Is the Wi-Fi in high-speed trains in China reliable and fast enough for audio or video conferences? states:

Full Wi-Fi internet coverage will be offered on all high-speed trains in China, following the free Wi-Fi service offered on the “Fuxing” bullet trains, China News reported on Dec. 17, 2017.

Is the Wi-Fi in high-speed trains in China reliable and fast enough for audio or video conferences?

trains – Moving house hold items from Bangalore to Delhi

I am shifting from Bangalore to Bareilly in next 2-3 months. Though most of my house hold items I am planning to sell on olx, but there are few items which were purchased by my brother and he is no more. So I want to take those items with me, which includes:

  1. One washing Machine: 40 to 45 KG weight max
  2. One pair of tower speakers: 14 to 16 KG weight
  3. One baby stroller: 7 to 9 KG weight
  4. One special wooden chair for disabled baby: 10 to 15 KG
  5. One LED tv: 43 Inches: 8 to 10 KG weight
  6. One carton box: Contains some utensils: 15 KG
  7. One carton Box: Contains clothes: 10 to 12 KG
  8. Two mixer grinders: 4-5 KG each

Can I get a basic idea about two things:

Whether they will accept the booking from Bangalore to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh directly, saying that there is no direct train.(Doesn’t matter if it is booked as luggage or parcel)?

What can be approx cost for parcel of above items in total?

trains – List or map of publicly available wifi hotspots in Europe

Are there lists or map websites that show all widely known, publicly-provided wi-fi hotspots in continental Europe with free log in? By public, I mean non-civilian/private, such as state-endorsed (train stations) or heavily commercial (McDonalds hotspots). Country or city-specific maps would be a start too

trains – Traveling from USA to Canada

Taking your question at face value:

Yes, there are extensive road, rail and bus connections between USA and Canada. There are very many road crossing points on the 8,891km land border between the two countries which allow private cars to cross, and rental cars depending on rental agreements.

Buses and trains run across the border between most major cities, and many towns close to the border. Check the timetables with either Amtrak or VIA Rail, Greyhound or other bus companies, or Google for them. Bus and rail connections certainly exist between your example cities. Be aware that they can take ten hours or more.

Ships are a rare and specialized form of transport between two countries with a massive land border, but East of Montreal you can find ferries that cross between the countries.

trains – Good Apps for travelers between cities in Europe especially

I’m not sure you’ll find a single app that will get you everything you want.

The most comprehensive app is probably Google Maps. It will have most trains, many local public networks (but by far, not at all of them), and often also includes ride-sharing services (Uber and equivalents), as well as many flights.

But in many places the only option to get local transport info is the local network’s app (if there is one) or their website.

Even for long-distance travel (especially trains), you’ll usually need the national or regional operator’s app or website to buy tickets (and sometime multiple apps).

If you have to travel complex train itineraries, special mention for the SBB app (and website), especially if you travel to/from/through France: SNCF apps are incapable of producing an itinerary with more than 2 stops, while the SBB app will give you those itineraries (you can then split it in 3-leg trips for separate booking).

trains – Best App for travelers between cities in Europe especially

I travel a lot using mainly trains and buses sometimes also need taxis when i travel between cities.
My question is what’s the best mobile app (or others) that could help guide me when i’m in the streets (or when traveling between cities) to find means of transport, shops or other services ?

I know about Rome2Rio App.

trains – Travel to Denmark

Can i travel to Denmark from germany by train.i have albanian citizen. HAVE border control for covid test or something else. I will go to my sister home to open the house because shes not in Denmark this time. Because i read on internet and denmark is closed for everyone but train still work. I ask for border control or test control have you any informations for these???
Please some informations.

Trains derailment reasons, causes & prevention [closed]

What are the major reasons & causes for Train derailment?

How the train derailment can be prevented in future?

trains – regular travel from frankfurt to schwalbach am tanus (nord)

I am planning to take a job that is based in Schwalbach am Tanus (nord) area. However, I want to live in Frankfurt city. What kind of travel pass (monthly/yearly) would be suitable for such a situation? Is there anything I could use within the Frankfurt city as well as to travel to and from Schwalbach?

Or is there some place in between where I could live and utilize a travel pass?

What’s the current status of direct London-Amsterdam Eurostar trains?

Edit 4 February 2020

Please note that this answer is now of historical interest only. For the full picture see the answer by @jcaron When are the direct Eurostar trains from Amsterdam to London planned to start?

In brief they start from 30 April 2020 from Amsterdam Centraal but only on 18 May 2020 from Rotterdam Centraal as more work on the terminal is needed there.

Further edit 26 October 2020

Note that the first service ran today from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London.

================ historical bit starts here ==================

The situation has moved on now. The man in seat 61 has even stated a page about progress.

Basically the hope is to start trains in spring 2018 and test trains have already been running over the route. Work has stated on facilities both at Rotterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Centraal to security check passengers going to London. However exact arrangements will be subject to government approval so it may still be the case when the service starts that passengers for London will have to detrain in Brussel/Bruxelles for checks.

The article has more details albeit tentative at this stage (February 2018).

========== edit 9 February ==============

As luck would have it the day after I posted that the CEO of Eurostar rang Mark Smith (aka the Man in Seat 61) to tell him that services will start from 4 April and booking will open from 20 Feb. See his tweet here and various other tweets about the same time.

========== further edit 7 March ===========

It is now clear that although direct London Amsterdam trains will start there will be no direct Amsterdam service until passport checks can be implemented at the Dutch end. So although the trains will return they will only carry Amsterdam Brussels passengers and Brussels London. The stop at Brussels is not long enough to disembark and re-check in. More details on the Seat 61 page linked to above.