trains – Non-air travel public transport from Melbourne to Sydney as Covid 19 restrictions begin to ease

I’ve been in varying degrees lockdown in Melbourne since cutting my round-the-world trip short about two months ago. Before the trip I was living and working in Sydney.

Now that restrictions are easing I’m thinking of moving back to Sydney to find work. But restrictions haven’t been lifted altogether.

What are the cheapest public transport options for getting from Melbourne to Sydney as of the end of May/start of June 2020? I’m not interested in flying for this trip as getting to/from airports is a hassle and expensive, and passing hundreds of km through the countryside with a view out the window is appealing after two months inside.

I see Greyhound still has that route suspended but it seems that Firefly Express has it operating. Murrays’s site is confusing. Googling makes it look like they generally offer such a route, but looking on their site it is not listed, nor have I spotted any anouncement there about it being suspended due to Covid. I might be missing something.

I’m not aware of another long-distance bus service on this route, but it’s been years since I travelled by coach.

The train does also seem to be operating. It’s about $20 AUD more expensive than Firefly.

(I’m assuming hitchhiking might get extra attention from the police at the moment even though I’m sure plenty of people would still offer rides.)

trains – Best way of going from Frankfurt to Zurich in the first days of June 2020? (COVID-19)

I am from Argentina and have a flight for June 2 from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt. It lands on June 3. My final destination is Zurich, to start my PhD. So basically I need a way to travel from Frankfurt to Zurich on June 3. I don’t know which is the situation there in Europe. Are trains working? Planes? Bus? Should I expect any inconvenience? I have some paperwork both from the university and from the embassy to help me with this journey.

bookings – Can I take trains in Finland even if it shows sold out?

This heavily depends on the type of train you are planning to use.

In general there are 5 different type of trains you can use with your Interrail/Eurail pass

  • regional trains which are included in a pass and no reservations are possible
  • trains with reservations available but not compulsory. If you don’t buy such a reservation before boarding the train you might not get a seat at all.
  • you are not allowed to board trains with compulsory reservation without one. There is mostly only a limited contingent of reservations available for rail pass holders (typically high speed and night trains)
  • sometimes you are only granted a discount on standard ticket fares. (E.g. Eurostar and Thalys)
  • some trains in Europe such as hotel trains for example don’t offer any discount for rail pass holders

There are the following train categories operating in finland:

  • Yöjunat (night train) and Pendolino (highspeed train) require reservations. You can’t take those trains if they are already sold out.
  • For intercities (IC) reservations are only recommended. The odds are high that you might not get a seat on this train if it is already booked up.
  • Pikajunat (P) and Taajamajuna (H) are interregional and regional trains and do not require reservations. Just board those trains!

You can actually find details on reservations organized by country on

trains – Bus services between SNCF gare d & # 39; Andorre-L & # 39; Hospitalet and Pas de la Casa

I have seen on the SNCF website for gare d & # 39; Andorre-L & # 39; Hospitalet that some buses leave the station to Pas de la Casa – 87611517 / Andorre- LHospitalet / pratique

"SNCF and HISPANO-ANDORRANA service – Pas de la Casa / Andorra la Vielle – Departure point from the station patio – Service range 7:35 am – 7:45 pm" – via Google Translate

However, there seems to be a very limited and conflicting situation regarding these buses and their prices (or even if they still exist).

The Wikipedia page for the station indicates that the only bus leaves the station at 09:35 run by SNCF, with no information on the return trip, as well as the buses at (see below).

Several older posts / webpages point to a bus run by, but the ever-helpful man in seat 61 reports that these buses were suspended in early 2019.

Another page says that the buses leave the train station at 0850 and 1955, with the buses continuing to the Andorra la Vella bus station, presumably passing Pas de la Casa. But without date or source.

Are there still buses scheduled for this route? And if so, what time do they run? I mean a normal schedule, not any special coronavirus change, clearly I'm not going to travel any time soon.

Do tickets for these Korean trains need to be reserved in advance?

