public_html to convert it to the root domain. Now I receive several problems in my error_log and the website is loading very, very slowly. The error log tells me things like:

PHP warning: current () expects parameter 1 to be an array, given a Boolean value
on line 79

I was thinking that URLs containing should be rewritten via .htaccess

Will this solve the problem? If so, what would be the rewrite code? I tried:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.comnewsite$ (NC)
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ "$1" (R=301,L)

How to transfer the amount to the wallet

My friend has a bitcoin on the website and the website is not starting or opening the page. How can you transfer your bitcoin to a website or wallet that works?

ssl: Nginx selective TLS transfer reverse proxy based on SNI

I have an IoT device system behind a NAT, so they are not accessible from the public Internet (although it is desirable).
To overcome this, I tied them to a VPN, with a member exposed to the public Internet to act as a gateway.
The VPN has an internal domain configured, and each member of the network has a subdomain based on a unique ID (we go with the MAC address), like this:

I want to create a reverse proxy in the Gatway to proxy requests, running nginx.

The plan is to create a DNS record for the gateway, *, and the route traffic (ahem, proxy) that goes to / from to And then the end user would only need to write in your browser to access your device.
I would like to use nginx, since the gateway is already running nginx for other purposes.

I hope HTTP requests are easy and can be done with a carefully designed nginx proxy_pass directive.

But what about HTTPS requests? As I understand it, nginx now implements the SNI-based TLS handover, but all the examples I've seen so far create a static map to … map the incoming SNI well to an upstream target:

stream {
  map $ssl_preread_server_name $selected_upstream { upstream_1; upstream_2; upstream_3;
    default upstream_4;
  upstream upstream_1 { server; }
  upstream upstream_2 { server; }
  upstream upstream_3 { server; }
  upstream upstream_4 { server; }
  server {
    proxy_pass $selected_upstream;
    ssl_preread on;

The problem is that the devices are dynamically added / removed from the VPN, and I don't want to rewrite the nginx configuration files all the time. If it is possible to read the map of a file, that is a step in the right direction, although I think that nginx would need to be reloaded every time it changes, which raises permission issues, which could be avoided with sudo rules, of course, but not best solution.

Also, I just want the proxy requests to reach *, and the server other https requests normally to existing vhosts. If possible, I would like to avoid terminating the SSL connection. It is not really a difficult requirement, but I would like to implement it that way if it were technically feasible. Also just for the kicks.

I'm fine listening internally on an alternate port for the other vhosts, I did something similar for HTTP when I wanted to establish a "global" location, moved all HTTP vhosts to port 81 and implemented a global vhost on port 80 that served the location " global ", and proxy everything else to port 81. 🙂

So … What I would need is something like this (obviously it doesn't work):

stream {
  map $ssl_preread_server_name $selected_upstream {
    (.*) $;
    default normal_serve;

  upstream normal_serve { server; }

  server {
    proxy_pass $selected_upstream;
    ssl_preread on;

  server {


Taiwan VPS, fast to all of China, 33 TB transfer = $ 99!, Hinet network

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Luggage transfer, heathrow london to frankfurt germany to austin texas

My daughter and my family will depart from Heathrow, they will land in Frankfurt with a connecting flight to Austin, Texas. Will luggage automatically transfer to the plane to Texas?

Very slow data transfer between two internal volumes in Synology NAS

I tried both File Copy within File Station, Move to and Copy to had the same results. I try to change the location of the shared folder to a different volume. The results were the same.

Even with several GB files, (Seq Write and not 4K Small Files), it reaches a maximum of 18MB / s. That is even slower than my USB 2.0 HDD speed. For something that is internally transferred under the same NAS between two SATA 3 Gbps hard drives that should be able to operate within 150-200 MB / s

Anyone have any idea why that is the case. Here is an image of my transfer speed.

Synology Slow Transfer

This is No reconstruction, No expansion, No encryption, No indexing of files, No speed limit in File Station. This is in an old 212J, but the CPU speed shouldn't make much difference in file transfer. And the CPU speed was not maximized during the transfer.

Could someone provide a technical explanation of why this happens?

Nominet Channel Partner domain transfer

I have an old domain with a company called Torgodo Media. Their site says they are a Nominet channel partner. But there is no control panel or any other sophistication.

Is there an easy way to transfer this domain to another registrar? I contacted Torgodo more than a day ago and got no response.

Thank you.

transit visas – Transfer between Terminals 3 and 1 of Dubai when traveling with separate tickets and luggage?

I arrive in Dubai at terminal 3 and have a flight forward from terminal 1 on Aeroflot Airlines to Moscow. Also, I need to automatically transfer my checked bags from terminal 3 to terminal 1. My stopover at the airport is 6 hours.

Marhaba airport services told me that to pick up the luggage from terminal 3, I would have to go through the UAE immigration department, which would require a transit visa. However, when I called Emirates Airlines, they told me that without visa It would be necessary since I am not leaving the airport.

I am confused now. Can anyone help me if a transit visa or any other visa is required for luggage transfer?

Paypal Payments Pro – Transfer shopping cart line items?

I am using Paypal Payments Pro in Magento 2.3.1. I have Paypal Express checkout enabled as an alternative payment option.

First, let me clarify that both payment options work well: transactions are made and orders are received and created correctly in Magento.

That said, with express payment there is an option in the configuration to enable "Transfer line items from the car". When set to "Yes", this works as expected and the item details (product name and sku) are transferred to Paypal and shown in the Paypal transaction details.

However, orders placed by credit card (through Payments Pro) do not show the product details (product name and Sku) in the Paypal transaction details.

Is there an adjustment for this? I can't find anything related to it in the configuration.

Any help would be appreciated!

encryption: PIN transfer between payment schemes

I wonder if it should be possible to transfer the PIN in case of migrating between different payment schemes such as MasterCard or VISA.

For example, when I have a card issued by Mastercard, and it will be changed to VISA, is it possible to keep the same PIN after issuing a new VISA card?

From my point of view, and what I could find, it should be possible, since the algorithm is based on PIN keys and scrolling in case the user changes the PIN. If the algorithms are the same in the case of Mastercard and VISA, there should be no problem.

Is there any detail that should be considered for the PIN transfer to take place?