I've been in Korea with some friends two years ago and we could just buy the tickets at the station. Most of the stations will understand English, and the ones you go should know. Smaller / less touristy like Mokpo station will have some problems with English but nothing too big to not be able to buy tickets.

Be aware of:

  • Typically you will get rear-facing seats
  • Forward-facing seats will cost (slightly) more
  • Family seats (2 sets of 2 seats facing each other will also cost (slightly) more

Also, if you are going from Seoul directly to Busan or from Busan directly to Seoul, try to get the "direct" KTX. That will take approximately 1 hour of your travel time compared to one that stops at more stations.

Lastly, when you leave Seoul make sure you have at least enough cash to get a return ticket and maybe some food. We made the mistake of not doing that in a couple of smaller cities where the KTX stopped and had to walk back to the station to get to an international ATM.

trains – Public transport between Agrigento to Siracusa

Rome2Rio suggests a 4h50m bus trip from Agrigento to Siracusa via Catania as your cheapest and fastest option:

Search results for Rome2Rio Agrigento a Siracusa

The buses run several times a day and are operated by SAIS Trasporti, whose website details the itineraries and costs of all tickets.

Alternatively, you can choose a 5-hour regional train ride through Caltanissetta. This itinerary is available once a day. Visit the Trenitalia website for options and reservations.

Finally, Blablacar is a very popular car-sharing service that works well in Italy.

Can you bring an e-scooter aboard the MTRX trains?

I have reviewed the baggage page on their website, but there is no mention of e-scooters. Does anyone know if they are allowed?

trains – Regarding the percentage of fee in the counter reservation

Indian Railways has approximately 1 billion different fees (Tatkal, Foreign Tourism, Disabled, Ladies, …), but that I know of, online reservations are do not one of them– Both the ticket counter and online reservations use the same fees. If you get different answers online and in person, are you presumably seeing different fees / tickets / trains / classes?

To learn more about the algorithm, this Quora answer goes into more detail than I can try to summarize.

Object-oriented – Small Java program for trainers, trains and engines

I have been trying to make a simple program in Java that involves trains, trainers and engines as a practice in OOP. I already have some knowledge about OOP, and I was wondering if I could get a revision of my code, and maybe get some editing suggestions in case it doesn't match the UML.

Any help would be appreciated!

The code

public class Engine {
    private Integer weight;
    private Integer power;

    public Engine(Integer weight, Integer power) {
        this.weight = weight;
        this.power = power;

    public Integer getWeight() {
        return weight;

    public Integer getPower() {
        return power;


import java.util.ArrayList;

public class Train {
    private Engine isTowedBy;

    private ArrayList consistsOf;

    public Train(Engine engine)
        this.isTowedBy = engine;
        this.consistsOf = new ArrayList<>();


    private Integer totalWeight()
      return isTowedBy.getWeight();

    public void addCoach(Coach coach)

    public Integer totalCapacity()
        return consistsOf.size();


public class Coach {
    private Integer weight;
    private Integer capacity;

    private Train consistsOf;

    public Coach(Integer weight, Integer capacity) {
        this.weight = weight;
        this.capacity = capacity;

    public Integer getWeight() {
        return weight;

    public Integer getCapacity() {
        return capacity;



trains – Night trip from Niagara Falls to New York

Greyhound has several night buses departing from Buffalo and arriving in New York City:

10:35 pm – 6:15 am
11:00 pm – 6:45 am
12:15 am – 7:30 am
3:10 am – 11:45 am

You can get to Buffalo from Niagara Falls by crossing the Rainbow Bridge ($ 1 CAD cash toll; bring a madman) and taking the NFTA Route 40 bus ($ 2 USD cash fare) at Centennial Circle (1st and Rainbow) Just a couple blocks away from customs. Buses leave there approximately every hour and take about 50 minutes to reach downtown Buffalo. But this bus route stops here in both directions, so take a signed Buffalo bus, not one signed Niagara Falls. They end up at the Metropolitan Transportation Center that serves both local and Greyhound buses, so you don't have to go anywhere else.

Be sure to consider an additional 10-15 minutes for the border crossing, as it is filled in the evenings / evenings, even in the pedestrian lane.